Top 7 The Best Dual Zone Wine Coolers Reviews in 2023

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The Best Dual Zone Wine Cooler Reviews, Tips and Buying Guides

If you are a collector of fine wines or just a lover, you might have heard all the impressive benefits there are to owning a dual-zone wine refrigerator. With the delicately kept temperature on the coolers. Precise humidity control as well as housing different wine types at optimal temperature – all at once.

best dual zone wine fridge

With this in mind, the next question sets on which particular dual-zone cooler is best for you. In this post, we are going to be taking apart some of the most popular models to help you pinpoint the best dual zone wine cooler for you.

Reviews of Best Dual Zone Wine Coolers on Amazon in 2022

Here are top rated dual zone wine cooler reviews to buy

Top 1 – Kalamera 45 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler with Stainless Steel

best dual zone wine cooler
Kalamera 45 Bottle Dual Zone

The Kalamera name is one of the most consistent names in the wine cooler industry. This 45-bottle dual-zone model is built with seamless stainless steel and a black frame.

This best dual zone wine cooler has a compressor cooling system each for the two cooling zones. Each zone also bears its own thermostat with a push-button display – to help you keep your wines at just the right temperature setting.

The interior is lined with 5 Beech Wood shelves that provide natural comfort to securely hold your wine bottles. A cool blue light radiates beautifully while lighting up the wines.


  • Wide temperature range
  • Fast cooling duration
  • Low Vibrations
  • Dual Zone Thermostat
  • Compact for easy integration
  • UV insulation


  • Weak shelves
  • Consumes a lot of electricity
  • Poor warranty

Top 2 – NewAir AWR-1160DB Wine cooler

best dual zone wine cooler
NewAir AWR-1160DB

The NewAir AWR-1160DB offers more in terms of housing space for your wine bottles – with a total bottle capacity of 116 bottles, split into two independently cooled chambers.

This best dual zone wine cooler has a great physical appeal also, with a black body and a silver door frame. The interior is illuminated by a Gold LED lightning, whose brightness can be adjusted to your taste.

The dividing space between the two cooling zones holds in the digital display, which shows the current temperature settings. You can also change the temperature settings using the buttons set by the display.

The shelves are made of beech wood, and each can be drawn out to give you better access to your wine bottles while loading or fetching them.


  • Quiet operation
  • Low Vibrations
  • Triple-layered insulation against UV lights
  • Incredibly accessible shelves


  • Quite Expensive
  • Consumes a lot of electricity

Top 3 – Kalamera Wine Cooler with Temperature Memory Function

best dual zone wine cooler
Kalamera Wine Cooler

This is another compact, dual-zone wine cooler from Kalamera featuring an iconic design. The door is made in the French style, with two cooling zones on either side of the door. The blue light provides a classy radiance on the wine bottles.

This best dual zone wine cooler has a rather small capacity because of its compactness – holding only about 40 bottles at once. The door frame is made of stainless steel. And a transparent glass window – fortified with insulation against the damaging effect of UV lights.

This model’s unique feature is its built-in alarm system, which beeps and glows to notify you when the glass door is not shut correctly.


  • Built-in alarm system
  • Impressive build quality
  • LED display with controls
  • Compact design
  • Silent operation
  • Automatically restores temperature setting.


  • Unreliable thermostat reading

Top 4 – Aobosi 2-IN-1 Beverage and Wine Cooler

best dual zone wine cooler
Aobosi 2-IN-1

This wine cooler from Aobosi offers something particularly different. It features two cooling chambers as usual, and you can open each independently of the other, thanks to the French-style glass doors. It differs because it is made to cool and store both beverages and wines.

It has a sturdy, pleasant design with a stainless-steel front. Its advanced temperature control system makes sure you can set and adjust the different chambers’ temperature independently.

Because the storage is shared with beverages, you only get enough room for 18 wine bottles. The interior is lit with appealing blue LEDs. The manufacturer offers a month free trial to see for yourself what this machine is capable of.


  • Dual storage for beverage and wine
  • Impressive build quality
  • Low vibrations
  • User-friendly controls
  • Removable shelves
  • Customer-friendly support


  • Noisy operation
  • Small storage for wine

Top 5 – Aobosi 15-Inch Wine Cooler

best dual zone wine cooler

This is another sleek offering from Aobosi, compact with a silver finish. The stainless-steel door agrees finely with the rest of the build, adding a shine and sparkle while holding the glass window in place. The blue lighting of the interior adds one more touch to complete the exquisite view.

The dual wine cooler features two horizontal cooling zones – each running a compression cooling system. The temperature can be adjusted on the control panel that sits between the two zones.

The best dual zone wine cooler is compact and can only hold about 28 bottles at once. And even this number is not evenly split between the two zones. The lower zone has four shelves, while the upper one supports only two.


  • Solid and aesthetic build quality
  • Low vibrations
  • Removable shelves
  • Front ventilation
  • Carbon Filtration System
  • Memory Function


  • Consumes a lot of power
  • Can sometimes be noisy

Top 6 – Ivation 33 Dual Zone Wine Cooler

best dual zone wine cooler
Ivation 33 Dual Zone

This wine cooler from Ivation stands apart physically from the other models discussed. At first glance, one is captivated by its dark overall looks, which gives strokes to your curiosity. The soft, interior lightning adds to this cryptic feeling.

It is a free-standing wine refrigerator, however, and cannot be worked under house furniture. It can store 33 bottles of wine of varying sizes, thanks to its practical design. Its glass door is reinforced with double-paned insulation from UV light – to keep your wines’ quality in perfect conditions.

The racks are made of coated metallic mesh-trays. They can be easily removed for better access. An LED display and touch controls let you manage the temperature settings at any time you desire to.


  • Quiet and seamless operation
  • Insulation against UV light
  • Retractable shelves
  • Great build quality


  • Poorly built trays

Top 7 – Schmecke 33 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

best dual zone wine cooler
Schmecke 33 Bottle

Schmecke’s free-standing model has a special dual-zone temperature stability feature. What it does is to prevent outside temperature influence the cooling of the compressor system. It has a different temperature range in each of the two zones.

A touch control panel is located on the top of the refrigerator with an LED display – with which you can adjust the temperature to perfectly fit your wine’s needs—within the specified range permitted by the cooler, of course.

The interior is fairly spacious, allowing 33 bottles of wine to rest comfortably at once. The glass door is also double-layered for insulation against UV light. The door has a lock for extra security, coming with two keys.


  • Adjustable rack for more room
  • UV light protection
  • Easy-to-use touch controls
  • Low vibrations
  • Compact size
  • Impressive design


  • Can sometimes be noisy

Top 8 – Koolatron (WC12DZ) Dual Zone Thermoelectric Cooler

best dual zone wine cooler
Koolatron (WC12DZ)

Unlike most of the other dual-zone refrigerators mentioned, this best dual zone wine refrigerator from Koolatron runs a Thermoelectric cooling unit rather than a compression system. This makes its operation super quiet without consuming much power.

It has a super lean design as well, which reflects in its storage space. Its storage capacity is limited to just 12 Wine Bottles. The overall black design looks super clean – with a see-through window on the door. A soft interior light shows off your wine collection in an attractive fashion.

An LED display with controls lets you adjust the temperature readings. You can also choose between Celsius or Fahrenheit units for your readings. The window is coated to prevent influence from UV light.


  • Compact and clean design
  • Smooth and silent operation
  • Low Vibrations
  • Energy-efficient cooling


  • Small storage space
  • Rigid wine trays

Factors to Consider Before Buying The Best Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Cooling System

There are two popular cooling systems available for dual-zone wine refrigerators, and in fact, refrigerators in general. However, the cooling system has a more significant impact when it comes to our precious wine bottles.

The first is the compression system, and it uses changes in pressure of a coolant gas to regulate your cooler’s internal temperature. It has a fast-cooling duration and a wide temperature range. However, compressor-type coolers are subject to vibrations, which can mess with the quality of your wine.

The other type is the Thermoelectric system, which uses heat transfers of the metal to provide cooling gradually. It takes a while to reach a uniform internal temperature, but it is stable and consumes much less power.

As you can see, there is a trade-off in each case. Which one you choose will depend on which features you are willing to forego.

Noise and Vibration

Vibrations are not suitable for preserving wine quality. And while its cooling system highly influences a cooler’s vibration, a smart manufacturer knows how to protect your bottles.

Hence, look beyond the cooling system to ascertain how much vibration is being produced. The same goes for how much noise is made. Refrigerator sounds are very irritating, and they never go away. If you don’t want to be constantly haunted by the humming of your wine’s cooler, it is best to choose one with a smooth and almost silent operation.

Protection against UV light

Every wine connoisseur knows that direct sunlight is bad for preserving a wine’s flavor. This is because direct bright lights speed up your wine’s aging, altering the slow-paced road to a perfect flavored wine.

That is why it is important to choose the best dual zone wine refrigerator with an appropriate insulation against UV light’s damaging effect. Luckily, several brands offer tempered glass doors with protection from direct light. Some have double, even triple-layered panes.

Storage Space

It is essential to be conscious of both the space the refrigerator would take in your home and space; it has to keep your wine bottles.

Dual-zone wine coolers come in different dimensions and shapes. You can easily find one that will fit best into your home. Pay attention also to the room available for your wine bottles.

Types of Wine Cooler

Dual Zone Wine Cooler

A Dual Zone wine cooler is a type of cooling unit that is able to store both red and white wines in different compartments. This cooler is normally capable of maintaining two separate temperature zones at all times. This makes it especially useful when serving both red and white wines during the same party, when they are likely to be served in quick succession or together with various foods.

The most effective way to store both red and white wines separately in the same appliance, is by keeping them on either end of the fridge, where there are two separate temperature controls, for each color of wine respectively. However, these systems can also be purchased with only one control system for regulating the entire interior space at once – if this option is desired, there might be a problem in maintaining the appropriate temperature for storing red and white wines separately.

Dual zone wine coolers can also have compartments that have different temperature control systems – one compartment being cooler than the other. Fridges of this type are often used by people who want to chill their favorite beverages to a certain extent before serving them without freezing them completely during hot weather.

In some units, it is possible to create custom zones inside  the appliance, using adjustable dividers or removable shelves  that allow  for different zones depending on the needs of the wine owner.

Single Zone Wine Cooler

A Single Zone wine cooler is a unit designed to keep white wines at a constant cold temperature range with no option for maintaining a warmer temperature range suitable for serving red wines.

Single zone wine coolers are also good at maintaining the temperature of beverages over long periods of time, so they can be used to chill whites or keep them chilly without having to pack them with ice cubes. These appliances are most often found in homes where only white wines are served. A number of these fridges have adjustable shelves that let their owners create wider compartments if more diverse storage options are needed at any particular time where they might need to store both red and white wines together.

FAQS on best dual zone wine cooler

What Temp Should I Set For Dual Zone Wine Fridge?

The major point of owning a dual-zone wine fridge is because of the independent cooling available for each zone. The temperature you select depends on the type of wine you want to keep in it – as different wines require different optimal temperatures.

White wine is best kept between 500 and 540 FahrenheitRed wines need a higher temperature, at about 540 and 590 F.

Are Dual Wine Coolers Worth It?

If you have a varied wine collection, you will appreciate the temperature customization offered by dual wine coolers. You get to keep each type of wine at its optimal temperature and humidity levels – without having to compromise, thereby risking reducing the wine quality.

What is Dual Zone?

A: Dual zone wine coolers allow you to keep white and red wines at different temperatures. If you have a small collection of both types of wines, a dual zone unit allows you the flexibility of having the whites chilled for serving while also keeping the reds at room temperature to preserve full flavor.

What are the advantages of having dual zone cooling?

A: One of the most common reasons for choosing a dual zone wine cooler is that you can keep your red wines at traditional serving temperatures (between 50 and 60 degrees F) while chilling white wines rapidly down to 40 degrees for immediate consumption.

How do I take care of my dual zone unit?

A: To maintain warranty, please follow these simple steps from handling your new wine cooler to maintaining it over the years ahead. Wipe up any spills immediately with a damp cloth. Never place anything but bottles in your wine cooler. Keep doors closed as much as possible to minimize loss of cool air and prevent possible damage from heat build-up.

Keep the inside and condenser coils clean to avoid overheating and possible compressor failure. Clean your unit at least twice a year. Do not use abrasive cleansers as they may damage the interior and/or exterior surfaces of your wine cooler. Use only a soft cloth dampened with water to clean the outside surface, never any type of cleaner or chemical cleaner.

Are these dual zone wine coolers energy efficient?

A: Dometic Corp.’s award winning DWS Dual Zone Wine Cooler is designed to be energy efficient, so you can enjoy your favorite wine without worrying about wasting electricity. Dual Zone Wine Cooling System is made up of two parts–the ventilation system uses very little power for cooling and the compressor only kicks in when the temperature rises above your selected setting.

Are these dual zone wine coolers quiet?

A: Dometic’s award winning DWS Dual Zone Wine Cooler is specially designed to operate quietly and efficiently. You will not be able to hear the compressor or fan when running, making it perfect for rooms like bedrooms, living areas and den where noise would be an issue.

What comes with my dual zone wine cooler?

A: All of our models come standard with a full-length chrome plated stainless steel towel bar handle and black high impact door seal which is both durable and attractive. For added convenience we’ve made every model ADA compliant so each one can easily be used by the physically challenged.


A dual-zone wine cooler is an important investment for wine collectors. It is a modern replacement for wine cellars. They are designed to help you save more in the long run by protecting your wine collection’s quality and flavor. Choosing the best dual zone wine cooler should be easier now after going through our review and knowing what to look for.

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