How to Store Wine without a Wine Fridge?

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When you are offered good bottles of wine, you do not always have to consume them straight away. Some open it at the next meal because they do not have wine cellars. Indeed, not owning a cellar can be a problem when you want to keep a good bottle of wine. So, how to store wine without a wine fridge?

Its flavors will develop even more over time if you keep it as much as possible. Excellent wine is a well-preserved wine. We will reveal to you through this file the good conditions to keep your wine.

How to Store Wine without a Wine Fridge

How To Store Wine Without a Cellar or Wine Fridge?

1). Storage temperature

How to store wine without a cellar? The first factor in keeping wine is temperature. The temperature must be constant without sudden variations. It must also be moderate between 10°C and 14°C. Low temperatures will pause down the wine maturing process and prevent the growth of wine aromas.

Otherwise, too high temperatures will, on the contrary, speed up the aging of the wine. The wine will not have time to develop its aromas and taste qualities naturally.

You will need to opt for a location that is not influenced by the outside temperature, especially during the changing seasons. Then, you can maintain between 10°C and 14°C. Be careful not to store your bottles near a heat source (heating, hotplates, microwave oven, etc.)

2). Protect wine bottles from light

Besides temperatures that are too low and temperatures too high, wine has another enemy: light. Indeed, UV rays degrade the wine and its taste. For this reason, wine bottles, especially red wine bottles, are tinted.

But the tint of the glass is not enough to protect the wine! You should store your wine bottles away from any source of light, preferably in a specialized cupboard such as a wine cabinet or an apartment wine cellar, or in a dark room such as your garage.

3). Humidity

The conservation of wine also requires special humidity conditions. For your wine to be stored optimally, the hygrometry (humidity level) must be between 55% and 77%. If you do not have any measurement tool to measure humidity, trust your senses. Wine, like humans, prefers an environment that is neither too dry nor too humid.

4). The position of the bottles

The wine cellar is practical because it allows you to store your bottles in a horizontal position. Indeed, laying down your bottles of wine is strongly ideal, especially for long-term storage. It is because the cork will thus remain in contact with the wine and will avoid drying out.

If the cork becomes too dry, it will no longer be impermeable to air and your wine will risk oxidizing, thus degrading its taste qualities.

Alongside these good practices, you should not make the following mistakes:

  • Store your bottles next to products with a strong odor.
  • Store your bottles in a place sensitive to vibrations, like the room next to the tumble dryer, or the one with the window facing the train tracks.
  • Store your wine bottles in a place where there is traffic. It will be extremely challenging to keep storage conditions consistently.

Ultra-Simple Tips for Storing Wine Without a Cellar or Wine Fridge

How to Store Wine without a Wine Fridge
How to Store Wine without a Wine Fridge

a. Keep it in a room with an appropriate temperature

To avoid premature aging of your wine bottles, we recommend you keep them in a place with a constant temperature. Indeed, the wine does not withstand sudden temperature changes well.

How to store wine without a cellar? Please choose the coolest place in your apartment (garage, storeroom) knowing that the recommended temperature is around 13°C.

b. Avoid light

To prevent your bottles from degrading because of UV rays, be careful not to expose them to too much light. We recommend our readers store them in the dark to reduce the oxidation speed.

c. Laying down the bottles

Remember to place the bottles horizontally all the time. Storing them lying down allows the cork stopper to keep its elasticity and thus prevents air from entering the bottle.

Store Wine without a Wine Fridge FAQs

How to Store Wine without a Wine Fridge
  1. How to prepare your bottles to keep them without a wine cellar?

Once you have found a place to store your wine bottles, do not forget to prepare your bottles for optimal conservation. Here are some tips:

  • Store your bottles in cardboard boxes or, failing that, rolled up in newspapers. They will insulate the heat.
  • Lay your bottles down
  • Regularly replace the cork by putting your bottle of wine back in again.
  • Finally, you are now ready to store your wine in your home without buying any cellar.

2. Where to keep your wine when you do not have any wine cooler/cellar?

To keep your bottles of wine if you do not have a wine cellar, you have the choice between several options:

  • The refrigerator: this option is perfect for wines intended for immediate consumption or opened wines. Do not forget to take the bottle of wine out of the fridge a few hours before serving so that it has time to reach its ideal drinking temperature.
  • The garage: we will see why wine must be stored away from light and at low temperature. The garage often provides the ideal conditions for storing your wine!
  • A separate room: it is also possible to set up a small room or a cupboard, especially for storing wine, respecting the ideal storage conditions that we will see later.

3. What to replace a wine cellar with?

If you do not have a wine cellar, you can still invest in an apartment wine cellar. There are several models. Most of them are adjustable to configure the best possible storage conditions, whether your wine is a bottle of red wine or a glass of white wine.

4. What are the ideal conditions for storing wine without a wine cellar?

A wine cellar or not, the main thing is to respect the ideal wine storage conditions so that your wine ages well.


While it’s ideal to store wine in a wine fridge, there are other ways to keep your bottles chilled and safe from harmful bacteria. By following these simple tips, you can ensure that you always have a cold glass of vino on hand, no matter what the occasion. Have you tried any of these methods for storing wine? Let us know in the comments!

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