What is the Difference between Counter Depth Vs Standard Depth Refrigerators?

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Most stay-home mothers know about the counter-depth and the standard-depth refrigerator. Both options can offer a beneficial impact on food storage. All come in many styles and offer amazing functions and innovations.

Difference between Counter Depth Vs Standard Depth Refrigerators
counter depth vs standard depth

The crucial opposite between a counter depth refrigerator VS standard depth refrigerator is the depth of the device. So, the housewives must pick the option that can match the kitchen cabinetry perfectly. This article will compare counter depth VS standard depth refrigerators to give you the most correct information.

Difference Between Counter Depth Vs Standard Depth Refrigerators?

The best-selling fridge types in many countries are the competition between counter depth refrigerator VS standard depth refrigerator. We have spent so much time comparing many counter depth VS standard depth refrigerators, brands, and some functional models.

The area where you place your refrigerator will affect your buying decision and also the design/look you are aiming to achieve. What is the difference between counter depth and standard depth refrigerators? Here, let’s explore all differences between a counter depth refrigerator VS standard depth refrigerator.

What is standard depth vs counter depth?

Counter-Depth Refrigerators

Counter Depth Vs Standard Depth Refrigerator
Counter Depth Refrigerators

A counter-depth fridge offers a compact and convenient design for limited kitchen space. There are two subtypes of the counter-depth type that you can consider. They are a freestanding fridge and a built-in fridge.

Typically, the freestanding type is about 28 inches (71 cm) deep. The built-in ones are from 24 inches to 25 inches (from 61 cm to 63.5 cm) deep. They are bigger because of the shallower and spacious depth.

It is also crucial to compare the freestanding and built-in models. Built-in fridges provide a panel-finished design. It allows the customers to customize the look to match the kitchen cabinetry. Otherwise, you can opt for the freestanding one that can create a functional visual influence.

With built-in machines, you should know the below information:

  • They have a flush style that can mix perfectly with any kitchen cabinetry.
  • They have an expensive price that costs two to three times compared with the freestanding fridge.
  • They can save your kitchen space effectively.
  • However, you may need custom cabinetry and hire a professional team for set-up and installation.

For our main comparisons, most standard fridges are about 30 inches (72 cm) deep. They are sometimes from 35 inches to 36 inches (89-91 cm) with doors and handles. The traditional machine can protrude at least 6 inches (15 cm) from the edge of counters in some spaces.

Many stay-home wives figure out that the counter-depth ones have a sleeker and more modern design. On the market, unfortunately, Whirlpool does not introduce any built-in refrigerator model.

One of the chief advantages of a counter-depth machine is that the unit can line up closely with the end of the cabinets. It is beneficial if you are looking for a harmonious integrated look. We have listed some statements about the pros of counter-depth ones:

  • They have more space to open the doors than standard depth types. So, users do not need to bump into any item in front of the unit.
  • They also offer more space for fast movement of people in the kitchen.
  • A shallower depth will help you access the food inside the refrigerator easier.
  • Whether you have a wide or small space, the unique design will work for both extremely well.

Standard-Depth Refrigerators

Counter Depth Vs Standard Depth Refrigerator
Standard Depth Refrigerators

This type has another name that is a full-depth unit. Standard-depth fridges are about 32 to 36 inches (from 89 to 91 cm) deep, including doors and handles. You must always check to see if extra depth would not affect any circulation in your kitchen negatively.

Standard-depth machines take up more space than counter-depth ones. As mentioned above, running from 35 to 36-inches deep when you are aware of the doors and handles is torturing. This extra depth comes with more space for the leftovers. It also takes up additional room in your kitchen and limits your ability to swing.

The extra depth can be an actual problem if you have a small space. It is because your refrigerator will come with eating surrounding countertops and cabinetry. Since a standard-depth fridge is more popular than the counter-depth option, you will most likely discover an excellent choice of colors, finishes, and styles. It is you always shop around and then map out your designed culinary space.

The advantages of a standard depth fridge are:

  • It is the cheapest choice that you have: Here, you can pay extra money for many high-end features of any innovative model later. But if you have a rich budget, Standard Depth might be the best choice for you.
  • They offer more capacity: People can take advantage of ample storage space if your kitchen is wide enough.

Style Counter Depth Refrigerator vs Standard Options

Counter and standard depth options are available on the global market. They can come in the same configuration styles:

French Doors

French-door choices come with two doors above a freezer drawer. The doors will reveal a spacious interior. A French door fridge requires smaller space to open than a single door fridge. This function makes them become an attractive option for smaller areas.

Top Freezer

A normal freezer refrigerator has the most traditional style. It comes with a top freezer and a bottom refrigerator. Based on the functional design, you can open the fridge and freezer doors from the right or the left.


Bottom freezer refrigerators have a refrigerator on top and a drawer or door below. They are like the French door models. The only unique feature is that they only have one door but two. The door can open from both sides: the right or from the left. It depends on the model chosen. If you buy a single-door fridge, please make sure you have the gat or pate to open the door.

The above information is about counter depth VS standard depth refrigerators. We hope that you know which is the most perfect choice for your kitchen. Please let us know if you have any misunderstanding!

Why is counter depth more expensive standard depth?

For sure, very few people are aware of the price difference between counter depth refrigerators and regular refrigerators. When you go shopping for a refrigerator, you always think two things: size and the type of features the refrigerator has.

Before you buy your next refrigerator or before deciding to replace your old refrigerator with a new one, it is important that you understand the difference between counter depth refrigerators and standard depth refrigerators. Why? It’s because a counter depth refrigerator is much more expensive than a regular refrigerator, a good reason why it is important for you to know why before making your final decision.

Counter Depth Refrigerator vs Standard Depth Refrigerator

A counter depth refrigerator is one type of refrigerator that comes with additional features to give you the best experience. The counter depth refrigerators are generally 8-11 inches deeper than standard refrigerators which makes it perfect for those looking for additional storage space or under-counter kitchen organization. Counter depth refrigerators look sleek and stylish; most refrigerators with this feature come in dark colors, stainless steel or black.

Counter depth refrigerators offer additional storage space making it a great choice for those who plan to upgrade their kitchen appliances. Since counter depth refrigerators are more expensive than standard refrigerator, the question is why is a counter depth refrigerator more expensive?

More Storage Space

Counter depth refrigerators are 8-11 inches deeper than standard refrigerators, providing you more storage space for your groceries.


Counter depth refrigerators offer sleek and stylish design which makes it perfect to put in under the counter. Most counter depth refrigerators come in dark colors, stainless steel or black making it easier for your kitchen decor.

More Features

Counter depth refrigerators come with many features such as external ice and water dispenser, internal lighting for better interior visibility, adjustable glass shelves and crisper drawers.

More Expensive

Why is a counter depth refrigerator more expensive? The main reason why any product with additional features is more expensive. Since counter depth refrigerators come in different sizes with a sleek design and more features, they are pricier than a standard fridge with the same size and design.

One of the significant reasons why most people prefer to buy a new refrigerator or replace their old one is because of the fact that it consumes too much energy. No matter what type of appliance you have at home, you always look for appliances that consume lesser energy without sacrificing its performance.

Conserving Electricity

You can save electricity by buying a counter depth refrigerator that consumes less energy because of its design and features. This is the main reason why a counter depth refrigerator is more expensive than a standard size refrigerator, with the same features and design.

There are many reasons why a counter depth refrigerator comes with additional features making it pricier than a standard refrigerator. The main reason behind the high price tag would have to be its features, designs and appearance. If you are looking for an under-counter kitchen organization, smart appliances at home as well as saving energy, then this type of refrigerators is perfect for your house.

Final on counter depth vs standard depth

Which is better for your household? The counter depth or the standard depth refrigerator? If you’re a single person living alone, maybe the counter-depth fridge would be perfect. But if you have a large family and many children who love to cook with fresh ingredients, then it may make sense to go with the standard size so they can use as much space as possible.

Weigh all of these factors before making your decision. What type of refrigerator do you currently own? Did any of our points help inform your purchase decision in either way? Let us know!

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