Top 7 The Best Whynter Wine Fridge Reviews in 2023

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Top 7 The Best Whynter Wine Fridge Reviews, Tips, Guides

Whether you are a wine lover or collector, you need the best wine refrigerator to store and chill your collections. Storing your wines at the optimal temperature is important to help preserve their taste and aroma.

But with different brands and promises flying around this space, it’s hard to determine which brand to stick with or product to bank on for your storage needs.

Whynter Wine Fridge Reviews
Whynter Wine Fridge Reviews

The Whynter is one of the few brands that has earned our trust with their reliable and high efficient appliances ranging from wine fridges to air conditioners.

Sadly, the manufacturer has a wide range of models, which can be confusing if this is your first time or you don’t know what to look out for in a wine refrigerator.

Top Rated Whynter Wine Fridge/ Coolers Amazon Compared

Why should you Invest in a Whynter?

When it comes to efficiency and quality, you want to consider Whynter.

Unique Appliances

This brand offers similar products as other manufacturers out there with some unique features to differentiate thiers from others. If you love to have a product that does not look or function like your neighbors, you want to stick with this brand. They are different from most products on the market from efficiency to aesthetics.

Energy-Star Efficiency

Whynter has always been concerned about reducing its footprint. So, if low energy consumption and superior environmental standards are a must-have, then you have found the right brand.

Great Customer Support

This is one place the brand takes pride in, and trust us when we say they don’t disappoint. With a knowledgeable base, customers are sure to get all the technical help needed to get the most out of your appliance.

Is Whynter a good brand?

This brand started in California, 2006. Although they are a small, growing company, they have several high-grade and top refrigerators in this space. They stand their products and retail at affordable prices. Getting good value for your money, Whynter models are a decent go-to. Impressive quality control, good customer services, and reliable performance – are major highlights of this brand.

What are the product lines of Whynter?

This brand is no joke and has a top-of-the-class product for every class, from upright freezers to beverage refrigerators, refrigerator and freezer, cigar humidor refrigeration, wine, and cheese center, freestanding wine coolers, ice makers, and many more.

Whynter Wine Fridge Reviews: How to Choose The Best Product

Cooling system

The best Whynter wine refrigerator for you should be equipped with high quality, durable cooling system. Basically, there are two options – compressor and thermoelectric cooling technology. The thermoelectric cooling system is suitable for smaller wine coolers. However, both cooling systems are suitable for noise-free and low vibration cooling performance.


Whynter wine refrigerators come in different storage, sizes, and finishes. You should pick one that suits your internal decor and offers enough capacity to hold your entire collection and give room for expansion.

Number of the cooling zone

The winter offers different options – single or dual cooling zones. If you are not looking to store varieties, then you are better off with a single temperature zone. Also, there are models designed to allow users to store both wine and beverages.

LIst Reviews of 7 The Best Whynter Wine Fridge Amazon in 2022

Here are top rated Whynter Wine Fridge/ Cooler to buy

Top 1 – Whynter BWR18SD 18 Bottle Built-In Wine Refrigerator

If you are a small wine collector or just trying out a couple of wines and not looking to make any huge investment in a wine refrigerator, Whynter BWR18SD 18 Bottle Built In Wine Refrigerator was designed with you in mind.

This model goes under your cabinet or counter that adds a touch of elegance and style to your kitchen decor, thanks to its innovative and premium quality design. With its small, compact design in mind, this appliance comes with one single temperature zone to chill your reds or whites.

The Whynter BWR18SD 18 Bottle Built In Wine Refrigerator is spacious enough to hold 19 standard-size wine bottles. Equipped with a powerful compressor cooling system, it chills and holds your collection at an optimal temperature between 30 – 60 degrees F. you can store your sparkling, white, or reds.

Another thing we love about this best built-in wine fridge is the stainless steel trimmed doors with a see-through glass to enjoy the view. With removable seven chrome racks, you can maximize the unit’s storage capacity.


  • Digital LED temperature control
  • Powerful fan-circulated compressor cooling
  • Constant temperature throughout the appliance
  • Compact and elegant design


  • Misleading product description about the maximum temperature 66 pr 72 degrees F

Top 2 – Whynter WC-211DZ 21 Bottle Dual Temperature Zone Wine Cooler

If you own a variety of wines, the Whynter WC-211DZ 21 Bottle Dual Temperature Zone Wine Cooler might just be what you’re looking for. This appliance comes with two zones and an adjustable thermostat to set your preferred chilling temperature independently.

The lower zone offers a wide temperature from 50 to 66 degrees F for storing your reds, while the higher compartment is great for storing white wines between 44 – 66 degrees F.

More so, it comes with improved LCD temperature displays for both cooling zones for easy monitoring and no guesswork needed. Furthermore, it comes with six removable premium chrome shelves and soft interior LED lighting to illuminate and showcase your collections beautifully.


  • Stainless steel trimmed glass door
  • Elegant black design
  • Vibration-free thermoelectric cooling
  • Adjustable thermostat for both zones


  • Questionable durability

Top 3 – Whynter WC28S SNO 28 Bottle Wine Cooler

Want to store more wine bottles and have enough room for expansion? The Whynter WC28S SNO 28 Bottle Wine Cooler is a single zone unit designed to store and chill reds or whites. However, some users claim it’s suitable for storing varietals at once.

Thanks to its adjustable thermostat, users can set the chilling temperature anywhere between 52 – 64 degrees F. Plus, this unit can display the storing temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

More so, you get the latest blue light LCD temperature display for great precision and guaranteeing optimal storage conditions. Furthermore, its metallic silver trimmed glass door adds a premium feel to this unit and sleek look.

With no moving parts, this model circulates cool air to ensure the internal conditions are constant throughout the refrigerators.


  • Decent 28 wine bottle capacity
  • Aesthetically appealing silver design
  • Wide temperature range from 52 – 64 degrees F
  • Cylinder lock and two keys included


  • The temperature could be more uniform

Top 4 – Whynter BWR-281DZ Dual Zone Built-In Wine Refrigerator

Another 28-bottle wine capacity making it to our list is the Whynter BWR-281DZ Dual Zone Built-In Wine Refrigerator. This model features an innovative design with premium quality construction to meet your wine storage needs.

This model is a great choice for wine connoisseurs or enthusiasts. It delivers superior wine storage functionality at a reasonable price. Despite its small, compact design, this wine fridge has two cooling zones to store varietals.

The upper zone offers a temperature range from 41 – 50 degrees F, while the lower zone ranges from 50 – 72 degrees F. With a front ventilation design, Whynter BWR-281DZ Dual Zone Built-In Wine Refrigerator can be installed under your cabinet.

If you like to showcase your collections, you’d love this appliance’s soft white LED interior light Showcase mode. Worth talking about is the powerful fan-circulated compressor cooling technology; this system keeps the storage conditions constant throughout the system.


  • security lock and key
  • Temperature memory function
  • Sleek black design
  • Open-door and malfunction warning system


  • Noisy compressor sound

Top 5 – Whynter FWC-341TS 34 Bottle Freestanding Wine Refrigerator

If you are a big fan of freestanding units like us, the Whynter FWC-341TS 34 Bottle Freestanding Wine Refrigerator is the way to go. With a 34 bottle capacity, this model is appropriate for wine lovers looking to grow their collections fast.

Another feature we appreciate is the tempered double-pane glass to protect your possession from UV light known to impair your wine’s taste and aroma. That’s not the only thing included for protection; the Whynter FWC-341TS 34 Bottle Freestanding Wine Refrigerator comes with a security lock and key to keep your stuff from staff, friends, kids, etc.

What else?  You get a custom wooden display shelving design to safely hold your bottles, even already opened ones. Even better, it’s equipped with touch screen control with a wide temperature range from 39 – 65 degrees F.


  • Energy-efficient fan-circulated compressor technology
  • Even temperature distribution
  • Security lock and key
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Enhanced UV protection glass


  • Flimsy shelf construction

Top 6 – Whynter BWR-0922DZ 92 Built-in or Freestanding Stainless Steel Dual Zone Compressor

For storing more wine bottles, the Whynter BWR-0922DZ can hold more than 90 wine bottles – 50 bottles at the lower compartment and about 40 in the upper zone. You can choose to install this model as a freestanding or built-in unit.

It comes with a reversible door swing and an adjustable thermostat to set your preferred temperature for each cooling zone from 40 – 65 degrees F. This model is equipped with a fan-forced circulation and powerful compressor cooling system to create the perfect cooling conditions for your models.

On top of that, you get a 9 soft energy-efficient LED light to illuminate and help showcase your large possession beautifully. More so, it has a tempered double pane glass door to keep your wines away from harmful UV lights.


  • Comes with activated carbon filters
  • Large bottle capacity
  • Dual cooling zones
  • Wide temperature range


  • The chiller is a bit noisy

Top 7 – Whynter BWR 1642DZ 164 Built in or Freestanding Stainless-Steel Dual Zone Compressor

Need more storage capacity to hold all your collection? This chiller offers a large bottle capacity to hold more than 150 bottles.

As expected, it comes with two cooling zones and an adjustable thermostat to set the preferred chilling temperature between 40 – 65 degrees F. This chiller comes with a reversible door swing and powerful compressor cooling system to provide unparalleled cooling performance.

On top of that, Whynter BWR-1642DZ features an activated carbon filter to get rid of bad odors, and its LED soft white lights illuminate the interior space for easy bottle identification and retrieval. With its tempered double pane glass door, you don’t have to worry about UV breaking down your wine molecules.


  • Adjustable thermostat for both zones 40 – 65 degrees F
  • Luxurious curved handlebar
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • Multiple installation options


  • Durability could be better

Where to Put an Whynter Wine Cooler

People who love fine wine often have a special section in their kitchen devoted to bottles that they can keep chilled and ready for drinking. If your wine collection is large enough, you may find that the space you’ve set aside is insufficient to store all of your most prized wines. With this in mind, you might want to invest in a Whynter dual zone wine cooler so that you will always be able to enjoy the perfect glass of red or white any time you like.


This is one of the most popular places to keep a wine fridge because people usually drink in their homes while they cook and clean up afterwards. It would be convenient because then you wouldn’t have to worry about taking the wine out of the fridge every time you need something in there.

Living Room

If you want to take it with you wherever you go, consider placing the wine cooler in the living room. It would be perfect to grab a bottle while watching movies or hanging out with your family and friends.


This is another great place because people do drink while relaxing in their rooms. It also creates a cute little nightstand that all people could use for many different things. Just make sure it’s placed somewhere where nobody will trip over it when they get up at night to use the bathroom or walk around during sleep. You don’t want to wake up due to someone tripping over your appliance!

Home Bar

A home bar is very similar to the living room, but it can be perfect because then everyone has access to drinks while they socialize. You don’t have to worry about keeping the wine inside of another room and letting people drink whenever they want.

Wine Cellar

If you’re a collector who has bottles upon bottles in your collection, you might need something that will keep them cool for days or weeks at a time. The Whynter wine cooler can do this for you so get one installed in the cellar! It’s not hard at all to take care of this appliance, especially after reading our guide on how to install an Whynter wine cooler .

The following are some helpful tips on where and how best to place your new Whynter wine refrigerator:

  • Generally speaking, wines should be stored at temperatures between 50 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit – but certain varieties require higher levels of “cellaring”, meaning they should be stored in the 40-55 range.
  • Wine cellars are usually built at a cool, underground level of a building or in a place that receives what would otherwise be wasted heat from other appliances. It’s important to make sure that your wine cooler is not placed where there is light intrusion, near any direct sources of heat (such as an oven), or anywhere with an ambient temperature higher than 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • If you can’t find a spot that meets all three requirements, aim for one requirement and call it good enough – but remember that low humidity is also crucial. Dry air can cause corked wines to dry out and destroy their flavors and aromas. To maintain humidity, use sponges to help soak up any excess moisture from your wine cooler.

Whynter Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Whynter Air Conditioner Troubleshooting


We are done with the Whynter wine fridge review. Now, it’s up to you to choose the factors we’ve discussed in our buying guide sections.

With so many wine fridges to choose from, it can be difficult to find the perfect one. But there is no need for you to worry about this any longer! Our team of experts has done the research and found what we believe are some of the best options on the market right now.

We hope that our Whynter Wine Cooler reviews will help make your choice a little easier but if not feel free to contact us with any questions! Have you had experience with Whynter wine fridges? If yes, please let us know in the comments below.

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