Top 7 The Best Summit Wine Coolers Reviews in 2022

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The Best Summit Wine Coolers Reviews, Tips, Guides

Storing your wine properly is essential to preserving your wine’s aromatic profile and taste. Whether you want to store your collections for a short or long term, you need the best wine cooler to create the perfect storage or chilling conditions.

Summit Wine Coolers Reviews
Summit Wine Coolers

And when it boils down to making a quick decision, Summit is the go-to brand. They offer a reliable line of products that tailors ornamental and elegant style with incredible cooling efficiency.

Summit wine coolers are a great choice for those who enjoy the convenience of a built-in cooler, but don’t want to sacrifice style. They’re available in both freestanding and undercounter models, which means you can find one that best fits your space or taste.

In addition, they offer many different finishes and glass door options to complement your kitchen decor perfectly.

But with dozens of options from this manufacturer, it can be tricky to make the right call for your vintages, especially if you’re a first-timer.

In this post, we’ll consider the best Summit wine coolers reviews and why you should stick with this brand.

Top Rated Summit Wine Coolers Compared

Why should you invest in a Summit Wine Cooler?

Summit offers aesthetically-pleasing lines of products to add a touch of style and elegance to the user’s space. These products feature several incredible functions which are wide-ranging and exclusive to this brand to meet different wine specifications and storage requirements.

These wine coolers’ variety in functionality and design helps take your home wine cellar configuration to the next level, ensuring proper ageing of your vintages.

Is Summit a good brand?

Summit has been one of the top brands in this space with their ADA compliant and high performing appliances. The brand focuses on crafting innovative appliances to meet specific customer needs. While there isn’t any mention of the warranty policy on their official website, most customers have commended their customer service. 

What are the product lines of the Summit brand?

Summit offers an extensive selection of major appliances like beer and wine coolers, laundry & dishwashers, range hoods, and a lot more in hard-to-find footprints in different widths.

The wine coolers are available in a wide range of options based on size, bottle capacity, design, cooling system etc.

Summit Wine Coolers Reviews: How to Choose a Summit Wine Cooler

Multiple Cooling Zones

Summit offers wine coolers with 1 or 2 cooling zones to allow users to present and preserve their collections at optimal conditions. Every wine connoisseur under the importance of storing vintages at the right temperature. With two cooling zones, it’s easier to preserve both reds and whites at ideal temperatures. However, models with single cooking zones are perfect for chilling varietals for a quick drink.

Flexible installation

Summit wine coolers are known for this ubiquitous feature. Most products for this brand offer two installation options – freestanding or built-in. This way, oenophiles don’t have to worry about the ideal place for the appliance.

Digital Thermostat

You want to settle for a wine cooler that displays the cooling temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. This takes out the guesswork and saves you from the stress of converting these values from one unit to the other. Also, we recommend opting for a digital thermostat for precise temperature management.

Best Summit Wine Coolers Reviews – Top 7 Options for Proper Storage

Top 1 – Summit Appliance SWC007 Commercial 6″ Built-in Undercounter Wine Cellar

This model is an appropriate choice for anyone looking to age their small wine collection. This built-in appliance is only 6-inch wide, which allows it to squeeze perfectly into tight spaces with the least effort.

This Summit Appliance SWC007 is suitable for storing and displaying your precious possession. This appliance is equipped with a front-breathing compressor-based cooling technology for a decent temperature range from 41 to 72 degrees.

What’s more? This wine refrigerator comes with a stainless steel trimmed glass door featuring a pro-style handle and reversible hinge for convenience and flexibility. In addition, this compact unit is equipped with a digital thermostat to adjust the cooling temperature and air circulation system to help maintain the set storage conditions.

Also, the Summit Appliance SWC007 Commercial 6″ Built-in Undercounter Wine Cellar has LED lighting to illuminate and help display your collection beautifully through the glass door. Keep in mind that this summit wine cooler only comes with one cooling zone and space to hold 7 wine bottles.


  • Automatic defrost system
  • Digital thermostat for precise temperature control
  • Stainless steel trimmed glass door
  • Temperature range from 41 – 72 degrees F


  • Small bottle capacity

Top 2 – Summit SCR1841B 18″ Built-In Undercounter Wine Cooler

Earning a spot on our list is the 18-inch SCR1841B wine cooler with a flexible design. This model features a front-venting system to allow users to install undercounter for wine lovers looking to maximize their space. Also, you can take advantage of the fully finished black cabinet by installing this appliance as a freestanding unit.

Unlike our top choice, the  Summit SCR1841B 18″ Built-In Undercounter Wine Cooler is built with residential settings in mind. This appliance rocks a reversible stainless steel trimmed glass door for flexibility and convenience.

Another thing we love about this model is the professional style handle, offering a comfortable grip and easy handling. More so, the undercounter wine fridge has a factory-installed lock to keep your wines secured from guests, friends, kids, family, etc.


  • Reversible hinge
  • Digital thermostat for precise storage conditions
  • Elegant stainless steel trimmed glass door
  • Factory-installed lock for security
  • Flexible installation option


  • Slight noisy

Top 3 – Summit Appliance SWC24GKS Built-in Undercounter 24″ Wide Dual Zone Wine Cellar

When it comes to visually attractive wine coolers, we are yet to get our eyes off this unit. Its black matte finish and fingerprint-resistant 304-grade stainless steel rim easily win us over. No doubt, this is the wine cooler to add style and elegance to your space.

This appliance isn’t just about aesthetics; it is equipped with a compressor-based cooling system to deliver a temperature range of 41°F to 65°F. This 24-inch wine cellar comes with two cooling zones to allow you to store your reds, whites, sparkling and other types of wines separately and at optimal temperatures.

Both zones feature elegant white LED lighting to illuminate and showcase your collections beautifully. Another thing to love about this model is the full-extension shelving design that makes it easier to load your vintages without a fuss.

Here’s more: the Summit Appliance SWC24GKS is spacious enough to accommodate up to 40 standard size wine bottles. Plus, its french door will come in handy for a dramatic presentation.


  • Fingerprint-resistant 304 grade stainless steel trimmed glass door
  • Dual cooling zone
  • Massive 42 bottle capacity
  • Full-extension shelving design
  • Multiple installation options – freestanding or built-in


  • Customer service could be better

Top 4 – Summit Appliance SWBV3067B 30″ Wide Built-in Undercounter Wine Cooler

Another appliance with great aesthetics to consider is the Summit Appliance SWBV3067B, with a similar modern French door swing to add a dramatic flair and stainless steel trimmed glass door to improve your space decor.

Thanks to its front venting design, this 30-inch model features flexible installation options that allow you to install this unit as a freestanding or built-in model. The Summit Appliance SWBV3067B offers a dual-zone to store your beers and wines at optimal temperatures for a quick drink.

That’s not all: this wine cooler features a digital thermostat for intuitive and easy temperatures. This unit features factory-installed locks to protect your collections. Also, the professional style handles make this unit a treat to the eyes.


  • Adjustable shelving design
  • Temperature range 41 to 64 degrees F
  • Intuitive digital controls
  • Flexible installation option


  • A bit noisy

Top 5 – Summit Appliance SWC1840B Commercial 18″ Wide Wine Cellar

The Summit Appliance SWC1840B works well as a built-in or freestanding model with a large capacity to hold up to 34 standard size wine bottles. This appliance comes with tempered glass to protect your collection from harmful UV light.

The door features an elegant stainless steel trim with a professional style handle for convenient storage and handling. Also, the door has a reversible hinge to allow you to open the door either to the right or left.

Furthermore, Summit Appliance SWC1840B Commercial 18″ Wide Wine Cellar features a digital thermostat to control the storage conditions with great precision. More so, it’s equipped with a lock system to keep your vintages from friends, family, colleagues, etc.

It comes with a single cooling zone to hold exclusively one type of wine for a long term within 41 to 64 degrees F. plus, it comes with four levelling legs, and an auto defrost system.


  • Flexible design – freestanding or built-in
  • 34 bottle capacity
  • Stylish wooden shelves
  • Stainless steel construction
  • High performing compressor-based cooling system


  • Just one cooling zone

Top 6 – Summit Appliance ALFD24WBV 24″ Dual Zone Wine/ Beverage Center

Whether installed under your counter or cabinet or placed at a corner of your entertainment room, the Summit Appliance ALFD24WBV will add exciting visuals to your space. This unit is an excellent choice for wine lovers looking to store wine and enjoy ice-cold beers.

This 24-inch appliance comes with a french door offering a dramatic swing and a digital thermostat for precise temperature management. Further, it comes with dual chilling zones to store your wines and chill your beverages for a quick drink.

The wine zone offers a temperature range from 41 to 72 degrees F, while the beverage zones chill your favourite drinks within 36 to 43 degrees F.


  • It comes with temperature alarms and a door ajar
  • Dual cooling zone
  • Multiple installation options
  • Four level legs
  • Digital thermostat


  • Questionable durability

Top 7 – Summit SWC530LBIST Wine Chiller Beverage Refrigerator

The Summit SWC530LBIST Wine Chiller Beverage Refrigerator is outstanding for chilling sparkling and white wine while ageing your reds in the other compartment at optimal temperature.

This appliance is a decent product for people looking to host parties. This 24-inch comes with a digital thermostat to control the storage conditions of each of the zones separately. 

Even better, the Summit SWC530LBIST Wine Chiller Beverage Refrigerator comes with slide-out wooden shelves to allow you to load your drinks with ease. Plus, the stainless steel trims with tempered glass to beautifully showcase your collection.


  • Easy temperature management with user-intuitive digital thermostat
  • Slide-out wooden shelving design
  • Factory-installed lock for extra security
  • Dual cooling zone


  • Cooling performance could be better

Where to put your summit wine cooler?

The best place to put your summit wine cooler is where you drink the most wine. This could be in a wet bar area or the dining room because that’s usually where people congregate to have a good time and unwind from a long day. If you want to save space then opt for a countertop display with an undercounter unit that can sit flush against a wall behind closed cabinet doors so it doesn’t take up any valuable real estate in your kitchen.

Your Summit wine cooler will definitely bring charisma to the party when it takes center stage on your kitchen island or at your dining room table! In addition it will add charm and character to any entryway, mudroom, bar area or living room since there are so many different Summit wine cooler styles and designs to choose from.

Some of our favorite places to put your Summit wine cooler:

Entryway: A vintage and stylish wine cooler in the entryway is a conversation starter and adds a touch of warmth and elegance. It’s also great for stocking up on some bubbly for New Years.

Bar Area: Put one on each side of your bar, stock each with your favorite red or white wines, get two spouts or no spout at all if you plan to use the larger style dispensers. Now that’s what we call easy entertaining!

Dining Room: Not only does it look handsome sitting next to your dining room table, but it is convenient for holding bottles, glasses and extra ice so guests can relax while they wait. 

Kitchen: A Summit wine cooler in the kitchen is a convenient place for snacks, soda and ice while the adults enjoy dinner.

Living Room: Nobody should have to ask where to get a drink when they go to your house. Keep plenty of bottles right at your fingertips next to your comfy sofa so you can easily refill partygoers’ glasses whenever they run low without having to get up. How thoughtful!

If you’ve already got one at home and need some ideas on how to recycle it, check out our blog post about ways you can repurpose Summit wine coolers

Where to buy Summit Wine Coolers

You can get your very own Summit wine cooler at where they have an excellent selection of countertop models, undercounter units and freestanding floor displays to complement any home décor.

The Summit brand is known for its high quality components, simple use and quiet running operation that won’t disturb the party or dinner conversation. You’ll also get fast shipping on orders over $59 so you can enjoy your new wine cooler sooner rather than later!

How to care Summit Wine Coolers

First and foremost: do not put ice cubes or any kind of food or liquid in your Summit wine cooler. It is only built to hold wine bottles with the cork up so you need to be mindful of what’s inside at all times.

To clean, wipe with a damp cloth using mild detergent if necessary. Your new Summit wine cooler will definitely add some charm to your home as long as it is taken care of properly! So have fun shopping, enjoy easy wine dispensing from anywhere in your home and take some time to read our blog for more helpful hints on how to make the most of your Summit wine cooler. Cheers!

Types of Summit Wine Cooler

Wine coolers come in a variety of forms and shapes. They can be classified as Freestanding Wine Cooler, Fully Integrated and Built-in wine cooler.

Freestanding Summit wine cooler

A freestanding Summit wine cooler is one that is not attached to the kitchen cabinetry or fixed to any surface. It has both feet which you need to install on the floor. It cannot be moved from its location unless you dismantle it into pieces first. The advantage of this type of wine cooler is that it offers more space for bigger bottles because they are designed with wider openings at their doors.

Some may have wheels for easy mobility while others do not have them especially when they are very heavy due to their thick insulation materials – normally made up of polyurethane (PU) and/or polystyrene (PS).

Some Freestanding Wine Coolers also come with an interior light. This is useful when you want to quickly spot the wine bottle that you need without having to open or lift up all your bottles one by one.

It is common for these types of coolers to offer built-in lock and key which you can use in case there are children at home who always end up touching everything they see, including appliances that may cause bodily harm if not handled properly. The freestanding wine cooler can be found in different sizes; too small for large families and some so compact that it could fit in tiny apartments such as studio flats.

Fully Integrated wine cooler

A fully integrated model is quite bigger than a freestanding one but it is usually smaller than a built-in wine cooler. It has a similar construction to that of a fully integrated dishwasher because they both have the same design. The door opens from left to right and down rather than up – this way it takes less space from your cabinet area.

These types of wine coolers are more preferred by homeowners as compared to their freestanding counterparts because they will blend seamlessly with the kitchen cabinetry and give an illusion that nothing has changed from before. Those who want something inconspicuous for their home often choose this type of wine cooler.

Built-in Wine Cooler

A built-in Wine Cooler, on the other hand, is attached permanently to the kitchen cabinetry either on top or at bottom. It is not a freestanding model, so you cannot just pick it up and move it to another location.

A built-in wine cooler is more expensive than the other two but this is because they are usually made from high quality materials such as granite, hardwood or glazed tiles with metal frames on the exterior which makes them look sleek. The doors have hinges similar to those in wall ovens and range hoods.

When choosing between these three types of Summit wine coolers, always consider the size of your family and what additional features you think that a fully integrated or built-in can provide if ever you will choose them over their freestanding counterparts.

Also keep in mind where you want to put it – do you need it to take up less space in your kitchen or do you want it to be more inconspicuous that the others? The design and features of each type will then determine which one can provide all that you need.


By now, you should have figured out that Summit offers a wide range of wine coolers to suit specific customer needs. Thus, we recommend you check out our buying guide to ensure you are splurging on the list of summit wine cooler reviews for you.

The tips above can help you find the BEST Summit wine cooler to fit your needs and budget. Once you’ve selected a model, be sure that it has an automatic switch-off function or timer so that you don’t overuse electricity.

Remember too, if possible, to purchase from authorized dealers as this will guarantee quality parts and installation. Finally, remember not to forget about cleaning! Wine coolers need regular maintenance so they continue performing at their best for years on end.

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