Top 7 The Best Countertop Wine Cooler & Fridge Reviews in 2023

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The Best Countertop Wine Cooler Reviews, Tips and Buying Guide

If you are looking for best countertop wine cooler, look no further! We’ve got what you need.

Are you out of storage space to store in your home? Well, what about your countertops? If your home kitchen or bar has more countertop space and less floor space, you might just need a countertop wine cooler to solve that problem.

best countertop wine cooler
counter top wine cooler

A countertop wine cooler is a convenient kitchen appliance that makes your wine easily accessible. The proper way to store and age your wine is by investing in a quality wine cooler.

Top Rated Counter top Wine Cooler Amazon Compared

Why do You Use Countertop Wine Cooler?

The Countertop Wine Cooler is the ultimate way to store wines conveniently. Not only is this cooler personal enough to keep your favorite vintage in, it’s small enough to fit in any size home without taking up too much space.

This unit give you what other larger units can’t, the ability to preserve the flavor of your wine longer by reducing vibration and temperature fluctuations. Eliminates light exposure which causes wine to become dull or ‘cook’. The simple plug in design makes the cooler very easy to use.

In this article, we will be reviewing the top 7 best countertop wine coolers on the market. We’ve handpicked the best single zone and double-zone wine coolers.

Reviews of The Best Countertop Wine Coolers on Amazon in 2022

Here are top rared counter top wine fridge/ cooler to buy

Top 1- NutriChef PKTEWC120 Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

best countertop wine cooler
NutriChef PKTEWC120

Looking for a compact wine cooler that takes minimal storage and is perfect for home and office use, NutriChef PKTEWC120 Thermoelectric Wine Cooler is an ideal choice for you. This freestanding wine cooler can only accommodate 12 bottles of wine. It utilizes a thermoelectric cooling system that ensures your drinks stay cool all day long.

With its adjustable temperature control, you can reset and regulate the temp in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The temperature ranges from 50 degrees to 64 degrees Fahrenheit.

This best countertop wine cooler is great for cooling and storing red wines, white wines, and even champagne. It comes with 4 standing bottle spaces, making it easier to keep your opened drinks upright without worrying about spillage. Plus, the LED light and smoked glass door offer you a clear view of the interior.


  • Unique shelving system
  • Quiet operation
  • Internal LED light
  • Vibration-free
  • Digital control panel


  • Limited storage capacity

Top 2- Aobosi 15 Inch Wine Cooler

best countertop wine cooler
Aobosi 15 Inch

Are you searching for a wine cooler that can be built in between the cabinets on your counter, or you want a freestanding wine cooler with two different temperature zones? This dual-zone countertop wine cooler is the perfect product on our list. It is energy efficient and has a rack space that holds large bottles.

Thanks to the front vent, it can be installed as a built-in unit. The cooling system of the Aobosi 15-inch Wine Cooler operates quietly despite running two different temperature settings.

The upper zone temperature ranges from 41 degrees to 54 degrees Fahrenheit, making it suitable for chilling white wines, and the lower zone temperature ranges from 54 degrees to 68 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it well suited for red wines.


  • Dual-zone wine cooler
  • Tempered glass door
  • Front vent
  • Includes a screen lock function


  • The digital control is not on the exterior.

Top 3- NutriChef 15 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator

best countertop wine cooler
NutriChef 15 Bottle

Here is another product from Nutrichef that comes with one standing shelf and four wine shelves. It offers you enough storage space that can hold a maximum of 15 standard wine bottles.

The tempered glass door has an airtight seal that ensures the temperature within the wine cooler remains the same. This best countertop wine fridge features an integrated compressor that is free of vibration and produces less noise. You are allowed to chill your favorite drink at your desired temperature level, thanks to the adjustable temp setting and digital control panel.

This wine cooler is equipped with an auto-lock function that switches off the digital control interface after 20 seconds of no operation to prevent your kids from altering the temperature setting. 


  • Reinforced glass door
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Auto safety lock
  • Durable wire racks
  • Extremely quiet


  • A bit small for serving a large group

Top 4- NutriChef 18 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator

best countertop wine cooler
NutriChef 18 Bottle

Yet, another countertop wine cooler from Nutrichef, a prominent brand renowned for making quality products. It has a freestanding design and can be placed anywhere on your countertop.

This compact countertop wine cooler features an advanced cooling system that keeps your drinks at the perfect temperature all the time. The interior LED light, and transparent glass door helps you showcase your drinks even in the dark. Without opening the reinforced glass door, you can easily operate the digital screen.

This countertop wine cooler comes with a temperature ranging from 5 to 18 degrees Celsius. It is well suited for storing both red and white wines. The temperature is displayed in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. Plus, the adjustable glossy chrome racks glide in and out easily.


  • Interior lighting
  • A high precision cooling system
  • Digital touch screen
  • Ultra-quiet operation


  • Not dual zone wine cooler

Top 5- WIE 18 Bottle Compression Wine Cooler Refrigerator

best countertop wine cooler
WIE 18 Bottle

 Next on our list is WIE 18 Bottle Compression Wine Cooler Refrigerator. It features a powerful compressor cooling technology. The clear glass door is protected against UV rays and other harmful lights that age wine rapidly.

This best countertop wine fridge is designed to be used as a freestanding unit and not to be recessed or built-in.

The bottom rack is specifically designed to hold the bottles in an upright position. Thanks to the single touch dial, you can easily switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit, and the temperature is adjustable between 5 to 18 degrees Celsius.

In addition to this, the shelves are adjustable to accommodate bigger bottle sizes and feature a stopper at the edge, which prevents the drink from tumbling.


  • Auto defrost function
  • Freestanding design
  • Double-paned transparent door
  • Utilizes an advanced compressor cooling system
  • Removable racks


  • Cannot be built into countertop

Top 6- NutriChef 24 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator

best countertop wine cooler
NutriChef 24 Bottle

This countertop wine cooler is equipped with a ventilation grill and an integrated circulation fan that distributes even cool air. The temperature setting goes as low as 5 degrees Celsius for white wines and as high as 18 degrees Celsius for red wines.

Some people reported that the NutriChef is the best countertop wine fridge.

This product comes with a storage capacity that holds up to 24 wine bottles without sagging the racks. Plus, the digital touch screen control panel is fixed on the glass door, making it easier to regulate the wine cooler without affecting the temp within.

The reinforced doors are resistant to harmful lights that can cause the wine to age quickly. It comes with dual handles that provide you the ultra-convenient to open and lock the tempered door. This model is compatible with standard wine bottles and has two bottom shelves that are designed to hold bigger bottles.


  • Invisible door hinge
  • Dual-zone wine cooler
  • Easy to operate
  • Advanced compressor cooling technology


  • A bit larger than the others.

Top 7- Antarctic Star 1.6 cu.ft Wine Cooler

best countertop wine cooler
Antarctic Star 1.6cu.ft

The last product on our list is Antarctic Star 1.6cu. Ft Wine Cooler. It’s compact size and elegant design fits into most kitchens or office countertops. The thermoelectric cooling system runs quietly and produces less noise. Your wines are safe from UV rays and free from vibration, thanks to the double pane glass and cooling system.

Some people reported that the Antarctic Star 1.6 cu.ft is the best countertop wine cooler.

The control knob is located on the outer part of the wine cooler making it easier to make adjustments without interfering with the temperature within. The door is reversible, making it suitable for both hand users. A year warranty backs this wine cooler against defects.

The removable stainless steel racks are sturdy and can hold heavy drinks without drooping. You can store more than ten bottles of wine conveniently. Plus, the control panel is easy to operate.


  • Vibration-free
  • It fits standard wine bottles.
  • Low noise
  • Removable shelves
  • Reversible door hinge


  • No digital control panel

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Countertop Wine Cooler

In this guide, we have discussed some of the things to consider when buying a countertop wine cooler.

Cooling System

Most wine coolers come with either of these two cooling systems, a compressor or a thermoelectric system, depending on the size and manufacturer’s choice. The primary difference between these two cooling systems is their noise level.

Countertop wine coolers utilize compressor technology because of its small size. Due to the different moving parts that make up a compressor system, it produces more noise.

However, wine coolers that are equipped with thermoelectric technology are vibration-free and produce less noise. They have no moving components, which make them more durable.


The size of every countertop wine cooler comes in various dimensions.

The available countertop space you have and your need will determine the size of the wine cooler you settle for. If you run a mini commercial bar, you will need a bigger one with a larger bottle storage capacity.


Countertop wine coolers are usually smaller than your regular refrigerators or freezers. They hold a limited amount of wine bottles and are not suitable for storing food items. The maximum number of drinks countertop wine coolers can hold often ranges from 20 to 30 bottles.

Temperature Range

Before buying a wine cooler, ensure the temperature range is ideal for storing a wide variety of wines, except you want one for a specific type of wine. All the products on our list come with the perfect temperature that stores both red and white wines conveniently.


Do you want a transparent glass door or a stainless steel door? Some people would want to hide their wines behind closed doors, and others would want to showcase theirs.

Ensure to settle for whichever one works for you. All the wine coolers on our list featured a transparent glass door.

What is a wine cooler?

First of all, let’s have a look at what exactly wine coolers are. A wine cooler basically serves the same purpose as an fridge does, that means it keeps something cool or cold.

It has different settings that allow cooling processes to take place starting with the lowest level which is ideal for keeping your kitchen cabinets cool and ending with the highest level which keeps your beverages extremely cold within seconds.

The amount of energy they use differs from model to model but in general they don’t need too much power anyway so using them shouldn’t cause major problems.

The reason people use wine coolers is that they want to keep their beverages cold for consumption without the need of putting them in the fridge because it wastes space and energy. Having said that, you can basically store any type of beverage inside a wine cooler including alcoholic drinks but also soft drinks, milk or juice.

Of course you need to make sure there’s enough space inside your cooler for all beverages before buying one because otherwise you’d end up doing nothing useful with it other than keeping it clean. The best place I know where you can buy cheap wine coolers is Amazon because this online shop usually has some good deals on different models which are quite affordable even for low budget users.

FAQs on best countertop wine cooler

How do I use Wine Cooler?

Now that you know what a wine cooler is and why people use it, I will now explain how to use one. The first step is to open the cooler’s door and take out all beverages you want to put inside. Make sure no bottles are touching each other because they might break due to vibrations caused by the cooling process.

If this happens your wine cooler won’t last long so be careful about this issue. Place them all on shelves or anywhere else you can find room for them but make sure none of the bottles touches another one. After taking out all beverages you can close the door again and enjoy.

Can you keep a refrigerator in the garage?

Yes, you can keep a refrigerator in the garage, but you have to read through the instruction manual for more tips on how to go about it. 

However, the refrigerator must be positioned in a cool place within the garage. This is because the temperature within the garage fluctuates with seasons, which can affect how the refrigerator works. 

What is a garage ready refrigerator?

A garage ready refrigerator is designed to run at both high and low temperature. The temperature in a garage is usually unstable, as it can get colder or hotter. A garage ready refrigerator is equipped with multiple sensors that can work under any climate conditions.


The top 7 best countertop wine coolers reviewed on this list are from trusted brands. Thus, making it hard to select the best from our list because everyone has their preferences.

However, based on the storage capacity and sleek design, NutriChef 24 Bottle Wine Cooler is our best product. We hope that this article will help you find the perfect wine cooler for your countertop.

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