Top 7 The Best Newair Wine Cooler Reviews in 2022

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If you’re looking for a new wine cooler, keep reading! In this post We’ll cover top 7 Best Newair Wine Cooler Reviews

Preserving your wines is an important process requiring you to store your possession in optimal condition. Sadly, your kitchen fridge is one place you don’t want to keep your wines. They hardly maintain a constant temperature throughout.

Newair Wine Cooler Reviews

So, if you don’t want to come running back, you want to consider purchasing a wine cooler designed with wines in mind. Choosing the right appliance can be challenging, with many brands out there and promises that sound too good to be true.

However, NewAir is one of the top brands in this space, offering a reliable line of wine and beverage coolers. Thus, we’ve curated the top 7 best NewAir wine coolers and how to pick the perfect unit for your wine collection.

Why should you invest in a NewAir Cooler?

While the NewAir might not have decades of experience behind them, they certainly know how to manufacture reliable appliances from AC units to wine fridges, ice makers, beer refrigerators, etc.

With lots of newspapers and magazines from Forbes to BusinessWire talking about this brand, you don’t want to dismiss this manufacturer quickly. Their products are energy-efficient and high quality.

This manufacturer has almost a product for every customer. They designed appliances with specific customers’ needs in mind. No wonder their appliances have found their way to many homeowners’ hearts.

 Is NewAir a good brand?

NewAir is a competitive brand with impressive customer support to come to aid should the need arise. The brand is known to take responsibility regardless of the outcome, which most manufacturer’s out there can boost.

What are the product lines of the NewAir brand?

This brand has several product lines; however, we love the NewAir Premier gold series wine cooler. It comes with premium features such as a three-rail sliding shelving design, beautiful gold lighting, UV-protected triple-pane glass door, and many more.

More so, these wine coolers are available in different types built-in or freestanding, single-temperature zone or double temperature zones. Also, there is a wide range of bottle capacity, from 20 to 116 bottles.

Best Newair Wine Cooler Reviews: What is the best wine cooler? This article will help you find the best wines coolers on the market today. We have compiled a list of the top 7 rated and reviewed wine coolers to make your search easier.

Top 7 The NewAir Wine Cooler Reviews in 2021

Top 1 – NewAir 6″ Wine Cooler Refrigerator

This unit is a go-to if you are only looking to store or chill less than 7 wine bottles. It is equipped with a whisper-quiet front-venting compressor technology to allow users to install under a 6-inch cabinet space for a snug fit and sleek look.

This portable and compact unit is only 6-inch wide, which means you don’t have to sacrifice your kitchen space to accommodate this wine fridge. The NewAir 6″ Wine Cooler Refrigerator comes with precision temperature control to easily set your preferred storage conditions. Its digital touch display is user-intuitive, and its reliable compressor guarantees fewer fluctuations.

On top of that, this model features a beech wood shelving design that allows hassle-free loading of your favourite wine. Also, it comes with a double-pane UV-protected glass door to block the harmful ultraviolet ray from breaking down your wine’s molecules.


  • Removable beechwood shelves
  • Slim, elegant stainless steel design
  • Stable, precision temperature control
  • Wide temperature range – 41 degrees F and 65 degrees F


  • The compressor could be more durability

Top 2 – NewAir Compact Wine Cooler Refrigerator

Want to bring out your wine’s full flavour? The  NewAir Compact Wine Cooler Refrigerator is the one for the job. This unit creates the ideal storage conditions with its reliable compressor and an adjustable thermostat for perfect tasting wine.

This wine refrigerator has an integrated fan to keep the temperature inside the unit constant. Also, it comes with a soft LED light to beautifully showcase your collection and make it easier to identify the bottles when trying to retrieve one for a quick drink.

Furthermore, this appliance features an insulated UV protected glass door to prevent harmful sun rays from distorting your wine’s flavour and taste profile. Also, this portable wine fridge comes with sleek removable black racks for convenient access to your possession.

Unlike our top choice, this unit is a freestanding model designed to fit anywhere from the living room to the office, kitchen, game room, and many more.


  • Decent 16 bottle capacity
  •  perfect temperature range between 41 and 64 degrees F
  • removable and adjustable shelves
  • Whisper-like cooling performance


  • The shelving design could be better

Top 3 – NewAir Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator

Aside from this model’s visually interesting looks, this wine refrigerator comes with almost everything you need to preserve more than 20 standard-sized wine bottles.

The NewAir Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator has a built-in fan to guarantee even temperature throughout the unit for optimal storage conditions. The compressor is another reliable system to keep your wines at your preferred temperature to enhance your wine’s flavour for a good drink.

Like most of the products by this brand, this appliance has a soft LED light that showcases your collection alluringly and makes it convenient to retrieve your wines. We also loved the insulated UV protected glass door to keep your wines from the harmful sun rays.

For peace of mind, the manufacturer included a comfy grip handle and a safety lock feature.


  • Powerful compressor cooling system
  • Digital temperature controls
  • Blue LED light
  • Temperature range of 39-64 degrees Fahrenheit


  • The compressor is a bit noisy

Top 4 – NewAir Wine Cooler and Refrigerator

This beautiful sleek black wine fridge comes with 6 pull-out chrome racks offering quick access to your wines and holds up to 28 standard size wine bottles.  The stainless steel design is one of the best parts of the NewAir Wine Cooler and Refrigerator. It easily complements any home decor and adds a touch of elegance and style.

Getting to the nitty-gritty, this appliance is equipped with a compressor-free cooling system, which the manufacturer boasts of running quietly.

Here’s more: the NewAir Wine Cooler and Refrigerator comes with a digital display panel to simplify the operation process. It’s easy to adjust and read the storage conditions.

And as expected, the door features a double-pane UV-protected glass to keep the sunray out from reaching your collection or distorting the appliance’s storage condition.


  • Sleek stainless steel design
  • Cool Interior Lighting
  • Low noise and vibration operation
  • Digital display panel


  • The fan isn’t doing a great job

Top 5 – NewAir Wine Cooler NWC029BS00 Built-In Refrigerator

For storing your diverse wine collection, you can’t go wrong with the NewAir Wine Cooler NWC029BS00 Built-In Refrigerator. Coming with front-venting compressor technology, this appliance can be installed as a freestanding or built-in unit.

Regardless of your choice, this unit will improve your home decors and run quietly without disturbing your peace. This appliance offers two cooling zones that hold a total of 29 standard wine bottles. The upper zone is meant to chill your whites at 40 – 55 degrees F, while the lower zones offer a temperature range from 50 – 66 degrees F to preserve your reds.

On top of that, this 15-inch wine refrigerator comes with digital temperature controls to easily set, adjust and read the temperature of each zone. The door features an anti-UV glass to prevent your wines from oxidation. Also, there’s a carbon filter included keeping your wine and cooler smelling fresh.


  • Triple-tempered doors
  • Quiet, powerful cooling technology
  • adjustable beech wood shelves
  • Timeless black design


  • The compressor is not durable

Top 6 – NewAir Wine Cooler AWR-460DB 46 Bottle Capacity

With a 24-inch design, this model is spacious enough to hold more than 40 standard wine bottles. This model features a front venting design and compact structure to allow you to install this model as a freestanding or built-in unit.

In our opinion, this wine cooler looks better when installed under your counter or cabinet. It features dual temperature zones to chill and store your whites and reds to perfection.

Also, this appliance features digital temperature control to effortlessly set the temperature between 40 – 66 degrees F. Furthermore, it’s equipped with triple tempered glass doors touted to do two things – protect your wine from harmful sun rays and provide additional insulation.


  • Built-in or freestanding installation
  • temperature range of 40 – 66 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Decent 46 bottle capacity
  • Reversible door with safety lock features
  • A quiet, low vibration compressor system


  • It’s best to purchase the extended warranty

Top 7 – NewAir NWC076SS00 Large Free Standing Wine Cooler

Coming last on our list is the NewAir NWC076SS00 Large Free Standing Wine Cooler. Don’t be too quick to dismiss this model because of its position on our list if you need a large device to hold your extensive collection.

Another thing to love about this NewAir NWC076SS00 Large Free Standing Wine Cooler is its low-vibration inverter compressor to hold your wines at a steady temperature.

More so, it comes with easy-to-use touchscreen controls to allow you to choose the optimal temperature for each cooling zones. Also, it features multipurpose adjustable shelves to hold any size of a wine bottle.


  • Dual-zone cooling
  • Holds up to 76 standard bottles
  • Reliable inverter compressor
  • Stylish black design


  • Not whisper quiet as advertised

How to Choose the Best NewAir Wine Cooler Reviews

NewAir Wine refrigerators come with many innovative and unique features to create the best storage environment for your wine collections.

This section will discuss key factors to consider when shopping for a wine refrigerator from this brand.

Number of Cooling Zones

If you want to store varietals, you need an appliance with two or more cooling zones. Thus, you can easily store your reds, whites, sparkling wines, and other types of wines separately and in optimal conditions.

However, this feature might be useless; if you intend to store one type of wine, then a single zone wine refrigerator should suffice.

Noise level

While most wine coolers from this brand run quietly, it won’t hurt to double-check before purchasing one. A loud operation with vibration disturbs the natural wine sediment and the ambience of your environment.

Bottle Capacity

NewAir chillers are available in different storage capacities ranging from 6 – 100+. This means there’s an appliance with the right capacity to hold all your holding. However, you want to choose a model with extra room if you want to expand your collection in the future.

Where to Put a Newair Freestanding Wine Cooler

Wine coolers are under many kitchen counters, but it’s also just fine to have them elsewhere.

Wherever you decide to put your wine cooler, there are some things you should know first.

This article will help you decide where to place your wine cooler so that it gets the best heating and cooling conditions throughout the year.


Kitchens are usually a good location for any room in the house simply because kitchens are usually centrally located in homes. If not centrally located, kitchens tend to receive more direct sunlight than other rooms in the house during most times of day.

For these reasons, considering putting your Newair freestanding wine cooler within or near the kitchen is a great plan since will get lots of sunlight and heat in the summer and lots of heat and cold from your refrigerator/freezer during the winter.

Living rooms

Living rooms are a great place to put wine coolers since living rooms usually have some type of central heating or cooling system already in place. Whether you use radiators, baseboard hot water heat, or forced air electric heating or furnaces, your Newair freestanding wine cooler will get plenty of good heating throughout the year no matter how cold it gets outside.

As for cooling, most living rooms have central air conditioning systems that provide a steady stream of cool air into these areas all year long. If your home doesn’t have a central AC unit, you can simply open up doors to other parts the house where an A/C unit is in place and allow the cool air to bring down the temperature in your living room where you have placed your wine cooler.

Dining rooms

Dining rooms are much like living rooms when it comes to choosing a spot for your Newair freestanding wine cooler. You can basically put your wine cooler wherever you want, just make sure that it’s not directly above or below any of the vents for heating or cooling. If it is directly above or below either of these ventilation systems, then you’re going to get some serious fluctuations in both hot and cold temperatures which will affect how well your wine coolers works.

For this reason, every home needs two separate locations for their Newair freestanding wine coolers one location for storage of red wines and the other location for storage of white wines.

Basement/ Under-stairs room

The best place to put your wine cooler is in a basement or under-stairs room where it will be protected from high temperatures in summer and cold temperatures during winter.

Basements are not only great places to store all kinds of things, but basements are also wonderful locations for Newair freestanding wine coolers because they receive almost no direct sunlight which makes them the perfect location for cooling down red wines in summertime.

As far as heating up white wines, that’s best done in the heat coming off of any central heating system found within most basements/under stair rooms. Under stairs rooms tend to get very little direct sunlight which is why they’re also great spots to keep your Newair freestanding wine coolers through the summer.

How to care for your Newair Wine Cooler

When you unbox your Newair wine cooler for the first time, we recommend setting it in a clean, draft free and level location. We advise opening both doors and allowing 24 to 36 hours of use before adding any bottles so that you can keep track of any rattling or other unusual sounds.

If this is an appliance you intend to keep for many years, we advise unplugging it when not in use. Most wine experts recommend that opened bottles of wine be stored between 50°F and 55°F with a humidity range of 70% to 75%.

These ranges are most important when storing both red and white wines. For best long-term storage, many experts recommend keeping wines at their ideal serving temperature rather than attempting to store them for extended periods at their ideal drinking temperature (between 50°F – 55°F). Within this range, your Newair wine cooler can help maintain your desired temperatures with little to no fluctuations in ambient climate conditions in your home or business.

To keep the outside surface free from dust or dirt which could affect its appearance, we recommend using a clean, damp cloth to wipe down your unit. Do not use harsh chemicals or solvents on the outside of your appliance.

When it comes to cleaning, we always recommend unplugging the unit before proceeding. This wine cooler is designed with an interior light that doubles as a power switch, allowing you to turn off its electricity while you clean between uses.

Your Newair wine cooler uses FDA approved materials for all internal surfaces where incidental contact may occur (i.e., inside wire racks). However if some debris should make its way into these areas during normal use, removing them manually can help maintain airflow and improve operation. For assistance in removing build-up in these hard to reach areas, please consult one of our company representatives.

For additional information, please consult the user manual that came with your Newair wine cooler.

We hope you enjoy many years of safe and reliable service from your product.

How To Install Newair Wine Cooler

Installing a Free-Standing Wine Cooleri n Cabinet


Choosing the best NewAir wine cooler reviews shouldn’t be difficult, provided you consider the key features discussed in our buying guide. We are confident that you will find a product that suits your needs.

All in all, the Newair wine cooler is a smart choice for any consumer who wants to keep their wines at just the right temperature. It has plenty of room for storage and it’s energy efficient too! The only problem that some people might have with this model is its high price tag.

However, you should consider purchasing this product if you want one of the best wine coolers on the market today. You won’t be disappointed by how well made or durable these units are!

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