Top 5 The Best Koolatron Wine Fridge Reviews in 2022

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The Best Koolatron Wine Fridge Reviews, Tips and Buying Guides

Whether you are a connoisseur or only have some reds around your apartment, you should know storing your wine well can help make a difference in the taste and quality. We know you love to end your day with a chilled glass of liquor. That is why wine coolers are designed to help maintain and ensure your liquids taste better over time.

Koolatron Wine Fridge Reviews
Koolatron Wine Fridge Reviews

Unlike your regular ice box, wine coolers are built to help chill and extend your whites’ lifespan. The product offers an optimal condition that will make your vintage collections refreshed after years.

Wine refrigerators exist in varied models and features. As a result, investing in a reliable cooling box can be intimidating. Maybe you are willing to shop for an efficient wine cooler today; here are the top 7 Koolatron wine fridge reviews that can do the job better.

What are The Best Koolatron Wine Fridge on The Market Today?

Why Should You Invest In A Koolatron?

Koolatron is an integrated manufacturer known for providing efficient and quality home appliances in the market today. The brand is famous for producing high-end and outstanding thermoelectric wine coolers. Koolatron provides custom refrigerators with operational temperature zones and reliable storage capacities.

Is Koolatron A Good Brand?

Koolatron is a global leader in producing A-rated thermoelectric and refrigeration appliances. The brand is a reputable industry popular for its top-ranked and operational devices.

What Are Product Lines Of Koolatron?

Koolatron offers extensive product lines. The brand owns, among other lines, a wide range of compact fridges, rain barrels, wine coolers, freezers, and garden products. The Koolatron WC24 is a reliable and efficient product line. The prototype functions with temperature levels of about 46 to 66 degrees F and can house up to 24 standard bottles.

The Koolatron WC20 Thermoelectric is another remarkable line; the model features a compressor cooling system and can accommodate a maximum capacity of 20 standard 750 mL bottles.

Koolatron Wine Fridge Reviews: How To Choose A Koolatron Wine Cooler

Owing to the availability of varied models in the appliance market today, shopping for a gadget that can satisfy your storage needs can be tricky. Maybe you wish to purchase a refrigerator today, below are some essential factors to consider


Size is important to consider before clicking the invest button. Owing to the availability of Koolatron models of different sizes, you might need to consider your apartment space before shopping for a wine cooler.


While Koolatron wine coolers are manufactured with elegant designs, it is vital to consider a fridge that compliments your kitchen settings. Ensure your preferred refrigerator adds style to your apartment space.

Koolatron Wine Fridge Reviews – Top 5 Best Products of the Year

Here are top rated Koolatron Wine Fridge/ Cooler reviews to buy

Top 1. Koolatron WC24 24 Bottles Thermoelectric Wine Cooler/ Fridge

Are you a wine lover? Or do you wish to purchase a reliable and efficient wine cooler? Why not consider the KooltronWC24 Thermoelectric refrigerator. The product is an elegant yet operational appliance from the Koolatron industry that will offer your liquids an ideal environment.

This product is built with stainless steel and an appealing black anti-rust coating. With this, the model can survive varied conditions without wearing. Similarly, its stylish black finish will give a classic look and complement your varied kitchen décor.

Unlike your traditional refrigerators, this appliance comes with dual cooling zones. The cooling zones operate with a modern engineered unit, thereby creating an optimal condition for your exotic drinks. Owing to this, customers can effortlessly control the upper and lower temperature zones to help provide a perfect climate for their exotic reds.

Also, the storage station is equipped with a standard bottle capacity. Built to cater to your diverse needs, the freestanding wine cellar can house up to 24 bottles. The dual-zone bottle unit will let you store up to 12 whites in the upper zone and 12 classic collections in the lower zone.

Furthermore, this wine cooler features advanced thermoelectric technology. The advanced chilling system provides an ideal condition that can help retain the taste and quality of your assorted drinks. Likewise, the advanced thermoelectric technology comes with no noise or vibration-resistant systems. With this, the fridge won’t disturb the fruity sediments of your reds.

In addition, the appliance is equipped with external touch screen controls. The touch screen panel allows users to customize the temperature easily and turn on the interior LED light. Simply tap the digital display and adjust the temperature levels to about 46-66 degrees F without opening the door.

Likewise, the cooling station comes with a stylish mirrored glass. The glass door allows for an even and efficient cool temperature in the interior. It is further designed to help protect your classic beverages from harmful UV rays.


  • 24-bottle capacity
  • UV protection
  • Digital controls
  • Removable racks
  • Interior lighting
  • Anti-vibration system
  • Dual cooling zones


  • Quality could be friendly

Top 2. Koolatron WC20 20 750 mL Standard Bottles Thermoelectric Wine Cooler/ Fridge

If you love your drinks in a unique and refreshed state, the Koolatron was designed with you in mind. The appliance is an elegant and functional prototype that will handle the weight of your classic bottles.

Crafted with high-quality stainless steel material, this model is built to last long. Coupled with a sleek black finish, the appliance will be a classic addition to your kitchen set.

The Koolatron wine cooler is compact and space-friendly. The refrigerator is built to fit varied apartment spaces. Similarly, it can perfectly fit on a counter or tabletop.

Also, the cooling station is engineered with advanced modern technology. It is equipped with an independent fan and dual cooling unit that can offer your assorted liquors an ideal chilling climate. Modern technology allows the device to operate using about 46-66 degrees F temperature.

Thanks to its impressive 20-bottle capacity, the fridge can effortlessly house up to 20 750 mL standard bottles. As a result, users can effortlessly satisfy their daily thirst in the comfort of their apartments.

Unlike traditional refrigerators, this model comes with unique and user-friendly features. It comes with a digital control pad to customize your storage environment. Effortlessly adjust the temperature of each zone and turn on the LED lighting with the touchpad temperature control.

In addition, this refrigerator further features removable wine racks. The five sturdy racks are built to hold and prevent your vintage collections from falling. You can easily remove and fit your classic bottle shapes and sizes.

More so, this appliance comes with a no-noise or vibration-free cooling system. As a result, your wine sediments are free from disturbance and your ears from the noise.


  • Interior lighting
  • An efficient thermoelectric cooling unit
  • Classic digital control
  • High-quality material
  • Removable racks.


  • Mini storage

Top 3. Koolatron Urban Series 18 Bottle Slim Dual Zone Wine Cooler/ Fridge

Earning the third spot is the Koolatron Urban Series Dual Zone Wine Cooler. The product is another luxury and affordable chiller that will help store your vintages at their ideal temperature.

This Koolatron slim-tower design is crafted to last years without wearing. Coupled with its elegant, sleek finish, the prototype will be an excellent addition to your apartment or house.

The wine cooler functions with modern thermoelectric technology. The thermoelectric technology allows for efficient cooling and utmost wine preservation. Likewise, the cooling system further operates with low noise or vibration to ensure your vintage sediments remain undisturbed.

Also, this refrigerator features dual cooling zones. Each zone allows users to set and adjust to preferred eco-friendly temperatures without stress. The upper zone is designed to accommodate 10 bottles and cools with temperature levels of about 55-66 degrees F. The 8-bottle lower zone operates at 46-66 degrees F.

In addition, the koolatron refrigerator is equipped with external digital controls. The external touch controls allow you to operate and access your device without breaking a sweat. Without opening the door, you can set preferred cooling zones to the desired temperature with the digital control. Likewise, you can switch on/off the interior lighting with the digital controls.

What’s better? The wine cooler features a double-paned glass door with an airtight seal. The door helps prevent cold air from escaping and protects your exotic beverages from harmful UV rays.


  • Removable sturdy racks
  • Dual-zone cooling
  • 18-bottle capacity
  • Storage-friendly
  • External touchscreen controls


  • Cooling performance could be better

Top 4. Koolatron Urban Series 12 Bottle Wine Cooler, Thermoelectric Wine Fridge

Why not consider the Koolatron Urban 12 Bottle series if you own mini wine collections. This refrigerator is a unique and efficient wine cooler that ensures your vintages are being stored in optimal condition.

This fridge is built to fit diverse apartment spaces. The appliance features a freestanding design with a width of about 11inches. With this, you need not worry about where to place the cooling station as it is suitable for both mini and larger apartments.

Furthermore, the wine chiller comes with a standard storing capacity. The product can easily house up to 12 bottles and ensures your bottles are kept in optimal conditions.

In addition, the refrigerator further features touch screen temperature control. Customers can easily set and adjust the temperature levels between 46-65 degrees F with the touch screen control.


  • Double-tempered glass door
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Thermoelectric cooling technology
  • Removable contoured shelves


  • On the noisy side.

Top 5. Koolatron Urban Series 6 Bottle Wine Cooler

Create a mini bar in your apartment with the Koolatron Urban Series 6 Bottle Wine Cooler. This mini chiller comes with an advanced cooling technology that allows you to get the most out of your reds and whites.

Unlike your regular refrigerator, it is equipped with a quiet or vibration-free thermoelectric cooling system. The cooling fan helps circulate cold air around your bottles and functions with zero noise.

In addition, the wine cooler features a digital touch screen control panel. The panel allows you to customize and control the model features without stress. The external touch screen controls further allow users to set and adjust to suitable temperature levels.


  • Adjustable temperature control
  • High-quality material
  • Classic design
  • Interior lighting


  • Customer service could be better

Where to buy a Koolatron Wine Fridge?

There are many places where you can purchase your Koolatron Wine Fridge. It is available at Sears, Amazon, Home Depot and more! Woot offers it for discounted prices that will surely fit into your budget! Visit woot today to get the best deals on this fridge- stocked with the latest features and styles! If you’re in a rush, you can also get it from Koolatron direct.

Where is the Best Place for your Koolatron Wine Fridge?

Koolatron Wine Fridge Reviews
Koolatron Wine Cooler Reviews

Wine fridges are popular pieces of household appliances that can be found in many homes today. People just love their wine chilled to the right temperature for enjoying a nice bottle, without being watered down from ice cubes. However, where should one place these appliances? One might think that the best place is the kitchen or dining room, due to their daily use. However, the best place to keep your wine fridge is actually in one of these rooms…


The kitchen is the ultimate and most popular place to put your Koolatron Wine Fridge. It’s where you will find yourself during parties, gatherings, celebrations and more! Having a wine fridge by the kitchen island increases convenience. In addition to its usefulness, it adds a nice feel to the room since it matches with other appliances.


The garage is another popular place for your Koolatron Wine Fridge, especially since you will most likely be bringing out your wine fridge when you are hosting parties or gatherings in the summertime! Your Koolatron Wine Fridge is also an excellent storage unit for items that require colder temperatures- just like the freezer and mini-fridges!

Utility Room:

Your utility room is another versatile location for your Koolatron Wine Fridge. It’s a great place to store your fruits and vegetables, since it provides the perfect environment for them, as well as keeping your beer cold and refreshing! This is also a great place to put liquor or wine that needs to be kept out of direct sunlight.

Guest Room:

Your guest room is a good location for your Koolatron Wine Fridge, especially if you’re looking to impress your guests! Having such a modern appliance in the room will surely make it more attractive and stylish. You’ll want to make sure that you place it somewhere where guests will see it, like in the corner.


Your bathroom is a unique and innovative place for your Koolatron Wine Fridge! It’s a good place to store any drinks that need to be kept chilled- especially if you’re out on a hot day and need something to drink right away! However, keep in mind that you will not be able to use this fridge for any other purpose.

Koolatron Wine Cooler FAQ’s

Q. Do Koolatron thermoelectric wine coolers come with a warranty?

Yes, all Koolatron Wine Coolers are fully warranted against defects in materials or workmanship for 90 days from the date of purchase.

Q. How do I clean my Koolatron Wine Cooler?

Wipe up spills immediately with a clean dry cloth. Do not use any abrasive material to clean the cooler exterior.

Q. What temperature does Koolatron Wine Coolers hold?

A: The temperature range that a wine chiller should cool down and store your bottles is between 34 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on where you live and how well insulated your home is. If the interior of your new wine cooler is not cooling down to 34 degrees, please follow these steps:

  • Check and make sure that there is nothing obstructing the vents on the back panel.
  • Make sure that the unit is plugged into a working outlet and that power switch at the rear of the unit is turned on.

If the wine cooler is plugged in and still not operating, please contact Koolatron Customer Service at 1-800-265-8456 for assistance.

Q. How do I order replacement parts?

A: To order replacement parts for your Koolatron Wine Cooler, please contact our Warranty Department at 1-800-265-8456 or Contact

Q. What is the difference between a thermoelectric cooler and other types of wine coolers?

A: A thermoelectric cooler does not maintain constant temperature like compressor based refrigeration products. It subtly varies between 34° F and 50° F depending on the ambient temperature but will hold at a steady temp in most cases.

A thermoelectric cooler will not freeze or ice up your wines, however it is important to remember that wines are best stored at “cellar” temperatures ranging from 50°F down to 45°F. This is why a thermoelectric cooler might not be the best choice for some people who want to store their wines at constant temperature or want their wine cellar below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q. Why will my new appliance, which I just purchased from you, not cool as cold as your specifications say it should?

A: There are several possible reasons that your new appliance may not be cooling as cold as our specifications state:

1) Your house temperature may be too warm for it to work properly;

2) You may have selected the incorrect voltage; or

3) The “plug” or electrical receptacle into which you plugged in your appliance may not be working properly. Please check all of these possibilities.

Wrap up

Wine coolers are designed to offer your exotic collections an ideal environment that can help retain the quality and slow down your liquid aging process. Whether you love to showcase your vintage collections or need a minibar, above are top 5 Koolatron Wine Fridge Reviews that can do the job better. Now it’s up to you to make a choice and choose the one that best suits your storage needs.

The Koolatron Wine Cooler is the perfect choice for those who want a top-of-the line wine cooler that can keep their favorite vintages chilled without costing an arm and a leg. For more information on other product, visit today!

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