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Looking for the best wine fridge wirecutter? Look no further than the Wirecutter. They tested and reviewed dozens of models to find the top performers. Whether you’re looking for a small unit to store a few bottles or a larger one to hold an entire collection, there’s sure to be a fridge that fits your needs. Read on for their recommendations, as well as our top picks from

Best Wine Fridge Wirecutter
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List of The Best Wine Fridge Wirecutter Reviews in 2022

What is a Wine Fridge?

A wine fridge is a small appliance used in homes to store and chill bottles of wine. A variety of models exist today, some more practical than others. Some are portable, while others fit conveniently under kitchen counters or inside cabinets. One popular make of wine fridge is the sort produced by Sub-Zero and Wolf in the USA.

The main task of a wine fridge is to keep wine chilled at approximately 55°F (13°C) even when the ambient temperature may be higher, such as in summer.

Many models of wine fridge use thermoelectric cooling technology which is quiet and vibration free. For others, a simple thermoelectric cooler element may suffice.

Different Types of Wine Fridge Wirecutter Available on The Market

Temperature Zones

Single zone wine cooler

A single zone wine cooler is a small space for storing one type of wine at a time. One bottle, or several bottles stored vertically, are put inside the small compartment. The temperature is adjusted to an appropriate level for that type of wine depending on its content, and that’s it. There are no frills with this style of cooler, but it is simple to set up and use.

Dual-zone wine coolers

Dual zone wine coolers are made for storing one red type of wine, and one white type of wine at the same time. This makes it convenient if you have both types at once or are using different bottles for a single event. The temperature can be adjusted on both sides, so that the right temperature is available for your needs. There are some models that have three zones, one red, one white, and one “other” which can be used to hold champagne or sparkling wines.

Multi-zone wine coolers

Multi-zone wine coolers are the most complicated style of cooler for storing wine. More than one type of wine is stored in this fridge at once. This is a luxury item, and they can get expensive. The most important thing for this style of cooler is the type of cooling system its manufacturer uses. Thermoelectric units are not very effective when compartments need to be isolated from each other. A compressor based unit with an internal fan may be a better choice for this style of cooler.

Technology Type

Compressor wine coolers

Compressor wine coolers are the most common style for commercial establishments, and they come in all shapes and sizes. The compressor used is similar to that of an air conditioner or refrigerator, but it also has a fan that blows air over coils which are cooled by the compressor on the back side. There are three main types of compressor units based on the way they are cooled. There is no point in trying to use multiple thermoelectric coolers in a single compartment, for example.

Thermoelectric wine coolers

Thermoelectric wine coolers are quiet and vibration-free because they do not have any fans. They come with different styles of storage compartments, some offering more space than others. Some models are set up for individual bottles to be stored horizontally, while some have racks that hold several bottles in different orientations. The fanless design of this style of cooler makes it a great choice for noise conscious spaces, but its drawback is the lower efficiency level compared with compressor units.


Mini wine fridges

Mini wine fridges are small appliances which make it possible to store multiple bottles at once. They are not as functional as larger wine coolers, but they can be placed on countertops and can hold several bottles of wine at a time. This style of cooler is popular with people who like the convenience of having lots of small appliances, and want more than just a bottle opener and corkscrew in their kitchen.

Large wine fridges

Large wine fridges are for people who want to make sure that there is enough space for three or more cases of wine. Some models hold several dozen bottles at once, and these appliances are meant to be permanent fixtures in commercial establishments. They can also be used at homes where parties are common, because they provide lots of storage space for the long term. These coolers may not come with any additional features other than simple temperature control, so it’s necessary to choose one based on your needs.

Tall wine fridges

Tall wine fridge wirecutter vary greatly in size depending on their capacity. Many standard size models can still accommodate larger bottles thanks to adjustable racks which allow them to fit different sized containers inside the unit. This ensures you get a lot of storage space out of a single appliance.


Freestanding wine coolers

Freestanding wine coolers are smaller, and they can be moved from one place to another if necessary. They are intended for people who want to store their wine inside the kitchen or dining room but do not have enough room on any of the counterspace available. Some models come with casters which allow them to move from one location to another without too much difficulty. It is important to keep in mind that this style of cooler may need additional maintenance because it is not secured permanently in place like built-in appliances.

Built in wine refrigerators

Built in wine refrigerators are meant for use right next to a countertop where food will be prepared and served. The appliances themselves look more like cabinets than fridges, and they come in unique styles to match different types of kitchen decor. Since they are not freestanding or built into the wall, it is necessary to provide an external power supply to ensure that they work correctly. This style is common in homes where countertop space is running out and there are nice looking surfaces available for permanent wine storage solutions.

Under counter wine fridges

Under counter wine fridges are good choices for people who want their appliances to look like furniture rather than refrigerators. They can be used inside cabinets, counters, or other spaces around the home because many models come with hidden ventilation which prevents them from looking awkward in different areas. Some freestanding units include storage space on top so they do not appear too imposing when installed between two cabinets or directly under a countertop.

Countertop wine coolers

Countertop wine coolers are specifically designed to fit on top of a counter and the appliances themselves come in upright and expanded cabinet models. They provide owners with lots of storage space at their fingertips, and they can also be used as stylish accents around the home since most models come with stainless steel finishes. If there is not enough room for a traditional refrigerator under the sink or somewhere else nearby, these small appliances can be purchased as replacements for older units which were never as functional as today’s options.

Factors to Consider Before buying The Best Wine Fridge Wirecutter


Not all wine coolers are noiseless, there are few which make noise while they are cooling down your wine. So before you buy a fridge check the noise level of it. The best wine fridge wirecutter comes with insulation which prevents any sort of sound from escaping to other parts of the house.

Since some units take several hours to fully chill wines, different types of insulation work better than others depending on how much time you will need to wait before using the appliance again. Some models come with compressors which use oil for lubrication and this can produce unwanted sound when in operation so keep an eye out for this if you want something silent enough to sleep next to.

Energy efficient

An energy efficient wine cooler is always desirable because they cost less to operate over time. Appliances which come with internal fans or compressors should be looked at closely because these additional features can make an energy efficient unit lose its edge when it comes to running costs. The best wine fridge wirecutter are silent while in operation, and they do not change the inside temperature of the room significantly while cooling down wines.

Bottle capacities

Different wine models have varying bottle capacities which depend on their size and how many bottles they feature. Wine refrigerators are available in small sizes (2 bottles), single zone (4-12 bottles), double zone (16-26 bottles), and large capacity units (30+).

Cooling zones

A single-zone cooler allows you to store wines together without worrying about changes in flavor. Wines which require different temperature control can be placed in separate zones and therefore preserved effectively. There are models which offer up to 3 cooling zones for wine storage, and you should consider how many different wines you will need to preserve before choosing a unit with this feature or one without it.


There are fridges available with reversible doors and some come with left swing only while others have right swing options. The best option depends on the location of your kitchen, where you want to install the appliance, and what type of door is easiest for your family members to use when accessing the contents.


When purchasing appliances online there are several brands worth considering because they often offer special deals around certain times of the year such as Black Friday for wine cooler, cooler and wine fridge. Some wine fridge brands are more desirable than others, however the best deal is almost always found with a reputable company such as Zephyr, WhynterAaobosi and Ivation.


With so many different types of wine refrigerators available for purchase online it can be tough to find one which fits into your budget. The biggest savings can be found on smaller models or those that do not have all the bells and whistles associated with larger units. If you need something which is easy to move around and is small enough to fit in your kitchen, make sure you choose an appliance which has been designed specifically for this purpose.

Features to add

Some fridges come with added features such as locks or doors made from glass, these extra features can make it easier to find a bottle of wine if you have limited space in your kitchen.

Choosing A Unit Based On Size And Capacity

A large storage capacity is always best when considering what type of wine cooler you will want for your home. Some people only drink a few different kinds of wine, however others enjoy having many bottles available to choose from during different social gatherings or dinners with friends and family. The best way to determine the ideal size which will fit into your kitchen is choosing one that can hold at least twice as many bottles than what you initially think you may need.

The Pros and Cons of Wine Fridge Wirecutter


  • Having the ability to preserve the wine in room temperature is a great advantage when it comes to storage. It can be difficult to find an area of your home which has the correct humidity and light exposure needed for wines, so being able to keep your bottles inside a dedicated refrigerator can help you maintain quality while saving space at the same time.
  • Temperature control is another huge benefit because some wines do better when stored at lower temperatures while others are perfectly fine when kept warmer. Models are available with adjustable shelves that allow you to get the most out of every bottle you store, regardless of its design or vintage year.
  • You can easily access all your favorite wines whenever you want them without having to move bottles around or open up several different containers. The expert storage design of a wine fridge allows you to pull out your favorite bottle and enjoy it in the comfort of your own home without worrying about oxidation or leaky corks.
  • Having a unit which is versatile and easy to use can also benefit people who tend to entertain often, allowing them to place bottles on display while still keeping them fresh for whenever they are needed.


  • Fridges designed for wine storage may be more expensive than other types available for purchase because an advanced cooling system has been added into their design. You should always consider how many bottles you want to store before making this investment, as small models might not be big enough if you have a large collection at home.
  • Wine fridges can sometimes be large and bulky, especially if they have been designed to handle more than one bottle at a time. Some models may also come with exterior designs which take up a lot of space and could make it difficult for you to place them in smaller kitchens.
  • The small size and convenience of some fridges can limit the variety of wines you can store without sacrificing quality. You should always read reviews or do research online before choosing an appliance because different models come with slightly different storage capabilities which affect how many bottles you can keep inside at once.

Some may find that a wine fridge works well in a smaller space, if it needed to be moved around. Other possible benefits of owning a wine fridge wirecutter include the temperature control and adjustable shelving options. On the other hand, some consumers stated they must make sure their wine bottles will fit inside the unit before purchasing it due to all different shapes and sizes. In general, most individuals prefer using a wine cooler instead of an icebox because their wines are kept at optimal temperatures for preserving them better over time.

Proper Wine Temperature

FAQs About Wine Fridge Wirecutter

How often should a wine fridge be cleaned?

A: Wine fridges should be handled with a certain level of care and attention to ensure everything is kept in its place. If you find that you have been neglecting your appliance because it has developed an unpleasant odor or other strange smells, then it’s time to do a thorough cleaning. You can clean the inside of your machine by removing all the bottles and taking out any removable parts such as glass shelves which could come into contact with mold or bacteria while they are not being used.

After this process is finished, run some water through the unit until all the surfaces have been rinsed off. Then dry them using a soft cloth before replacing your bottles back where they were originally stored. It is also possible that you could leave the door open for an hour or so after turning off your machine to help dry out any humidity which has built up around its components.

What is wine fridge noise?

A: Several factors can count as noisy when it comes to owning a wine fridge, such as how much heat they release with their cooling system and whether or not they vibrate against the floor. If you find yours is shaking slightly too loudly whenever it runs, then there are ways of reducing this by putting some object underneath it which raises it off the surface.

You might consider placing a few bricks on top of a heavy blanket and then placing the appliance on top of them before closing its doors back into place. It’s also common for machines to make some noises during the first few minutes of use, however this should quickly subside as long as everything is set up properly.

What are wine cooler shelving options?

A: A common type of shelving unit found in wine fridges allows users to adjust the area where they place their wines based on how many bottles have been stored within it. It usually rotates around its axis so you can either choose to move all the spaces closer together or further apart if necessary.

Other models may come with fixed shelves that are not adjustable at all, which is much less convenient for anyone who wants to keep large formats inside without struggling to find room for them due to other shapes being too large. If you regularly buy larger sized alcohol containers, then you should definitely consider this before making your final selection.

What are the benefits of a wine fridge?

A: Wine fridges allow people to keep their alcohol fresh for much longer than by just placing them inside regular cabinets which are not cooled. Their adjustable temperature settings can be set between 54-66 degrees Fahrenheit, or 12-19 degrees Celsius depending on what type of wines you plan on storing in it on a regular basis.

Some units may come with interior lights that turn on whenever the doors are opened, which helps users locate their desired types more easily without having to use any sort of flashlight. Finally, some appliances give off cool mist vapor on their exterior walls to prevent warm air from accumulating near anything stored inside it during hot weather seasons.

What is a wine fridge made of?

A: Wine fridges are usually built from wood or plastic, although metal can sometimes be used depending on the level of quality desired. The former materials have been found to give off a greater amount of humidity when they get too close to wines stored inside it, while the latter type has been discovered to not cause any additional moisture whatsoever.

In most cases, you should choose an appliance that gives off as little excess humidity as possible since this will help preserve your bottles by making them less likely to absorb water vapor instead of alcohol if their levels rise too high. This is especially important if you want to keep older containers inside your machine since they may require higher temperatures in order for them to remain drinkable.

What are the best types of wine fridges?

A: The most popular type available has been known to be single zone units. These can keep wines at a steady temperature without them ever getting too hot or cold, which is perfect for anyone who wants to store their bottles in an environment where they will remain at peak quality without any risk of degradation.

Another type of appliance that has become increasingly popular is the dual zone unit, which is similar to single zone devices but can actually switch between two different temperature levels depending on what you’re trying to store inside it. One compartment will be kept a bit cooler for whites, while another side can be used to keep reds at their ideal level even if the room where your best wine fridge wirecutter is located fluctuates a lot.

What’s a good wine cooler size?

A: This type of appliance can be purchased in a number of sizes ranging from small to very large, although how much space you have available for bottles will usually determine which one you should get.

If you only want to store less than 20 bottles at a time, then you will be able to find one that’s extremely affordable and doesn’t take up too much space. However, if your collection starts growing larger than this it may be wise to invest in larger units so you aren’t constantly struggling to find places for all of your containers.

How should I store my wine in a wine fridge?

A: Most users will place their bottles on the shelves which can be adjusted to meet your height requirements. However, some people may choose to stand them up rather than putting them inside this type of appliance so they don’t take up more room than necessary. This is only recommended if you have enough ceiling space and lighting in your wine fridge, though.

A decent amount of light is necessary when you want to maintain humidity by preventing bottles from absorbing unwanted moisture. If your appliances don’t come with any illumination it’s recommended that they be placed in rooms where they can see enough sunlight whenever possible. This helps preserve their contents by making sure the machines don’t produce too much humidity and promotes proper aging thanks to the way direct light can help bottles develop their ideal flavors.


The best wine fridge wirecutter pick is the Vinotemp VT-27. We recommend this option for its compact design, solid cooling performance, and low price point. It won’t take up a lot of space in your home or office and it will keep your wines at an ideal temperature without costing you much money to do so. If you’re looking for a great wine fridge that doesn’t cost too much then we would definitely suggest getting the Vinotemp VT-27!

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