Top 5 The Best Rtic Backpack Cooler Reviews in 2022

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Rtic Backpack Cooler Reviews: Guide To RTIC Coolers – Soft, Lightweight & Soft Sided

Being on the move always, from a park festival to shopping in a farmers market, you will likely face some storage issues. There is a smart solution if you often find yourself with smashed loaves of bread or runny cream cheese after walking for an extended period on a sunny day – portable coolers.

Rtic Backpack Cooler Reviews
Rtic Backpack Cooler

The best backpack cooler should feature a lightweight design and waterproof, making it a perfect travel companion. However, there are several options, which makes choosing the right product a bit tricky.

Luckily, we’ve looked into the sheer number of brands out there, and RTIC checks almost everything on our list. Hence, in this RTIC backpack cooler review, we’ll consider the top 5 options and how to make an informed decision.

Top Rated Rtic Backpack Cooler Compared

Why should you Invest in an RTIC backpack cooler?

RTIC coolers are known for their impressive ice retention capacity, decent pricing, rugged build quality, and extreme durability. RTIC products are overbuilt without a hefty price tag, like its competitors.

The RTIC backpack cooler offers cold, refreshing drinks when you’re outdoors during hot summers. Their backpack coolers are suitable for holding your snacks and drinks at an ideal temperature for a longer period. They are the perfect choice for folks looking for a carry-on cooler on a flight or a soft cooler to take with you on your next adventure.

Furthermore, it’s a decent choice for a wide range of activities, from a picnic in a park to a hike, camping, and beaching. Unlike the traditional options, the RTIC backpack coolers offer hand-free use, which means you don’t have to hold them with your hands.

Is the RTIC cooler a good brand?

RTIC is a USA-based company in Houston. However, their products are designed in the states and manufactured in China like other top brands. Nonetheless, they offer top-of-the-line coolers designed with specific users in mind. Also, they have very responsive customer service that guarantees 100% satisfaction with their coolers.

What are the product lines of the RTIC brand?

RTIC has three basic coolers available in different style and size variations. Each type of cooler is designed for a particular purpose. Hence, it’s essential to understand the line of products before making a choice. While we are focused on coolers on this list, RTIC offers travel bags, insulated drinkware, and other accessories to rival YETI.

  • RTIC Roto-Molded Coolers – they are designed to hold your beers at ice-cold all weekend and protect your foods from the summer heat. This product line features a seamless construction offering an air-tight seal to keep ice for an extended period. The main drawback of the RTIC roto-molded coolers is their heavyweight and cumbersome size.
  • RTIC Soft Coolers – built for personal use, the RTIC Soft Coolers come in handy for holding your bologna sandwiches,  juice box, and more without heating up. You can store as many canned drinks as possible, which is one of many reasons RTIC is our favorite pick.
  • RTIC Backpack coolers – for on-the-go refrigeration, you can’t go wrong with the RTIC Backpack coolers. They keep your drinks ice-cold for a refreshing drink anywhere – on the beach, trail. Picnic, tailgating, etc., they are portable, hassle-free to carry, and have enough space to hold your essentials.

Rtic Backpack Cooler Reviews: How to Choose Best Product

Capacity & Size

When it comes to pinning down the right backpack cooler to invest in, you want to start by considering the capacity and size. This type of cooler has enough room for a few dozens of canned drinks or maybe less, which usually hinge on its size and capacity.

The best RTIC backpack cooler for you should not be too big to lug on your back or too small to hold the number of soda cans you intend to carry along on your picnic, camping, hiking, etc.


RTIC backpack coolers are equipped with padded shoulder straps for an easy, convenient carrying experience. The straps are adjustable for a snug, smart carry. In our opinion, you should stick with models with chest and waist straps included.

These extra straps make carrying the backpack cooler for a long distance, especially while hiking, a breeze. You don’t want to end up with back pain or feel terrible getting your chilled drinks from one spot to another.

Cooling ability

Some models are designed to keep content chilled for longer than others. Some machines are built to hold the temperature up to 24 – 48 hours or even more. Therefore, you should check out the manufacturer’s claims before splurging on a backpack cooler.

Keep in mind that cheaper models might not retain the ice temperature for more than 24 hours. So, if you want to keep your soda can chilled over the weekend, you should splurge on premium backpack coolers.

Build quality

Needless to say, backpack coolers are not created equal. They are different with a wide variety of materials to offer distinct advantages. Models made with rugged exterior fabric are more puncture and tear-resistant. Also, you might want to consider models with a waterproof zipper or made to tolerate UV rays. Plus, you want the interior to be mildew-resistant and leak proof if you want a durable, long-lasting unit.

RTIC Backpack Cooler Reviews: Top 5 The Best Products

Top 1 – RTIC Lightweight Backpack Cooler

Earning our top spot is the RTIC Lightweight Backpack Cooler with a stellar performance and low maintenance. It’s designed to provide quick access to your drinks and snacks. It offers plenty of space to hold your essentials for up to 24 hours.

With ample storage, you have enough room with extra side, front, and top pockets to hold your day-to-day essentials. This unit features a durable and lightweight construction with polyester materials.

Furthermore, it comes with padded shoulder straps to allow you to transport this accessory with ease, especially for hiking. More so, the RTIC Lightweight Backpack Cooler is lined with food-safe fabric and materials with premium-grade heavy-duty insulation.

Some people reported that the RTIC Lightweight Backpack Cooler is the best of list RTIC Backpack Cooler Reviews.

Plus, its no-leak interior liner is mildew and mold resistant. Besides, it’s hassle-free to clean after every use. All in all, this model has a discreet appearance, compact and rugged construction.


  • Easy to clean
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Amole storage to hold more day-to-day essentials
  • Portable and lightweight construction


  • It tends to leak

Top 2 – RTIC Soft Cooler

You can’t go wrong with the RTIC Soft Cooler for frequent adventurers. This model offers ample storage space to store about 30 beverage cans, including ice for a refreshing drink on your next road trip, camping, beaching, picnic, mountaineering, etc.

These portable models feature a durable zipper to protect your snacks and drinks to prevent leaks and spills. This cooler is equipped with a 2-inch closed-cell foam tailored with a tear and puncture-resistant liner to retain your content cold temperature for more than 24 hours.

On top of that, this RTIC 30-can Soft Cooler has a wide, flip-top lid for quick access to your essentials. The soft cooler is made with a heavy-duty nylon shell to ensure it can stand up to the rigors of daily use.

More so, its No-Sweat exterior ensures the outside remains dry and laminated fabric with its welded seams guarantees extreme durability.


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy access flip-top lids
  • Waterproof, leak proof zipper
  • Tear and puncture-resistant heavy-duty nylon shell


  • Issues with the zippers

Top 3 – RTIC 30 Soft Pack

The RTIC 30 Soft Pack is a mid-size cooler suitable for carrying lunch, snacks, and drinks to a party, office, or day trip. This portable cooler has impressive ice retention capabilities that make it a go-to over its competitors.

It comes with waterproof, leak proof zippers with ample storage space to hold a sufficient number of canned drinks for several days. Considering its price tag, the RTIC 30 Soft Pack is a clear winner in this category.


  • Snugly fitting lid
  • Thick insulation
  • Equipped with several attaching points and tie-downs
  • Affordable price point
  • Great ice retention


  • Plastic smell that lingers for a while

Top 4 – RTIC Backpack Cooler

Making it to our list is the RTIC Backpack Cooler with a generous 20 can capacity. It’s an excellent pick for people looking for the perfect backpack cooler for a weekend getaway.

This model rocks integrated premium insulation designed to keep your drinks cold and food at the right serving temperature for days, even during the hottest summers.

This compact cooler is made with sturdy materials, ensuring it will handle any trail. Its welded seams offer a 100% waterproof cooler, making it worry-free to use near rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. What’s more: it has an adjustable shoulder strap and waist buckle for easy carry on any terrain.


  • Generous 20 can capacity
  • Adjustable shoulder straps for easy carry
  • Ultra-durable material
  • Waterproof design


  • Ice retention could be better

Top 5 – RTIC Soft Sided Cooler/ Backpack

Warping up our list is the RTIC Soft Sided Cooler/ Backpack with built-in premium insulation to keep up to 30 cans of your favorite beverage and a bag of ice-cold for 24 hours.

In addition, this model has a hands-free design to allow you to grab your fishing pole, surfboard, and other gears while carrying your cooler on your back. Another thing worth mentioning is the zipper-top opening offering quick and easy access to your content.

Aside from its compact size for easy carry, this cooler is built with welded seam for a waterproof model for convenient use anywhere without worries.


  • 100% waterproof design
  • Compact and portable for easy carry
  • Generous 30-can capacity
  • Premium insulation for high ice retention


  • Poor zipper design

What Are RTIC Coolers Made Of?

I’m sure you’ve heard about RTIC coolers by now. They are in the press literally every day, and they look like contenders in the cooler market with their recent success. But if you’re like me, you want to know exactly what makes up your food storage containers. Below is a list of what RTIC coolers are made of.

The body of an RTIC cooler is made out of roto-molded polyethylene shells. The insulation material they use is called Polyurethane foam or PUF insulation. This insulation has a higher R-value than traditional Styrofoam coolers, so they are able to offer more insulating capability in the same size. The insulation also has water-resistant capabilities, so it doesn’t matter if you drop the cooler in a lake or ocean because the insulation won’t get wet.

The exterior shell of an RTIC cooler is UV inhibited black and it has a non-stick surface to protect against scratches when stacking other items on top of your RTIC cooler. You can choose from a couple different colors for your RTIC cooler as well, but the most popular color seems to be black as you can see in most of their advertisements and pictures.

The hardware used on an RTIC cooler is stainless steel. This includes the lid hinge and latch system, along with all of the bottle openers that come attached to each cooler handle. Stainless steel also covers all of the latches and hasp locks they use to secure and lock your coolers shut when needed.

All of the rubber used on an RTIC cooler is FDA approved food grade material so it’s safe for contact with food items inside your ice chest. Rubber isn’t just what makes up your grip handles; it also makes up your bottle openers and hasp locks.

The technology RTIC uses to keep your ice frozen for up to 10 days is called dry-ice compatible. If you’ve ever had a cooler that’s claimed to be dry-ice compatible, it means the insulation won’t crack or damage if you use dry ice inside of it. This means that your RTIC coolers will hold them just like any other regular cooler would!

As far as I can tell, no RTIC coolers (that I know of) are made in the United States. But they do make them overseas in China . They also have their products manufactured using 100% recycled materials whenever possible which is great news for the environment.

So what exactly is an RTIC Cooler made of? Roto-molded polyethylene shells, PUF insulation, UV inhibited black exterior shell with a non-stick surface, FDA approved food grade rubber, stainless steel screws and hardware, dry ice compatibility technology. They are not made in America but they do have 100% recycled materials used when possible. That’s everything you need to know about what makes up an RTIC cooler!

RTIC Coolers vs Yeti – What is the Difference?

Both are high-quality, lightweight coolers that will keep your ice colder for longer.

RTIC Cooler is designed with a rotational molded polyethylene shell which makes it more durable than the Yeti cooler.

It is also less expensive than the Yeti one.

FAQ’s about RTIC Backpack Cooler Reviews

Frequently asked questions about Rtic Coolers.

Is the Rtic backpack cooler leakproof?

Yes, it is 100% leakproof, they are insulated just like all other good coolers on the market! Our only difference is that ours are flexible and indestructible. All of our units can hold ice for up to 10 days in 120 degree weather. Rtic inflatable units are almost indestructible!

Can I order different colored items?

Yes you can order any color options including camo designs.

How much does a Rtic coolers weigh?

The average wagon unit weighs about 10 pounds. The standard units weight around 8 pounds depending on size.

Are they insulated?

Yes, all of our products are 100% insulated! Just like other good companies, we use premium insulation to ensure ice last days. Where we differ from the others is that our products are flexible & indestructible . Other companies have hard plastic handles and hinges which causes failure at the worst time. Our coolers flex with your needs! We also use thicker walls with tie down points for quick secure setup with total peace of mind.

How many days will it stay cold?

Our standard coolers can hold ice up to 5 days in 90-100 degree weather. The larger units are good for 7-10 days depending on outside temperature.

Is there any warranty on Rtic Coolers?

Yes, we stand behind all of our products! All wagon units are warrantied up to 1 year which covers manufacturer defects. If there is anything that should happen through normal use other than a manufacturing defect, we offer replacements for half price.

What size cooler do I need?

There are many factors that go into choosing the right size cooler such as how long and often you will be using it and what types of items you would like to store in it (for example: drinks only vs food only). Below you can find our size chart so that you can estimate the best size cooler for your needs.

How much ice will I need?

It depends on a few factors such as outside temperature, how often you open/close it and what type of items you are trying to keep cold (for example: drinks only vs food only). One trick we have found is that if storing items overnight in your cooler full of ice, always drain all water from the cooler before going to bed.

Do I have to drain the Rtic Cooler?

Yes, all our coolers must be drained after use! It keeps them from smelling and also helps extend their life. Some users store a small amount of water in there so that they don’t have to empty it all every time they use it.

Can I take the cooler on an airplane?

We recommend checking with your airline before transporting any Rtic Cooler. The wagon units meet most airlines size requirements but there are some rules you should be aware of. Call ahead for specific questions regarding your airline carrier.


When you’re looking for a new cooler to take with you on your next outdoor adventure, consider the rtic backpack cooler reviews. This is an excellent choice if you want something that’s small and lightweight but still has plenty of storage space. It also comes in several different colors so it’ll match just about any style or taste preference out there! If this sounds like a good fit for what you need, be sure to stop by our list today and pick one up before they sell out again!

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