Hooked Cooler Review: 25, 50, 70 QT…

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It’s okay to be skeptical about shopping from Hooked, considering the dozens of brands out there with lots of disappointing hypes. Hopefully, our hooked cooler review provides clarity to your pressing concerns.

Hooked Cooler Review
Hooked Cooler Review

Hooked, like other brands, has a line of rotomolded coolers synonymous with durability and excellent cooling performance. However, the best thing about these models that really makes them stand out is the veteran inspiration behind their design. And, as such, hooked coolers come with unique features that set them apart from the competition and are a go-to for veteran buyers.

Without further ado, let’s compare coolers from Hooked to models from RTIC, YETI, and Taiga and see if it stands a chance.

Hooked Cooler Review

Let’s begin with a comprehensive review of the offerings from Hooked – how well they are built, perform and reliable:

Durability and Construction

Most models from Hooked feature the rotomolded construction, which gives us an insight into how durable these models are. Also, it ensures that these units can stand up to the abuse of outdoor use.

Like YETI products, hooked coolers are sturdy and worthy of taking with you on your next outdoor trip. These models come with heavy-duty rubber latches, lockable lid, and tough rope handles, making this unit overall bear-resistant.

Regarding bear resistance, hooked models do not come with any certification like the IGBC, which we think they neglect to ensure their products are cheaper. While they are bear-resistant certified, customers have asserted that the rotomolded shell and lockable lid are sturdy enough to resist the bears.


This is another important factor to consider when it comes to the overall usability and reliability of coolers. The insulation determines the ice retention performance of the products. Hooked coolers have a 2-inch closed-cell polyurethane (PU) foam, which is the standard for high-end models.

Even better, they come with a freezer-grade gasket to offer an airtight seal that traps the cold air and keeps the heat out. For hooked models, the ice retention performance differs. Smaller coolers have 5 – 7 days of ice retention, while large models can hold ice and keep your food fresher for up to 10 days.

Now that you’re aware that ice retention capabilities depend on the size, you might wonder why it differs considering they feature the same construction. Large units require more heat to saturate the coolers to cause the insulation to be ineffective. Hence, you want to stick with the larger coolers if you need to keep your drinks cold and the food fresher for a longer period.

While we accept that larger coolers outperform small counterparts when it comes to ice retention, we don’t believe the figures put out by the brand. However, there are couples of things you can do to achieve close to the stipulated figure, such as:

  • Prechilling your contents and the cooler before packing
  • Opt for flake ices instead of cube ice that chills slower and melts faster. Also, you can use top-quality ice packs with a lower freezing point.
  • Keep the Hooked coolers properly locked at all times and require the frequency of opening the lid to prevent heat loss.
  • Don’t leave the cooler in the sun, if possible.
  • Cover the Hooked cooler, when not in use, with a thermal blanket

How you use your cooler determines the number of days the cooler will store ice. Some of the factors that can help achieve the touted metrics have been mentioned above.

Size options

As said earlier, hooked offers their coolers in 4 different sizes – 25, 35, 50, and 75 QT. It’s best to choose a capacity offering the right amount of storage space to hold your drinks, foods, and ice.

The Hooked 75 QT Cooler Review

The large ice chest from Hooked comes with a pair of wheels for a convenient hauling experience. I’m just going to come right out and say it; we are not totally confident about the wheels.

The wheels are small, which does not make this cooler overly bulky. Plus, it does not take lots of interior space. They are great for hauling on smooth terrains.

On the flip, the wheels are not suitable for off-road use from our experience – due to their small size. We would have preferred the hooked coolers to have similar large wheels like those on YETI Haul, Blue 55 QT cooler, ROVR coolers, or Igloo Trailmate.

Nonetheless, though small, the wheels feature a unique design, which makes them more practical on smooth roads for a convenient transport experience. Sadly, we won’t recommend these wheels on off-roads.

Features and Extra Accessories

Hooked coolers come with a couple of handy features, such as:

Tie-down slots

This feature comes in handy for anchoring the chill box to your pickup or boat for extra security.

Fish Ruler

The lid sports fish rulers to take quick measurements. The 75 QT cooler comes with two 20-inch fish rulers, and the hooked 25 QT coolers’ lid is equipped with a 12-inch ruler.

Cup holders

This is one of the interesting extra accessories the hooked cooler offers. The cup holders rock tiered design ensures it holds any cup size snugly. So, you don’t have to worry about what kind or size of cup would fit in these holders.

Bottle openers

Usually, they are placed on the right and left of the cooler for easy access.

Removable handles

Most models from hooked features rope handles that are easier to remove for a snappy cleaning experience. The 25 QT models use metal grab handles, making carrying this small model a breeze as well.

 That’s not all: hooked models are equipped with other handy features such as quick drain plugs and non-slip feet. Additionally, they come with baskets and dividers. Furthermore, you can purchase replacement rope handles and drain plugs. Sadly, there are replacements for other small hardware like bottle openers and latches that tend to go bad.

Are Hooked Coolers made in the USA?

Hooked models are just as durable as YETI coolers without the luxury-priced tags. They are ideal for people on a budget looking for incredible value for money.

These coolers are designed and shipped from the US, but the manufacturing process takes place overseas. This is not new. Other top brands like Cascade Mountain Tech, RTIC Coolers, and Blue Coolers.

Warranty Policy

Another thing we find surprising is the lifetime warranty backing these products, considering their affordable price tags. They are sturdy, reliable, military-grade, and stellar performers backed by a rarity lifetime warranty.


In short, it’s difficult not to consider these hooked coolers as solid alternatives to the high-priced, rotomolded coolers. Sadly, it might not be the best deal for people looking to invest in coolers made in the US.

Nonetheless, we are confident that any of the coolers from Hooked will serve your purpose and last for many years to come. Plus, the lifetime warranty minimizes the risk of investment in these budget-option coolers.

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