LG vs Samsung Refrigerator – Which is Better?

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LG VS Samsung refrigerator – Which is better? If you are looking for a refrigerator that is reasonably priced, has a better cooling capacity, and saves electricity; the Samsung refrigerator is a brilliant choice for you.

With a slightly higher price than Samsung, LG refrigerators have many excellent advantages, such as low power consumption, large capacity, with many advanced technologies and features.

lg vs samsung fridge
lg vs samsung fridge

Comparison of Identical Models: Samsung vs LG Refrigerator Reviews

Samsung and LG are two names that are too familiar to consumers. These two brands have strengths when the products of refrigerators and two models of LG 2-door refrigerators, GN-D255BL and Samsung RT29K5532BY/SV, are both impressive. Which is better, LG or Samsung refrigerator?

Design of Refrigerators: LG VS Samsung Refrigerator

First, let’s compare the design to see what’s special about the two products! The outside appearance also affects the aesthetic of your kitchen space, so this will be a vital point you should pay attention to.

With a fairly basic design with two doors equivalent to two compartments, the LG GN-D255BL refrigerator brings familiarity to the upper freezer compartment. It is also a basic design that customers like. In this cabinet, you will see a unique gray color. In particular, the cabinet has a convenient foreign tray arrangement.

The design in the Samsung RT29K5532BY/SV refrigerator is not much different from the above model. The product also has two doors and has a hidden handle designed on the front. This cabinet has an impressive black mirror surface. And the outside of the wing is arranged with a touch panel. It is a unique point that makes it easy for users to control.

Features of Refrigerators: LG VS Samsung Fridge

It is a useful point to help users use it effectively. In terms of current or technology, these two cabinets have similarities and some differences. It comes with inverter technology to save electricity effectively.

LG 2-door refrigerator GN-D255BL:

  • Multi-directional cooling technology with one indoor unit in the freezer compartment can effectively distribute to many locations.
  • This LG inverter refrigerator can deodorize, comprehensively antibacterial with Nano Carbon technology.
  • Improved cooling capacity at the door position thanks to Door Cooling technology, helping to preserve food well.
  • Fix errors and problems quickly with Smart Diagnosis, limiting potential risks.

Samsung refrigerator RT29K5532BY/SV:

  • The technology of two separate indoor units (Twin Cooling Plus) cools the efficiency faster and more accurately.
  • This Samsung inverter refrigerator has five flexible switching modes allowing you to use it flexibly.
  • The unique Cool Pack thermal pad can maintain cooling for about 12 hours, cooling for eight hours.
  • Convenient with a portable icebox, rotate to get ice, limit odors, can increase the storage area inside when needed.

Advantages and Disadvantages


Comparing LG VS Samsung fridge in terms of cabinet capacity of both brands is diverse. To meet the maximum needs of every customer, both brands Samsung and LG have launched many models of refrigerators with different capacities. 

However, when commenting on the capacity of each refrigerator compartment, the Samsung refrigerator is larger than the capacity of the LG cabinet. So, the refrigerator compartment will preserve more food than the LG brand.

Freezing Functions

Comparing LG VS Samsung fridge, readers can see that both cabinets come with a temperature control panel. So, the users can easily adjust the temperature for the fridge and freezer, select the mode.

The temperature limit of both these refrigerators is quite similar. The refrigerator compartment is from 1 to 7 degrees, while the freezer compartment is from -7 to -24 degrees. Users can conveniently adjust it with the control panel or a change button separately for each compartment.

Samsung refrigerators come with cooling technology with multi-directional cold air flow combined with air supply ports. It helps cold air to be distributed to every corner to keep your food fresh.

LG refrigerator model comes with multi-dimensional cooling technology. Cold air can spread to all compartments, and food is quickly cooled. Both LG and Samsung’s cooling technologies are very optimized, efficient, and help save maximum energy costs.


Price is a crucial factor, but before choosing. It is the most concerning issue. As for LG or Samsung, the price for the products is moderate, mid-range, and there are many cheap products. With these two cabinets, we do not notice the difference is too large and very suitable.

LG refrigerator GN-D255BL has a master capacity of 255 liters and a two-door LG refrigerator GN-D255BL is being sold at $323. With such a price, we will meet many households.

Samsung two-door refrigerator RT29K5532BY/SV has a better capacity with a capacity of 300 liters. The price is also cheaper, at about $315. The difference is not too big. It also has a 24 month warranty period.


To evaluate whether the LG refrigerator is good, it is unnecessary to pay attention to the production technology used. The LG refrigerator product line uses several outstanding technologies. The first is the exclusive Door Cooling and TM technology that creates cold air flows from the door of the cabinet to help ensure easier cooling of food near the door.

Not only that, some LG models have inverter technology that can save electricity effectively and operate smoothly. LG refrigerator’s indirect cooling technology helps to cool with multi-directional cold air, popular on the market today.

Samsung inverter refrigerators help save electricity, but this technology of Samsung is not as impressive as Sharp refrigerators (with over 36-speed levels).

Which Refrigerator Is Best – LG or Samsung?

Which is better, LG or Samsung refrigerator? Through comparing LG VS Samsung refrigerators, you have been able to draw some reviews of these two refrigerator product lines. If you are looking for a refrigerator with a reasonable price but still possessing many cooling features and outstanding power-saving capabilities, Samsung refrigerators are the number one choice for them.

With a slightly higher cost, LG refrigerators possess many outstanding features, such as low power consumption, many modern technologies, and outstanding features, long-term durability.

Both Samsung and LG refrigerators are good. The quality and performance are quite similar. Depending on each need and financial condition, customers can make the right choice for themselves.


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LG vs Samsung Refrigerator FAQS

What is the difference between a Side-by-Side and an French Door Front Loading?

A: The biggest difference between side by side and french door front loading models is in the freezer, which cannot be accessed from outside of the refrigerator. Side-by-side models typically offer more storage space than other refrigerators because they have two evenly sized doors, rather than one that swings open like a door on a cabinet.

French door top loaders have smaller freezer compartments and can be accessed from outside of the refrigerator, which makes them easy to access frequently used items. French Door bottom loaders are generally less expensive than side by side models and their front-facing freezer compartment is easier to access but may take up slightly more floor space.

How much does a built-in refrigerator cost?

A: A built in refrigerator will be considerably more expensive than its freestanding counter top or stand alone counterpart, with price tags typically running $3000 to $4000 for the unit itself and installation prices running upwards of another $500. Built in models tend to be pricier because they are designed for custom installations that require expert assistance and additional construction work.

Many people find that buying a made to order, customized refrigerator rather than trying to find one that fits into an existing kitchen or standing next to other appliances is well worth the extra cost, especially when considering resale value if you decide to move locations. For those who need their fridge to fit into an existing space, there are models available that can be built in without having to make structural changes to the surrounding area.

What is a counter depth refrigerator?

A: If you have limited space but still want all of the features of your ideal refrigerator, the counter depth option offers many advantages over standard full size refrigerators. Counter depth models typically cost more than their traditional counterparts due to their smaller footprints and high-end finishes meant to coordinate with modern kitchen décor.

Surprisingly, most counter depth fridges can hold up to 300 bottles in their door racks and offer plenty of storage room in their separate freezer compartments. Rather than standing around 38 inches tall like most standard sized units, counter depth versions come in at about 33 inches tall and blend seamlessly into kitchen countertops.

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The new LG vs Samsung Refrigerator decision is not an easy one. We’ve seen the benefits of each appliance and hope this blog post has helped you decide which model would be best for your family’s needs.

If you’re still undecided, we recommend taking a few days to think about what’s most important to you in your next refrigerator purchase – energy efficiency? value? design? All three are high quality products that will last through years of heavy use, so don’t feel bad if it takes some time before deciding on the perfect fit!

Which product did you choose-LG or Samsung-in our comparison article today? Let us know by commenting above!

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