Top 7 The Best Garage Beer Fridge Reviews in 2023

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The Best Garage Beer Fridge Reviews, Tips and Buying Guides

If you are looking for best garage beer fridge, look no further! We’ve got what you need.

garage fridge is great for supplementary storage. It can be used as a second refrigerator for storing drinks. The beer fridge for garage is not like the regular kitchen refrigerator in the market, it has a temperature control feature that prevents your drinks from warmth and maintains its chilly state for long. A garage beer fridge is designed to store cans and is not suitable for food.

best garage beer fridge
wine and beer fridge

If you must have a fridge in your garage, then it must be designed for a garage. Regular refrigerators are made to work within a narrow temperature range because your house never gets colder than 60 degrees Fahrenheit or hotter than 80 degrees Fahrenheit, but your garage does not always have permanent weather conditions. Sometimes it gets too hot, other times it gets too cold. You need a fridge that can work best in those extreme temperature settings. 

Without further ado, let’s look at the 7 best garage beer fridges available in the market that you could choose.

Reviews of the Best Garage Beer Fridges on Amazon in 2022

Here are top rated beer fridge for garage on the market today

#1 – Phiestina 15 Inch Beverage Cooler Refrigerator

Best Garage Beer Fridge
Phiestina 15″

This unique product from Phiestina can fit into anywhere in your garage. Its compact size and portability are top-notch. 

Phiestina beer fridge features six adjustable and removable shelves, Advanced air circulation system, digital Memory temperature control switch, reversible hinge door, one year warranty, front vent, internal LED lighting, high tech compressor, stainless steel door frame, and transparent glass. You get great value for your money when you buy this product, minimum space for maximum storage, durable and higher efficiency. The blue internal LED light has a control switch you can use to either on or off.

The handle comfortably fits your hand without being slippery The fridge has trays that can hold up to 96 beer cans. There are two stoppers at the end of the inner door that prevents the bottles from falling off and the shelf from moving.

This best beer fridge for garage works both in Celsius and Fahrenheit, preset the temperature to the degree you desire that range from 38-50 degrees Fahrenheit and 3-10 degrees Celsius. It produces no noise while in use. It can be installed either by building it in or allowing it to stand freely. To reverse the door opening, use the left side door hinge. The heat goes out from the front vent.


  • High quality
  • Compact size
  • LED light
  • Reversible door hinge
  • Quiet


  • Expensive

#2 – Avallon 24 inch Beer fridge – Best Beer Fridge for Garage

Best Garage Beer Fridge
Avallon 24″

Avallon 24-inch beer fridge can hold 140 beer cans, although it is not a freestanding fridge. This product is made for strictly built-in installation. Features digital controls, internal LED lights, tempered glass, door lock.

This man cave fridge comes with three sanded glass shelves that make sorting your beer easy, with a double-paned glass door that has argon gas in between its panes that ensures optimal insulation. The touch control panel makes adjusting and monitoring the temperature of this product to a minimum of 34 degrees Fahrenheit, retaining a cool atmosphere without freezing the beer and a maximum of 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Some people reported that the Avallonis the best beer fridge for garage.

What’s more? The door lock made with stainless steel is an added security measure that allows you to leave your beers without the fear of it being stolen or taken without your consent. The door and sturdy handle are made from seamless stainless steel. 

You can alternate between the soft, blue LED, or the bright, white LED. The top LED light, along with two additional LED  lights on both the right side and the left side creates soft illumination. This best garage beer fridge is easy to maintain and operate, Powerful circulation fans in collaboration with the compressor distribute the cool air evenly. Compressor based cooling enhances even and consistent cooling results with no hot spots. 


  • Large capacity
  • 3 removable racks
  • Dual LED light
  • Door lock


  • Costly

#3 – Newair 126 Freestanding Beer fridge – Best Freestanding Beer Fridge

Best Garage Beer Fridge
Newair 126

This best beer fridge is the best wine refrigerator for garage. It is designed to store up to 126 beer cans with 7 custom thermostat settings, this allows you to regulate the fridge to your preferred temperature for as long as you want. Adjustable and removable chrome racks allow you to keep any size of a beer can or bottle in this fridge.

Newair garage beer fridge features 5 adjustable and removable storage racks for flexibility, which create space for more beer cans and bottles, when necessary, irrespective of the shape or size. The double-paned door retains and evenly spreads the temperature, providing excellent insulation to retain the air. Temperature ranges from 37 degrees Fahrenheit to 64 degrees Fahrenheit.

Spacious designed, stainless steel finishing, an advanced compressor cooling technique, with lower noise. Easy to clean exterior and interior. The AB-1200 chill drinks down to 34 degrees, making it one of the coldest beer fridges available anywhere. The powerful compressor cooling system is quieter than most standard refrigerators.

The led light and tempered glass door give an elegant look. Stainless Steel doors for a comfortable grip and easy opening of the door with reversible handle. Interior led light livens up the fridge. Rack made with metal. Compact canned storage for garage.


  • Compact size
  • Durable
  • Double panes door
  • LED light


  • No door lock

#4 – Kalamera Garage beer fridge – Best Built-In Garage Beer Fridge

Best Garage Beer Fridge

Kalamera 15-inch fridge is equipped with 6 storage shelves, blue interior lighting, door lock, digital temp control, reversible door, embedded carbon filter, and advanced compressor. Suited for built-in or freestanding installation and can fit into small compartments in a garage.

The cooling temperature ranges from a minimum of 38 degrees to a maximum of 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The security door lock helps you to manage your fridge storage space without interference and securely lock the fridge door to prevent frequent opening.

Digital LED temp control allows you to interchange between temperatures. The thermal meter automatically restores the fridge to the set temp after a power cut which prevents your fridge from increasing on its own. With an excellent compressor vibration reduction gear and a quality compressor unit, this product functions with less noise and minimal vibration. 

This product stores up to 96 cans of beers. Advanced cooling temperature. Easy to operate and maintain. Embedded Carbon Filter helps you filter the air that comes into the fridge against odor when you open it.


  • Safe lock
  • Advanced cooling temperature
  • Embedded carbon filter
  • Reversible door.
  • 6 storage racks.


  • Noisy.

#5 – RCA RFR320 Single Door Mini Fridge with Freezer

Best Garage Beer Fridge

This product is designed in three different finishes, stainless steel, white, and black with high-grade plastic on the interior and iron for durability. With the different options, this fridge can fit into any kind of decor.

The reversible door allows you to open the door either from the right or left by changing the hinge at the top. Both the refrigerator and freezer use the same temperature control which makes it difficult to control both sides differently. You can only use the temperature control to select your preferred degree for both manually. 

RCA combines cutting edge refrigeration tech with contemporary style. Built-in temperature control and minimal energy consumption,  the compressor cooling system keeps your foods and drinks at a perfect temperature. Adjustable slide-out racks make this product easy to clean, operate, and maintain.

High-quality freezer and fridge with a reversible door. Adjustable leveling legs for better and easy positioning.  Flatback designs help preserve space. It is compact but spacious because it is well laid out. 

The Built-in can dispenser for storing can drinks. operates with a single door that also has a shelf for storing extra drinks, while the two interior racks are adjustable to meet your immediate needs.


  • Variety of finishes
  • Noiseless
  • Compact
  • Durable


  • Keep things frosty not frozen
  • Single temperature control for both the refrigerator and freezer.

#6 – Newair 90 can Freestanding Fridge – Best Mini Beer Fridge for The Garage

Best Garage Beer Fridge

Newair 90 can garage fridge is the best mini beer fridge for the garage, with a spacious interior space, perfect to hold up to 90 beer or drink cans. This product is one of the coldest mini-fridge in the market in which temperature degrees range from 34 to 64.

Freestanding installation does not require the help of a professional to install. With the adjustable racks, you can customize your storage. Powerful yet quiet compressors evenly chill your drinks. The thermostat comes with 7 custom settings.

This best garage beer fridge automatically defrost. Stainless Steel door with manual temperature control, 4 removable racks made with metal for flexible storage, you can customize storage with the adjustable shelves for different sized drinks and cans. Quiet yet powerful compressor.

Double-paned tempered glass provides excellent insulation that keeps all the air and allows your drinks to stay cool for long with interior led light livens up the place but no door lock. Built for safety, the door handle is comfortable to hold and does not stick.

Leveling legs ensure balance and stability. To avoid frost build-up, it automatically defrosts the cooler. Durable stainless steel keeps the cold air in for frosty drinks. A year warranty.


  • Double-paned
  • Durable metal shelves.
  • LED lighting
  • Adjustable thermostat.
  • 1 Year warranty


  • Drips water
  • No door lock

#7 – Homelabs Beer Refrigerator and cooler

Best Garage Beer Fridge

This product is manufactured with durable materials of high quality, unique decorative finish, and rack accessories that light up and match any garage decor. This best glass door beer fridge for garage has a large interior capacity with a silver and black finish that conveniently holds your various drinks, beers, and wines.

Constructed with a powerful compressor, small fan, and smart technology for uniform and consistent air circulation which chills your beer faster than other fridges. A great combo of both refrigerator and freezer with adjustable leveling legs ensures a balanced level placement, and user friendly. This product accommodates up to 120 cans.

Homelabs cooling temperature ranges from 33 degrees Fahrenheit to 50 degrees Fahrenheit with adjustable thermostat and auto defrost function. Freestanding beer fridge with tempered glass. Soft illumination from the blue interior LED light.

After a power cut, it automatically restores the preset temperature. Whisper quiet compressor, effective-energy advanced technology. Prioritize and organize your drinks with the removable and adjustable racks. The fan located at the top of the chamber circulates air evenly for uniform temperature. This product is not suitable for perishable items


  • Auto defrost setting
  • Advanced technology
  • LED light
  • 3 chrome racks


  • Expensive

Things to consider before buying the best garage beer fridge

Before purchasing a beer fridge for garage, there are some important factors to consider to make the right choice that will serve you better and meet your needs. We will look into some of them.

Cooling system

There are two types of cooling systems, which are thermoelectric and compressor cooling systems. The thermoelectric cooling system is more energy-efficient and produces less noise, suitable for small capacity storage. While the compressor cooler is adjustable, and commonly used in regular fridges. Before you buy a fridge, check its cooling system to be sure of what you get. 


The available space in your man cave fridge determines the size of your fridge. The beer fridge for garage comes in different sizes you can choose from based on your preference. There are mini-fridges, under-counter, or top counter fridge and even larger ones to choose from depending on your personal need and usage.

Beer fridge types

You need to consider the type of beer fridge you want for your garage before buying. There are two main types of beer fridge installation freestanding and built-in. The space you have in your garage and the way you want it installed should be considered before buying.


The materials used in manufacturing the fridge also matters. If you want a fridge with a tempered glass door to enable you to see through before opening or one with a stainless steel door. Both materials have their advantages and disadvantages.

Temperature range

Every beer fridge has a temperature range within which it works. The temperature in your garage also has a way of affecting the temperature of your fridge. Ensure you buy the best garage beer fridge that is suitable for garage use.

Types of Garage Beer Fridges:

Chest Freezers:

There are several companies selling chest freezer conversion kits so you can convert your current chest freezer into a fridge capable of holding temperature quite well. The best part is if you have the room in your home for one or already have one, these things can be bought used for dirt cheap since nearly everyone has one who wants one.

I’ve noticed recently that some are even selling conversion kits to convert 6 tap units into 4 tap units by removing the top.

Upright Freezers:

Upright freezers used to be much more common than they are now, but you can still find them all over the place. These things are great because not only is it a freezer, but you can store stuff on top! As with chest freezers, these can often be bought pretty cheap when people move or upgrade their equipment and just need to get rid of their old one.

You’ll never see me buying anything new when there’s perfectly good used stuff out there for better prices! I’m sure someone will ask, so here is what you need to do to convert an upright freezer into a keezer.

FAQs about best garage beer fridge

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about garage fridges.

What is a garage ready refrigerator?

A garage ready refrigerator is a fridge that has more than one temp sensor, and a wider range of operating temp that is acceptable.

Can you keep a refrigerator in the garage?

Yes, you can. If your garage is insulated you will not have trouble keeping your refrigerator there and it will work perfectly as it does in your kitchen.

Is a garage fridge the same as a kegerator?

Yes, a garage fridge is usually mounted under or on top of a kitchen or bar counter and is therefore also known as a Draft Beer Dispenser. This term encompasses any refrigerator used to dispense beer from home taps. Much more on this later…

What does “under-counter” mean?

An under-counter appliance fits flush with surrounding cabinetry. If you have cabinets above the range where the fridge will be mounted on top of, then an under-counter model will fit there without needing to modify your existing cabinetwork. The advantage of installing it below rather than on top is that you can easily pull pints while seated your kitchen counter – no leaning over required. In addition, you won’t block your work surface when not dispensing if it’s mounted underneath.

If the counter-top has a backsplash with an elevated lip, then you can even put a regular fridge behind/underneath and still have a flat working area for food prep or other activities in the kitchen. If there is no overhang in your counter-top area, either freestanding or built-in cabinets above, then this will be a problem with under-counter units only.

How big is a garage fridge?

In thinking about purchasing space inside your refrigerator versus how much beer you think you’ll want to keep chilled at any given time – figure out what’s most important to you: storage or chilling? If you need more storage, then go with a full-size refrigerator.

If you are mainly concerned about having cold beer on tap at home – meaning that one isn’t too concerned about brewing larger batches of beer to store – then a compact unit will probably be your best choice.

What are the options for cooling systems in garage fridges?

Garage fridge s can come with either compressor or thermoelectric cooling systems. The compressor type is the same kind used in regular home refrigerators and freezers, whereas the Thermoelectric Cooler (TEC) uses an electric heat pump to cool its condenser.

Advantages of the TECs are they run extremely quiet because there are no moving parts and they can be mounted anywhere including the interior of a small fridge. Their only drawback is that they don’t work as well as compressor systems in a very hot ambient environment – not an issue if you’re putting it inside a garage but worth noting.

How much power does a garage fridge use?

In order to determine how much energy your refrigerator will draw from your electrical system, start with this general guideline: 0.5-1 amp per cubic foot of storage space, with 1-2 being more typical if it’s going to run 24/7.

In most cases where one has a regular 15 amp breaker box, the fridge would thus draw 7.5 – 15 amps at maximum capacity which is about 1800 watts – or 1.5 kWh for each day it’s plugged in. If it’s only going to be used when you’re home at night and on weekends, then the draw will typically drop to about 1/4 of that.

What size fridge do I need for a kegerator?

A general rule when sizing a refrigerator is 20 inches in width and 24 inches in height per tap if it has a single regulator system (one that controls two kegs) or 26″ x 18″ x 22″ – 26″ tall for each additional regulator beyond one if your unit is dual-regulating systems. This includes the space required above the taps to allow room for beer glasses. This applies whether you are installing under-counter fridge or freestanding .

How much beer can a kegerator hold?

For most standard kegerators you’ll find out there, this varies depending on the type of taps and size of kegs used. A good rule of thumb is to allow 1 cubic foot per tap for full-size (1/2 barrel), 1.25 cubic feet per tap for pony kegs (1/4 barrel) and 3 cubic feet per tap for soda syphon systems.

These are just general guidelines, though – it really comes down to how much space you’re willing to allocate up front regardless if you have a single or double regulator system. Keep in mind that these storage numbers do not account for room inside the fridge needed above taps themselves or space needed for your CO2 tank that will be placed outside of the unit. For soda systems, allow for at least 15″ of headroom on top of each keg.


Garage fridges are designed to work in an insulated area, they are not weatherproofed. They are meant to work indoors, protected from both cold and hot weather. The garage fridge you buy should be of good quality and based on your requirements.

We have carefully selected the best garage beer fridge you will get in the market with distinctive features with Phiestina 15 inch Beer Fridge as our top pick.

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