The 5 Best Uline Wine Cooler Reviews in 2022

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Top 5 Uline Wine Cooler Reviews and Buying Guides

What’s better than ending your day with a chilled glass of liquor? A glass of chilled wine is a good way to ease the body after a long stressful day.

Wines are popular liquids with unique health benefits. But are you aware that unpleasant storage conditions have a way of affecting your reds? You should know poor storage can ruin the quality and taste of your fruity beverages.

Maybe you are confused about how best to store your new fruity collections. Worry less! A wine cooler can get the job done with zero effort. Wine coolers are built to offer your liquids an ideal environment. The equipment is designed to help cool and keep your drinks refreshed like the first buy.

Uline Wine Cooler

Wine coolers exist in varied models and functions. As a result, shopping for the best prototype can be challenging. Maybe you wish to click the invest button today; here are the 5 best Uline wine coolers reviews that can help preserve and retain the quality taste of your juicy collections.

Why should you invest in Uline?

Uline is a remarkable brand that has maintained a leadership position in the appliance market over the years. The industry is outstanding in the production of A-rated wine coolers. Uline offers refrigerators with stylish designs and durable beverage stations. The household brand is famous for its advanced modern fridges with convection-cooling technology and extensive capacities that suit diverse vintage collections.

Is Uline a good brand?

For decades, Uline has built a name for itself with its top-rated and award-winning apparatus. The industry is one of the top brands known for high-end and functional appliances.

What are the product lines of Uline Brand?

Among many other lines, Uline owns highly recognized wine coolers, under-counter refrigerators, and built-in ice makers. The U-Line U1215WCB00B 1000 series is an efficient product line. The model functions at a temperature level of about 38 – 65 degrees F and can accommodate up to 24 standard bottles.

The U-Line U2218WCS00A 2000 series is another line; the prototype features a convection zone cooling system and stores up to 31 vintage collections.

Read more to discover the list of top 5 uline wine cooler reviews.

Uline Wine Cooler Reviews – Top 5 Products of the Year

Top 1 – U-Line U1224WCS00A 24″ Steel Built-In Wine Storage

U-Line U1224WCS00A Built-In Wine Cooler

Are you a wine lover? Or do you wish to invest in an elegant yet functional refrigerator that can offer your liquids an ideal storage condition? Why not consider the U-Line U1224WCS00A Built-In 24″ wine storage station.

This model is an operational cool box that allows for adequate storage of your reds and whites. The model is a unique prototype from the Uline industry. Uline is a famous brand in the appliance market today known for its efficient and durable home appliances.

Unlike traditional devices, this cooling machine is built to satisfy users’ daily thirst. The unit provides an ideal cooling environment that will help retain your assorted liquids’ classic taste and quality.

This Uline refrigerator is built with a stainless steel material that can withstand the test of time. It further features a stylish, sleek design and an anti-rust coating. Owing to this, the device can last years without wearing and will complement diverse kitchen decor.

Also, the appliance comes with a standard bottle capacity. The model is capable of storing up to 48 standard wine bottles. With this, users need not worry about filling up anytime soon.

Likewise, the fridge features a 3/4″ extended extension vinyl coated wine rack. The rack is designed to help store and prevent your varied bottle shapes from breaking or shifting. The fourth and the fifth U1224WCS00A racks allow for proper storage of champagnes and bottles with a larger diameter.

In addition, this wine cooler functions with a single temperature zone. The temperature zone offers your drinks with an ideal condition that helps maximize your beverages’ aging process. The device further features a digital touchpad temperature control that enables you to adjust and keep track of the temperature levels. Customers can easily set and adjust the temperature from about 38 – 65 degrees F.

Thanks to its LED lighting bulbs, the unit is capable of illuminating your apartment at night. The LED lighting turns on when you open the refrigerator’s door and automatically switches off when the door is closed. Likewise, buyers can set the lighting to stay on for about 3 hours.

Furthermore, this model is compact and space-friendly. It can easily fit in both your mini and larger kitchen space.

What’s more? This prototype is easy to use and clean. Carefully wipe its glass door and stained surfaces with a fluffy wet rag.


  • Durable stainless steel material
  • Single temperature zone
  • LED lighting bulbs
  • 48 bottles storage capacity
  • No.1 of list Uline wine cooler reviews


  • Customer service could be better

Top 2 – U-Line U1224WCS13B 24″ Built-In Wine Storage, Stainless Steel

Earning the second position is the U-Line U1224WCS13B 24″ Built-In Wine Storage. This product is another remarkable collection from the U-line brand that can offer your liquids an ideal cooling environment.

The model is crafted with a durable stainless steel material that is a friend of time. With this, the appliance can get the job done without developing faults.

Also, this prototype comes with a storage volume of 5.2 cu. ft. owing to this, the apparatus can house up to 48 standard bottles of wine. The fourth and fifth racks are built to hold your Champagne bottles and wine bottles with a larger diameter.

Furthermore, this model features a digital passive cooling and modern engineered system. The cooling system maintains ideal cooling conditions to help maximize preservation.

In addition, the prototype is equipped with rubber-mounted compressors. The rubber-mounted compressors help reduce noise or vibration affecting your fruity sediments.

Likewise, this model comes with a low-emission, argon gas-filled thermopane glass door. The glass is designed to help maintain consistent interior temperature. Similarly, You need not worry about the safety of your vintage collections as the door helps protect your bottles from harmful UV lights.

Thanks to advanced cooling technology, this appliance offers a temperature range of about 38 – 65 degrees F. It features a digital touchpad control that allows you to set and adjust to desired cooling level.

Moreso, the Uline fridge is space-friendly. The unit can easily fit and complement both mini and larger apartment spaces. Its four independently adjustable legs allow for an accurate undercover fit.

What’s more? The machine is equipped with energy-saving LED lighting bulbs. The bulb helps give your device an appealing sight and illuminates the interior for enhanced visibility.

What’s better? The wine cooler features extended black vinyl wine racks with natural wooden fronts. The racks help protect your bottles from shifting and breaking.

Finally, this appliance is easy to use and tidy. Carefully wipe stained surfaces with a soft wet rag.


  • Easy to clean
  • Durable stainless steel material
  • Space-friendly
  • Energy-saving LED bulbs
  • Four independently adjustable legs.


  • Glass components can be fragile

Top 3 – U-Line U2218WCS00A Built-in Wine Cooler, 18″, Stainless Steel.

Are you new to the wine world, or do you wish to shop for a classic yet operational cooling device? The U-Line U2218WCS00A 2000 series is for you.

Unlike other products, this model is popular for its unique and user-friendly features. It is built with stainless steel material and an anti-rust coating that can withstand any condition. With this, the fridge can help satisfy your diverse storage needs without wearing out.

Also, this equipment comes with Uline’s convection cooling system. With the modern cooling system, users can effortlessly create an optimal environment for their assorted bottles.

Furthermore, the model features temperatures that range between 38 – 65 degrees F. It further features digital touchpad controls. The touchpad controls allow you to set and adjust the temperature levels effortlessly.

In addition, the appliance comes with a standard storage capacity that allows drinkers to access varied reds and whites conveniently. The cooling station is capable of storing up to 31 bottles. With this, you can effortlessly enjoy the chilled exotic red taste in the comfort of your apartment.

Likewise, this appliance is equipped with soft white LED lighting bulbs. The LED bulbs allow for enhanced visibility at night and help give your refrigerator an elegant look.

What’s more? The apparatus features sturdy black vinyl coated wine racks. The racks are designed to hold individual bottles and prevent them from falling.


  • High-quality stainless steel material
  • Easy to use
  • 31-bottles capacity
  • Classic and sleek design
  • LED lighting bulbs


  • Customer service could be better

Top 4 – ULINE U1215WCS00A Built-in/ Freestanding Wine Fridge

Upgrade your kitchen with the ULINE U1215WCS00A 1000 series. The appliance is another efficient Uline collection that can offer your reds an ideal condition.

This fridge is built with a high-quality metallic material that can last long. Coupled with a sleek stainless steel finish, the wine cooler is designed to complement varied kitchen decor.

Unlike other traditional products, this model is user and space-friendly. Featuring a freestanding design, the prototype can fit in both larger and mini kitchen spaces.

Also, this wine cooler features advanced cooling technology. Owing to this, the appliance can offer a temperature level of about 38 to 65 degrees F. It further features a contemporary touchpad control that allows you to set and adjust to preferred cooling conditions.

Furthermore, the Uline cooling station comes with a bottle capacity that allows you to have your exotic collections within reach. It can easily house up to 24 standard bottles.

Conclusively, this chiller is easy to install. With or without the user’s manual, it can be installed almost anywhere in the house.


  • Easy to install
  • High-quality metallic material
  • 38 bottles capacity
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Space-friendly


  • None found

Top 5 – U-Line U1215WCB00B 15″ Built-in/Freestanding Wine Cooler

On our final list is another durable product from the Uline brand. This model is a functional refrigerator built to satisfy diverse storage needs.

Designed to last years, this appliance is manufactured to withstand the test of time. It further features a sleek black color finish that will complement your apartment decor.

Also, the wine chiller features soft LED lighting bulbs. The lighting bulbs help illuminate the interior section for enhanced visibility. The light switches on when the door is opened and turns off when the door is closed.


  • 24-bottle capacity
  • Storage-friendly
  • Energy-saving lighting bulbs
  • High-quality material


  • Poor quality control

Uline Wine Cooler Reviews: What to Consider?

Uline apparatus varied in models and features. As a result, clicking the invest button can be a little bit challenging. Maybe you plan to upgrade your kitchen with Uline products; here are some essential factors to consider before purchasing.

Size: Size is an essential factor to consider before purchasing a wine cooler. Uline wine coolers exist in various sizes that can fit in different apartment spaces. Therefore, consider a model that best suits your available space.

Budget: Economy uline wine coolers start at about $300 while premium models can range from $500-$800 depending on size and other features.

Capacity: The larger the unit, the more expensive it will be but also the longer it will last between purchases of additional stock to maintain a good inventory level for your business. If all you need is a small storage area consider starting with a single zone economy unit and adding a second one later if needed.

Your storage taste is another factor to consider before clicking the invest button. Owing to the availability of prototypes with diverse storage capacities, it is advisable to consider an appliance that suits your storage needs.

Features: Premium units offer many features such as digital temperature controls, LED lighting, glass or stainless door fronts, etc…These are not necessary but they may add beauty to what you’re displaying in your establishment and potentially help attract customers.

Speed: Higher-end units will be more expensive but they also cool bottles down faster so you can restock your inventory in a shorter amount of time.

Extras: Premium models may offer exterior locks, touch screens, multi-color lighting, etc…These are not necessary for any wine cooler but some customers may appreciate them if available on their unit. Make sure they are compatible with the uline model you have chosen before making your purchase or they may not function properly when installed later.

Where to place the uline wine cooler or beverage cooler?

Uline wine coolers are generally designed to be freestanding appliances.

You may find, however, that placing the unit underneath a counter works well if you’re using it for storage in an establishment where it is not easily visible without walking behind the counter.

The best place to install the uline wine cooler is somewhere that will allow enough air circulation around all four sides of the unit. This is especially important for premium models with thicker insulation since they need extra cooling from their fans.

Avoid installing the uline wine cooler in locations where excessive dust or debris can accumulate on top of it or near carpets which might get damp and cause mold to grow inside of the cabinet over time.

FAQ’s uline wine cooler

1. Where can I buy a uline wine cooler?

The best place to buy a uline wine cooler is from a distributor in your area.

There are distributors all over the world so if you don’t have one close you might find one that will work with you on shipping or pay for pickup at their location.

uline uses these distributors to fulfill orders and sell items wholesale, so they may be able to help you even if you do not wish to purchase large quantities of units.

You aslo can to buy at Amazon as our list above.

2. Can I build my own uline wine cooler?

Yes it’s possible but doing so may void the warranty on the unit. It would also be difficult to regulator a temperature as precise as what is needed for wine storage.

3. Can I use one uline wine cooler for beer and wine?

Yes you can as long as the temperature range settings are correct for each type of beverage.

Uline beverage cooler makes a unit called the 30-Bottle Dual Zone Touchscreen Wine Cooler that has both settings clearly labeled.

This is a good option if you want to store both types of beverages in the same unit.

If you don’t like this model but still wish to have two set temperature zones there is another way: If your uline unit doesn’t already have two separate temperature zones then it’s possible to buy one zone and install an external cooling compressor, such as those used with mini-fridges or dorm fridges.

4. What are the different types of uline wine coolers?

There are two main categories of uline wine coolers, economy and premium.

Economy models have a thinner insulation which makes them lighter in weight but also enables them to maintain temperature less precisely.

Premium models have thicker insulation which means they are heavier but they will usually be more accurate when maintaining temperature.

Another difference is that some units offer digital temperature regulation while others do not.

Digital controls allow you to set precise temperatures on each zone with 2 degrees Fahrenheit accuracy. Without this feature your unit may only show red or white, warm or very cold labels for each zone rather than Celsius/ Fahrenheit numbers.

Currently the best premium uline wine fridge is the 30-Bottle Touchscreen Dual Zone Wine Cooler.


All in all, we’ve listed the top 5 best Uline wine coolers reviews and how to choose the right appliance to chill your collections. Keep in mind that these coolers are not created the same, and it’s best to choose a model that meets your storage requirements. 


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