Best Cooler Wirecutter – Reviews, and Buying Guide

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Best Cooler Wirecutter – AI Reviews, and Buying Guide

Looking for the best cooler wirecutter? Look no further than the Wirecutter. They’ve tested and reviewed all the top-rated models to help you choose the right one for your needs. Whether you need a large cooler for camping or a small cooler for daily use, they have something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Check out their recommendations and find your perfect cooler wirecutter today!

Best Cooler Wirecutter
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What do You Cooler Used for?

Coolers are not only for holding food and drinks at picnics, they can also be used for many purposes;

  • A cooler is great to take camping with you because it can keep your food fresh during the trip.
  • If needed, a cooler is perfect for keeping its contents cold during an emergency situation.
  • A cooler is useful for keeping its contents cold during the hot summer months.
  • A cooler can be used to keep items cool during a trip to the beach or lake side.
  • One of the most common uses for a cooler is transporting food and drinks for parties, picnics, camping trips, etc…

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List of The Best Cooler Wirecutter in 2022

This product has received countless reviews from customers who love how tough this item is and like the lifetime warranty it comes with. People report buying multiple units to use as gift items and also to store extra food and beverages which they don’t want to go bad by having them spoil at home without being able to eat all of it before it goes stale.

What is a cooler?

A cooler is a device used to keep items cold. It’s main purpose is to cool the items inside it. The first coolers were made of ice and wood by Native Americans, but now they are manufactured with such materials such as styrofoam (a kind of plastic). Some people also use a bag or bucket filled with ice and water. Today, coolers are used for a variety of reasons from transporting fresh food from the store or market to home, to bringing items to parties and outings with friends.

Most Common Types of Coolers:

1. Soft-sided coolers

2. Hard plastic coolers

3. Metal Cooler

Hardshell Roto-Molded Coolers:

How is a cooler made?

When you think of a ‘cooler’, more than likely you’re thinking about the more common kind that people use for transporting food and drinks on picnics and outings. The traditional cooler is made from a heavy polyethylene plastic with insulation inside it to make items stay colder for an extended period of time.

In order to make these types, manufacturers start by blending the ingredients together in a large container where they are put into a machine that mixes them up and spits out jets of fluid that press the mixture into forms. They are then ‘blown up’ like a balloon before having their top and bottom cut off to make the flat rectangle shape that they have.

After this, a piece of insulation is folded around each side, where a plastic sheet goes over one end and a metal strip covers the other end with holes punched in it for air flow. The process by which these items are made allows for them to be carefully checked for cracks or damages that may have occurred during any point in production so as not to allow faulty units out onto the market.

Soft-sided coolers:

These products generally contain less insulation than those best soft cooler wirecutter listed above but can still keep items cold for extended periods of time because they have been manufactured from materials such as rotational molded plastic.

This enables them to be lighter than some of the other options while still being able to preserve the cold contents within it by having insulation inside of it. Like some of their counterparts, these items are ‘blown up’ like a balloon before having cut off at the top and bottom to form flat pieces which are then folded around each side with a piece of insulation that’s been rolled into it.

The end result is similar to that of the hard coolers in that they have air holes punched through one side before being sealed shut with a metal strip at one end and a plastic sheet covering the other end containing its opening.

Some Benefits of Cooler Wirecutter for Owning or Going on a Picnic or Outing:

1. You can use it as an ice-chest if you’re going to the park, beach or on a picnic.

2. You can also use it as an ice-cooler while hunting, fishing, camping etc…

3. Also great for bringing drinks and snacks along with you when travelling long distances because they are easy to carry around in your car trunk or back seat.

4. Another great use is that it can be brought along with you during hikes because they are easier to carry than other items which have been used in the past for this purpose such as milk crates or large boxes .

5. When using these products for picnics or other outings, people generally prefer them over other things that have been used in the past to place food into such as a cardboard box or bucket because they can still retain coldness for a longer period of time.

The Basic Difference Between the Types of Coolers:

1. Soft-sided coolers are lighter and more portable than traditional coolers which have been made from harder materials such as rotational molded plastic.

2. Soft sided coolers also cost less money to purchase than those listed above do.

3. Hardshell Roto-Molded Coolers, even though a bit more expensive, can keep their contents colder for a longer period of time because they have been manufactured with denser insulation that is placed inside of them to keep items cold on its own before being added to the cooler itself which will help prolong the length of time in which it can be used.

4. Hardshell models are also usually stronger than soft-sided coolers because they have more of a durable outer shell that is resistant to tears and punctures which means that they won’t crack or become damaged as easily as those manufactured with lighter materials like rotational molded plastic.

5. Roto-molded models come in various sizes, shapes, colors and capacities whereas soft sided coolers only come in some standard sizes before having the insulation inside of them flattened out before being placed inside of its exterior shell which is then rolled up into place around each end. Because of this, hardshells will almost always be able to fit more things inside of them than their counterparts who may not accommodate larger items as well as those who have been manufactured from harder materials.

6. Hard-sided coolers are also less likely to be punctured by sharp objects because they have a denser outer shell than those which have been made with lighter, more flexible materials such as rotational molded plastic.

7. Hardshell coolers will often cost more money to own over time because they have a longer life expectancy and do not need to be replaced as frequently because of their ability to retain coldness for an extended period of time during use compared to soft-sided models will usually only last around 1 or 2 years depending on how much you use it before it begins having problems like cracking during the middle of ice packs being placed inside of it to keep items.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Best Cooler Wirecutter

1. What will you use it for? Do you plan on using the cooler only on outings, or do you also need it to keep items like drinks and food cold while inside of your home?

2. How much money are you willing to spend on this product? Are there any discounts or coupons available for this item?

3. What type of insulation does the best coolers have within them? Is rotational molded plastic used as the main type of insulation, or is non-toxic PVC foam instead chosen before temperatures are regulated inside of each one depending on what its contents are (this will determine how long it takes ice packs to melt)?

4. Are there handles or wheels that can be found attached to your new cooler?

5. Are there any extra features that you would like to be included with your cooler such as a bottle opener, wheels, cup holders or even a drain plug which allows for excess water to escape from inside during the cleaning process?

6. What size is best for what you plan on using it for? Will a large one be too big or cumbersome to carry around with you? Will a small one fit enough of your belongings into it, especially if you need to keep ice packs inside as well as water bottles and other items such as food?

7. How much weight can the best cooler wirecutter handle without sinking too low into the ground underneath its own weight while being carried along during outdoor situations like camping or hunting trips where there may not be a lot of people present who can help out by carrying some of its heavier contents for you because it is too heavy and bulky to lift alone?

8. If wheels are included, will they be able to easily roll over rugged terrain that has rocks and other sharp objects which could puncture or rip through of lighter materials found within each one?

9. Is it possible to wash this wirecutter cooler off after use without having to worry about moisture seeping inside of its lining where food is kept because the gasket around the rim has become stressed or warped over time due to heavy duty cleaning with too much pressure that could cause each hook and loop fastener which holds each part of it together to come apart at different angles?

10. How long do ice packs last within this cooler for keeping items cold? Will water bottles be able to remain moist during their time spent inside of its interior before your next outing begins later on in the day or night depending on when you put them in so they can start working their magic on the contents inside right away?

11. How quickly does it take to chill items down once they have already been placed inside of it?

12. Is this model durable enough not to be crushed during transportation with other items being carried around at the same time because smaller sized coolers will often get damaged if a lot of weight is put on top of them before they can be unloaded from a vehicle or camper?

The Pros and Cons of the Best Cooler Wirecutter

1. Foldable handles make it easier to move the cooler around from place to place without worrying about it taking up too much space.

2. Ice packs can be arranged however each person who uses this best cooler wirecutter prefers before items are placed inside of its interior and then zipped closed afterwards so that nothing falls out by accident during transportation or while being stored away at home for another day.

3. Drain plug is included as a standard feature with this model because not all people like lifting heavy things in order to pour their contents into another container after they have melted and may no longer be useful for helping keep food cold if ice packs were originally put inside of it first before placing other items on top of those two layers where they will remain cool and safe to eat even if they were not refrigerated before being left out in the hot sun.

4. Comes with a bottle opener hook on its side which makes it easier when you have your hands full of other things and do not want to lay this wirecutter cooler down somewhere where dirt, sand or grass may penetrate through cracks in its seams and cause your items inside to become unprotected from germs and bacteria that can be transferred between outside elements and wrapped around food products in order to make them unsafe for human consumption.

5. Durable handle is made from stainless steel, so it will never rust over time when placed next to water because the salt found in most oceans and seas can erode plastic materials over time if they are used too often or if they are not cleaned often enough for removing sweat and dirt which can sometimes get trapped inside of its pores if left alone to sit directly on top of the material.

6. Zippers slide smoothly over time without needing lubricant because it will freeze up, stick or break if regular maintenance is not performed during colder weather months in order to make sure there are no problems with opening and closing it easily when its contents need to be accessed for future use.

7. Mesh pockets are located at the sides so you do not have to tip this wirecutter cooler upside down whenever you want an ice pack that has rolled underneath everything else due to static electricity which always seems to pull things towards each other whenever they are placed close together after being purchased from a store shelf or left in a warehouse that is not temperature controlled.

8. Solid base offers support so this object can be used as a seat when it is placed next to gravel, sand or grass because there are times when you want to sit down away from home with nothing nearby but open space where rocks and sticks could puncture the bottom of your feet if you were wearing shoes that do not give them enough protection.

9. Lid can be shut all the way to make sure everything fits inside of it because this product is designed to hold its shape even when empty, so you need to pull both sides of it together in order to make sure there are no gaps between each wall on the outside where heat can escape during warmer seasons if items are placed inside without an ice pack first.

10. Comes with a built-in bottle opener on top of its lid which lets you crack open cold beers easily after long days at work or play without worrying about losing your grip and dropping it accidentally onto hard surfaces like asphalt or concrete.

11. Tough material prevents tears from puncturing the safety of the items you place inside of its interior by accident because it is made from safety mesh unlike some other products which offer no protection to their contents if they are punctured through.

12. Comes with a limited lifetime warranty which may be voided if zippers are not closed properly or if this product is damaged due to negligent care of the user who has placed items inside of it that were sharp, heavy or large enough to cause damage online without being able to pick up and feel for themselves what the limitations are of the durability offered through this brand’s reputation for making good quality products affordable for people on all budgets.

13. Waterproof coating helps protect items at risk of spilling over into another section because sometimes lids can fall off during transport due to being unstable or being turned upside down unexpectedly after being placed on the roof of a vehicle during transport.

14. Compact design makes it portable so you can take it with you when you need to have food with you even if your car runs out of gas along the way, because who wants to go hungry when there is no convenience store nearby that has the same quality of food inside of it?

15. Colorful designs attract children to touch it and play with its contents because sometimes you need to get their attention quickly when they are about to do something dangerous like standing too close to a busy street or touching the electrical socket inside your kitchen where water and juice mix and flow together down and around wires.

Wirecutter Cooler FAQs

Q: What can I use this for?

A: Designed to keep food and beverages cold that you want to access easily without having to bend down or tip over its contents when they need to be accessed.

Q: Can this item hold drinks if I place them sideways?

A: No, it is designed to hold foods where liquids can flow together which is not recommended by manufacturers of whisks, salad spinners or blenders because liquids mixed with each other cause problems when trying to remove all traces from these objects once dry.

Q: How long will the ice stay frozen inside of it during warmer months?

A: You need a few hours in a freezer before you put it back in here order for everything placed inside of it to be cold enough to last up to 5 hours without having to add more ice.

Q: If I were to puncture this through with a knife, would it still hold its shape?

A: Yes, even if you cut through the stitching it still holds into place and does not let liquids escape from within.

Q: There are no handles on this item. How do I carry it?

A: This is designed for people who have cars or whose hands are strong enough that they can pick up heavy loads without worrying about breaking their backs or being unable to grip things tightly because of weak tendons in their hands.

Q: What colors are available?

A: Depends on the model ordered so the best way to tell is to go to a store and look at the model they have on display there.


The best coolers Wirecutter recommends are those that will keep your food and drinks cold for the longest amount of time while taking up the least amount of space. We’ve highlighted some of their top picks, but you can read their full review to see which one is best for you.

No matter which cooler wirecutter you choose, make sure to follow the tips we shared about packing and storing your food so it stays fresh on your next outdoor adventure.

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