Top 7 The Best French Door Refrigerators Without Water Dispenser Reviews in 2023

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The Best French Door Refrigerators Without Water Dispenser Reviews, Tips and Buying Guides

There’s just something beautiful about opening a refrigerator and having enough room inside to store an entire box of chocolate or a whole thanksgiving turkey. But beyond its spacious interior, the best French door refrigerators without water dispensers have several other desirable features.

best french door refrigerators without water dispenser

These endearing features can be seen in the top eight products we have outlined for review. So, if you are planning to purchase the best french door fridge without water dispenser, then going through this review as it will help you make a good choice.

Top Rated French Door Refrigerators Amazon Compared

What is a French Door Refrigerators ?

A French door refrigerator has two doors that open from the middle like a traditional refrigerator, but can also open into different sections of the unit. At its most basic, this style of refrigerator includes one full-width freezer drawer and one full-depth refrigerator section (though there are various configurations and options available within this design).

Reviews of The Best French Door Refrigerators Without Water Dispenser on Amazon in 2022

Here are top rated french door refrigerator without water dispenser to buy

#1. SMETA 36-Inch 22.5 Cu. Ft. Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator with Auto Ice Maker for Home, Kitchen

French Door Refrigerators Without Water Dispenser
SMETA French Door Refrigerator

We start our list with the SMETA 36-Inch 22.5 Cu. Ft. Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator. It features double crispers for better humidity control, while its adjustable shelve provides flexible space. It has an all-gallon bin which provides more space for food storage.

Also, its freezer session features a handy ice maker, with this you can build up your ice supply in large quantities. It automatically defrosts, making life more comfortable for users. We love its sleek design and easy to clean dry towel. It measures 35.9 x 29.69 x 69.9 inches with a total capacity of 22.5 Cu. ft. and a freezer capacity of 6.61 cu. ft. This French door refrigerator is ideal for a large family.

If you want to buy the best french door refrigerators without water dispenser, you can consider this french door refrigerators as your final choice.


  • It as an elegant finish
  • Features freezing and supercooling function
  • Automatically defrosts
  • It is sturdy and functional


  • Difficult installation process
  • The water valve does not fit the wall

#2. Kenmore 4679993 PRO 23.7 Cu. Ft. Counter-Depth French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

French Door Refrigerators Without Water Dispenser

Another product we found fascinating is the Kenmore 4679993. It has a lot of storage space; this can comfortably fit in a lot of things. Besides, it has four adjustable glass shelves, two crisper drawers that retain weight and moisture for a longer time in your vegetables, and a full-width pantry all to provide flexible storage options.

Also, French door refrigerator with ice maker has a cantilevered wine rack, this ensures there’s more space in the door while also keeping your drinks cold and out of the way. Besides, it comes with a linear compressor, a slim in-door ice maker, space-saving LED lighting, and a portable water filter, all these features free up space while making usage more enjoyable.


  • Features flexible storage options
  • Keeps your items cool and fresh
  • Has a spacious capacity
  • It has a low-price tag


  • It has a loud operation
  • The ice maker is slow

#3. LG LFC21776ST-20.7Cu.FT. Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

French Door Refrigerators Without Water Dispenser

When you need a French door refrigerator to keep your food fresh, you can depend on LG LFC21776ST-20.7Cu.FT French Door Refrigerator. We love its glide and serve drawer that allows you to easily and quickly grab a beverage or snack without going through the stress of fully opening the door.

This best french door refrigerators without water dispenser features four split spill protector shelves, and an icePlus that provides enough ice for your use. Its LED interior light illuminates the refrigerator, enabling you to see the products in the refrigerator in the dark, while its linear compressor is a space-saving feature that makes organization easier. Weighing 33 pounds, this product has a dimension of 35.75 x 69.75 x 30 inches.


  • It is sturdy and durable
  • It has a large capacity
  • It is aesthetic
  • Easy to get to and see things


  • No information on its warranty
  • It has a high price tag

#4. Haier 15-Cu.Ft. French-Door Refrigerator 28” Width Stainless Steel HRF15N3AGS

French Door Refrigerators Without Water Dispenser

If you are looking for one of the best French door refrigerators to buy then look no further than Haier 15-Cu.Ft. French 4 door refrigerator. The silver-colored product has a glossy finish to give it an elegant look. It has an electronic temperature control that enables users to fix precise temperature settings within a one-degree increment.

Also, this product features adjustable glass shelves, this provides a stable platform while also allowing the penetration of light and illumination right to the bottom. These shelves can be removed or rearranged to ensure easy cleanup and flexible storage options. The refrigerator provides an extra blast of cold air enough to keep your produce fresh as well as a freezer compartment to freeze the items you require.


  • It has a quiet operation
  • Sleek, elegant, and easy to clean
  • It is sturdy and durable
  • It is compact


  • Warranty does not cover cosmetic damages
  • Not ideal for bulky storage

#5. Haier 16.0 Cu. Ft. 4 Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Stainless Steel

French Door Refrigerators Without Water Dispenser

We love everything about the Haier 16.0 Cu. Ft. 4 Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Stainless Steel. Reviewers say it’s an amazing fridge that works so well. it’s without handles, making it sleek and slimline while its compact design makes it perfect for a small kitchen. It has a quiet operation, with a low amperage draw and lots of room for storage.

It features LED lighting to illuminate the fridge and enhance better visibility and organization with a counter-depth design and 16.4 Cu. Ft. capacity. It has a product dimension of 32.75 x 71 x 26.5 inches and is made of stainless steel to give it a sturdy and long-lasting build.


  • Operates without noise
  • Has lots of storage space
  • Perfect size for a small kitchen
  • It is sleek and sturdy


  • Does not have an egg and butter compartment
  • It’s small

#6. Viking 3 Series 36 Inch Sabbath Mode Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

French Door Refrigerators Without Water Dispenser

Are you fascinated by the functionality and elegance of French door refrigerators? If yes then Viking 3 Series French Door Refrigerator is just what you need. It is designed with the latest technology to give you the best.

This comes in form of a door open alarm that alerts you when the fridge is opened and a high-temperature alarm that indicates when the temperature is above standard. Its self-closing tri-level freezer drawer is one feature you can’t ignore. It locks in the temperature, effectively keeping your items frozen.

Also, it features adjustable shelves that won’t spill liquid contents while also featuring a theater LED light to illuminate the fridge during dark hours. The 36-inch counter-depth French door refrigerator has air purification and a cold zone drawer all of which makes it one of the most sort after product on the market.


  • Cool LED light to illuminate the fridge
  • Has some technologically advanced features
  • It has a good warranty
  • It is sleek, sturdy, and functional


  • Icemaker breaks easily
  • Does not stay cool

#7. Samsung 26 Cu. Ft. Capacity French Door Refrigerator

French Door Refrigerators Without Water Dispenser

This best french door refrigerators without water dispenser is everything you want and more. It has a large storage capacity along with an icemaker for producing ice and efficient LED lighting for visibility, ease of identification, and organization of items in the refrigerator.

Also, Samsung 26 Cu. Ft. Capacity French Door Refrigerator comes with a twin cooling system, hence you get twice as much value. It features an external filtered water and ice dispenser along with a cool select pantry with temperature control. Its power freeze and power cool options are features we like, while its tempered glass shelves are spill-proof. Weighing 334 pounds, its smooth white color gives it a beautiful finish.


  • Maintains a consistent temperature
  • Has flexible storage options
  • It is aesthetic
  • It has user-friendly features


  • The icemaker is not reliable
  • Its quality needs to be improved on

How To Choose The Best French Door Refrigerators Without Water Dispenser

Before proceeding to buy a great looking refrigerator, pause, and consider some factors first. Some of these factors include:

Food Preservation

Before buying a refrigerator, it’s important to determine if the product you hope to buy can preserve food as it claims. If it’s an in-store purchase, do well to ask the sales rep about the fridge’s cooling ability, and if you prefer buying online, endeavor to go through reviews and roundups to see what people are saying about the models listed and which one will preserve your food better and longer.

Storage Options

A standard refrigerator should have in-built shelves in their fridges, some shelves on the door, and one or two crisper bins. However, the possibilities of extra storage are endless. French door refrigerators often have extra storage options such as extra drawers, pocket storage, temperature-controlled pantry drawers, and so on. The choice of the refrigerator to purchase will depend on your storage needs. If you will be storing a lot of varying food items, then it’s best to go for a refrigerator with lots of storage options.


Generally, white and black refrigerators are common, however, in recent times, many manufacturers are exploring other exciting colors and materials. When purchasing a French door refrigerator, select a product that matches the appliances and set up in your kitchen. If you wish to go for products with more sophisticated finishing than white, black, or stainless steel, then you may have to pay more.

Ice Dispensers

If the aim of purchase is for everyday home use, then the ice dispenser may not be a deal-breaker. But if you are an ice connoisseur, then having a fridge that produces just iced cubes may not be sufficient. Consider refrigerators with ice options such as cylindrical ice and crushed ice. Also, there are fridges with more advanced options such as an in-built coffee maker, hot water dispenser, and so on. The choice of product will depend on your need.

Facts to Know best french door refrigerator

These units tend to be more expensive than other options for similar capacity and energy efficiency. French door refrigerators may offer higher levels of convenience, however; unlike bottom freezers with lift up lids which require users to bend over to access the contents inside, these units still provide separate access to each section while keeping all items level with eye level for easier browsing.

They also feature ice and water dispensers in the freezer section, which offer instant access to chilled beverages without requiring users to open an additional refrigerator door.

One of the big advantages of having a French Door Refrigerator is that they are much more energy efficient than other models, because it is possible to adjust their configuration (i.e., by having all items level with eye level) so that less cold air escapes when you open one of the doors The reason for this is that these units come with features like automatic ice makers and water dispensers; it makes little sense, after all, to design a unit to prevent cold air from escaping while still including expensive (and energy-sucking) bells and whistles like internal lighting and digital displays.

Bottom line: if you’re looking for the most energy efficient French door refrigerator, look for one with an automatic ice maker and water dispenser.

On average french door refrigerators use about 15 percent less energy than other types of refrigerators, so if you’re really concerned about your carbon footprint it may be wise to invest in a French door refrigerator over another style., they are also more expensive than most side-by-side units.

However, they are becoming more popular as people become aware that these units can reduce energy consumption by allowing consumers to adjust their configuration (i.e., by having all items level with eye level) so that cold air loss when you open one of the doors is reduced.

Why Do You Need The Best French Door Refrigerators without Water Dispenser?

They Need Less Space

Unlike top-freezer models where large items such as turkeys, roasts or holiday cakes can be stored in the door, French doors are better for them because they have more room. They also have an additional drawer that’s perfect for storing fruits and vegetables or anything else you’d like to have on hand quickly.

This type of design is not only unique but it gives homeowners a sense of luxury when compared to a standard refrigerator with a bottom freezer drawer. On top of being stylish, the freezer has been designed to provide easy access thanks to its pull-out drawers and two humidity controlled crisper bins.

This makes it great for people who often cook large meals at once because it allows them enough space so there isn’t any fighting over what goes where!

Better Organization – When fully stocked, most refrigerators can become a little messy with multiple items crammed in every corner. However, French door designs include an easy glide drawer which is great for storing drinks or other items that are used on a regular basis.

Uniform Temperatures

Because French doors sit side by side, this allows the cool air to flow evenly throughout the refrigerator compartment. This ensures that everything inside will stay fresh and delicious whether you’re defrosting something or preparing a gourmet meal! Some models also have adjustable temperature controls so groceries stay at their ideal temperatures while others include dual evaporators to keep humidity levels low. That means no more soggy vegetables or freezer burn on your favorite foods!

Energy Efficient

With so many choices available today, it’s important that you select a refrigerator that’s energy efficient. French door models have been designed using the latest in environmentally friendly technology so you can feel good knowing they’re great for the environment and your wallet!

A majority of them include an ice and water dispenser, which makes it easy to enjoy a refreshing beverage without having to lift a finger. More Headroom – Unlike bottom freezers where refrigerators sit on top of one another, these particular designs allow more room above the freezer compartment. This is because there are no large ice maker bins or water lines that need to be installed underneath.

Reversible Doors

If your current fridge was built before 2006 then it’s most likely not going to have reversible doors. However many manufacturers offer this option when building new refrigerators and it’s a great feature to have, especially if you’re planning on staying at home for the long haul. Switching things up is as simple as removing some screws but keep in mind that you’ll need to purchase new door handles for this particular model.


French door models aren’t cheap but they’re not overly expensive either. Of course these units will vary depending on size, features and who the manufacturer is but most people find them within their budget once they start shopping around.

That’s why when doing your research to invest in one of these appliances you should compare prices from different stores before making any final decisions. This way you can get the refrigerator that best fits your needs without selling your house!

FAQs on best french door refrigerators without water dispenser

French door refrigerators are a relatively new addition to the consumer refrigerator market. Since their introduction in the early 1990s, they have quickly become some of the more popular models on sale, due to their stylish design and available features. However, some consumers may still be confused by how french door refrigerators work & what options are available to them. This article will attempt to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about these fridges.

French door refrigerator problems

There are many advantages to using a French door refrigerator. However, they have a few disadvantages. These include:

  • It costs more to repair
  • Produces loud noise
  • Icemaker leaks
  • Malfunction of crushed ice-maker
  • They are more expensive

What refrigerators have dual ice makers?

Samsung 26 Cu. Ft. Capacity French Door Refrigerator and LG LFC21776ST-20.7Cu.FT. Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator feature dual ice makers.

What brand of a refrigerator has the least problems?

Reviews gotten from customers show that Haier French Door Refrigerator have more positive feedbacks and almost no negative feedback. The products from Haier are known to be sturdy, of good quality, easy to access, etc.

What is a french door refrigerator?

A french door refrigerator, also known as a top mount refrigerator (and sometimes called an “electronic fridge”), has its freezer on the bottom and the fresh food section on top. The fridge itself is split into two sections by a large, wide drawer that slides in and out.

The freezer is kept cold by an evaporator plate below the drawers, while the fresh food section has its own dedicated cooling system located above the drawers (in order to keep the temperatures separate).

What’s so good about french door refrigerators?

French door fridges look great and can be purchased as built-in units (usually with the handle hidden, to give a seamless look on one side). They also tend to have more storage space than other types of refrigerator, due to their split layout. Plus, many french door models come loaded with lots of useful features.

Does frost free mean you never need to defrost?

Most modern refrigerators are “frost free”, which means they don’t build up large amounts of ice inside them like traditional fridges do. However, some types of frost free fridge still require defrosting on a regular basis; the process involves removing the drawers from your freezer and letting warm air into it until all the ice has melted away.

This typically happens about once a year, although some models never need to be defrosted. French door fridges are usually frost free – but check the manual for your specific model to find out whether it requires defrosting or not.

What does energy star mean?

Energy Star refers to appliances that have been independently certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency & Department of Energy for using a minimum amount of power while still maintaining good performance levels. By using a fridge with an energy star rating, you can save money on your electricity bills and help prevent harmful greenhouse gases from being released into the atmosphere.

Do french door refrigerators require special care?

All types of modern refrigerator require relatively little maintenance (beyond keeping them clean) in order to keep them running smoothly. Some models come with specific cleaning instructions for the plastic drawers, which you should follow to avoid damaging them. The rest of your fridge just requires general cleaning & wiping down on a weekly basis to keep it looking good and smelling fresh.

Are french door refrigerators more expensive than normal fridges?

Generally speaking, french door fridges are more expensive than other types of refrigerator (although this is not always the case). However, some models can be found at surprisingly affordable prices too – it all depends on what features they have and how big they are. Always do thorough research before making a purchase to make sure you’re getting value for money.

What kind of warranty do most french door refrigerators come with?

Most appliances, including most french door fridges, come with a standard one year warranty. This means that you’re entitled to have your fridge repaired or replaced if it’s faulty within this time period.


In recent times, French door refrigerators have become a popular demand amongst consumers, this is owing to their numerous features and benefits. From having a fresh food counter, to having a silent operation, shelves for better organization, ice makers, and so on, this product is a must have for every home. Get your home one and enjoy the best french door refrigerators without water dispenser.


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