Top 5 The Best Avanti Wine Coolers Reviews in 2023

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The Avanti Wine Coolers Reviews and Buying Guides

No doubt, wines, whether white, red, rose, or desert, require proper storage at an optimal temperature. Therefore, storing your wines at a temperature lower or above the required temperature will fasten the wines’ aging process and even ruin their taste.

avanti wine coolers reviews
avanti wine fridge reviews

To provide suitable storage for your wine collection, Avanti produces the best wine coolers that are just perfect for your needs.

Exploiting advanced technology and technical know-how, the brand offers a range of creatively built fridges that give the ever-wanted wine cellar experience without the need to spare a whole room. Your wines are absolutely secured in there.

Below are our list about Avanti wine coolers/ fridge reviews.

List of The Best Avanti Wine Coolers Reviews on Amazon in 2022

Top 1 – Avanti 6 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler ewc6c1b reviews

avanti wine cooler reviews
Avanti EWC6C1B

Suppose you are just starting your wine collection, or simply enjoy keeping your very few wines at tip-top condition. In that case, this Avanti EWC6C1B 6 bottle wine cooler is a perfect mini fridge you should consider. It is equipped with an advanced thermoelectric system to keep your wine at optimal temperature.

This model comes with removable wire rack shelves that can be easily slid out to enhance storage of big bottles and even jugs. It comes with a digital control temperature adjustment option that allows a single-degree temperature increment.

This six-bottle wine chiller is a portable wine fridge that can be placed on your countertop. Its low noise operation ensures the proper storage of wine without agitating the sediment; therefore, your wine quality is well preserved. The unit is beatified with a glossy black finish, making it a beautiful addition to an office, home bar, or even bedroom. Enhance the proper aging of your few wines by opting for this best-rated wine cooler.


  • Compact size
  • Fairly affordable
  • Suitable for countertop
  • Suitable for large bottles and milk jug


  • It cannot be laid horizontally.
  • Not suitable for magenta bottles

Top 2 – Avanti 18 bottles dual zone wine fridge

avanti wine cooler reviews
Avanti 18 bottles dual zone

This Avanti 18 bottle dual zone wine fridge is the best wine cooler perfectly designed for storing both white and red wines. Its fancy look is enhanced by a glossy black finish, which makes it a beautiful wine cooler suitable for both office and home use. It supports freestanding installation, which means it requires a separate free space.

This appliance comes with a thermopane glass door with a platinum finish and a stainless steel handle that fully protects your wine from harmful UV rays penetration. It also enhances the fridge’s easy opening and closing.

It comes with a full range of digital temperature control for both lower and upper zones. This allows you to adjust the temperature at both zones separately and further store different wines at optimal temperatures. The upper zone can correctly store six bottles, while the lower zone can hold 12 bottles.

Even better, it features an electric digital display for optimal monitoring and a Panel lock that prevents incessant opening and closing of the fridge and puts you in control of your cooler. This unit sports a soft interior led light with an on/off switch that ensures adequate visibility.

Finally, it is equipped with a vibration or noise-free thermoelectric cooling system that perfectly stores wines without disturbing their sediment.


  • Auto defrost
  • Perfect for small wine collectors
  • Fancy stainless steel hand
  • Super quiet operation


  • No warranty
  • It cannot be used as a built-in wine fridge

Top 3 – Avanti 18 inches platinum 18 bottles wine fridge and dispenser

avanti wine cooler reviews
Avanti 18 inches platinum

The Avanti brand innovatively produced a perfect wine cooler and dispenser to infuse the storage system and dispensation of wine. This 18 inches platinum wine cooler correctly stores your wine at a consistent temperature while preventing the penetration of external humidity or temperature. It is equipped with an argon gas wine preservation and dispensing system that gives that perfect wine cellar experience.

Adding to the above features, this unit comes with a thermoelectric cooling system that emits no noise or vibration and thereby preserves the quality of your wines. It also has an interior led light that adequately illuminates the interior and a lighted window that allows you to see the interior without opening the door.

Furthermore, it comes with a unique thermopane door that prevents even the slightest penetration of UV rays and keeps wine quality at a premium level. It is a wine cellar coupled with a minibar at home, optimal comfort is guaranteed.


  • Sturdy door
  • Dispense and store wine
  • Lighted window
  • Height adjuster


  • Super costly
  • Argon gas is expensive.

Top 4 – Avanti WCV30DZ 38 bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator

avanti wine cooler reviews
Avanti WCV30DZ

Avanti WCV30DZ 38 bottle is the perfect wine cooler for a medium wine collector; it is equipped with an efficient thermoelectric cooling system that offers a stable and ideal wine storage environment.

This wine fridge offers a dual-zone storing system that allows users to store wine at different temperatures and different zones in a single wine cooler. Each zone perfectly keeps 19 standard bottles.

This avanti wine fridge features a fancy French door that opens both ways. The door features a thermopane glass designed to prevent UV rays’ penetration that may affect the wine tannins and ruin wine taste. The door is further beautified with a stainless frame, and it comes with a stainless steel handle that enhances the easy opening and closing of the fridge.

Besides, this appliance is designed with a digital control interface and digital temperature control that is user friendly and enhances proper monitoring of the interior temperature.

It sports six removable vinyl coated slide-out shelves that ensure proper storage of all sorts of wine bottles. Finally, its black glossy finish makes a beautiful addition to your home bar, sitting room, or kitchen.


  • Fancy French door
  • Suitable for medium wine collection
  • Durable shelves
  • Returnable


  • Not as quiet as expected

Top 5 – Avanti WCR682SS-2 166 Bottle Wine Cooler

avanti wine cooler reviews
Avanti WCR682SS-2

If you love to keep an extensive collection of wine, this wine fridge is one you consider. The Avanti WCR682SS-2 166 bottle wine cooler is a nicely designed single zone cooler suitable for storing all types of wine at the perfect temperature. It features a reversible double-pane glass door that ensures tight closure and uniquely protects wines from UV rays.

Its compressor cooling system effectively maintains a constant temperature in the interior irrespective of external temperature or humidity. This cooling system is further designed to operate with minimal noise or vibration, similar to that of a regular fridge.

Even more, its door is designed with a stainless steel frame and an integrated lock that keeps you in absolute control of your fridge. The entire fridge has an overall metallic black finish that beautifies every location.

Furthermore, this unit is equipped with seven removable shelves that comfortably store up to 166 bottles of standard wine. It also has an interior led light for optimal illumination, and a one-touch digital control allows users to adjust the temperature as appropriately preferred.


  • Suitable for large wine collection
  • Stable temperature control
  • Shelves can store Burgundy bottles.
  • Reversible door


  • Space between shelves is too low,
  • Not easy to fix (spare part is hard to get)

Things to consider before buying the best avanti wine coolers reviews

Cooling system

Wine coolers feature either the compressor cooling system or the thermoelectric cooling system—both store your wine cooler at optimal temperature. A compressor cooling system is deemed to maintain a more consistent temperature and humidity. Still, it produces a vibration level that can disturb your wine sediment and thereby alter the quality of your wine.

Avanti wine fridge (except for single-zone coolers) features a thermoelectric cooling system that efficiently stores your wine at an optimal temperature, and this cooling system is tranquil. As such, it doesn’t agitate wine sediment or alter wine quality. Vibration or noise-free operation also makes these wine coolers a perfect addition to your office or even a bedroom.


Avanti wine coolers are produced in Weston, Quebec. They are also available in the USA and Georgia. Since they are not available everywhere, you should confirm if the product can be shipped to your location before making payment.

Also, where your location is very far from the place of production or shipping, shipping cost may be unreasonably costly, and delivery may even take several days or weeks; long time delivery may also affect the cooler’s quality.

Therefore, you may want to consider buying a wine fridge produced by a brand nearer to your location to ease out the shipping and delivery process.


Wine coolers come with shelves for storage purposes; brands used different types of material ranging from wire to wood and glass for shelves. The types of material used determine how fancy and durable the shelves are expected to be. Also, some shelves are removable (to enhance easy storing of bottles) while some are not.

Avanti wine coolers feature glass or removable wire shelves that are reasonably durable and very fancy. They display a beautiful wine collection through the transparent glass door. However, these glass racks may not be strong enough to hold heavy-weighted bottles for too long.

Furthermore, shelves made from beech wood are deemed to be more sturdy and durable. Though the glass shelves are perfect and beautiful, you may want to reconsider buying a cooler with a wire or glass rack for long-term storage of heavy bottles.

Temperature range

Storing wines at optimal temperature requires specific ranges. White wines are adequately stored between 54 degrees F to 64 degrees F, while red wines are expected to be stored between 46 to 54 degrees F.

Avanti wine coolers offer a comprehensive temperature adjustment option ranging from 46 to 64 degrees F. This makes them the perfect wine cooler for storing all types of wine. If you intend to keep a particular type of wine, choose any of the above-listed coolers with a temperature range that is compatible with the wine temperature requirement.

However, buying a fridge with a wide temperature range prepares you for storing other types of wine you may find lovely and tasteful in the future.

How To Repair Avanti Wine Fridge

Avanti Wine Fridge Repair

Avanti Wine Coolers FAQs

What are the advantages of using Avanti Wine Cooler?

The Avanti wine coolers offer several advantages, some of which may be important to you.
First, the design make them very attractive. With their stainless steel and smoky glass construction they can fit in with almost any décor.

They also feature all-stainless steel and glass shelves which makes them very easy to clean and gives you a great view of your wine collections. The adjustable temperature control is located at the top of the cooler, making it easily accessible while also concealing the dials from dust.

Another advantage is their “quiet mode” feature. When not in use for extended periods, such as over the weekend, you can lower the internal temperature to 38 degrees Fahrenheit. This prevents unnecessary energy consumption and significantly reduces noise levels.

What makes Avanti Wine Coolers different from other wine coolers?

Many wine cooler manufacturers use less expensive materials to cut costs; but not Avanti. They believe that only the best materials will suffice for their wine coolers. They use the finest materials, such as all-stainless steel and glass shelving to ensure that your wines are properly displayed.

The great quality doesn’t end there. Avanti has also perfected the temperature control system for their wine coolers, maximizing energy efficiency while maintaining precise temperatures throughout the cabinet at all times.

Which Avanti Wine Cooler is right for me?

The best way to determine which of the three coolers is right for you is to consider your needs. The 18-bottle wine cooler can easily accommodate most people’s needs. If, however, you have a larger collection, then you should go with the 26-bottle wine cooler.

Even if you only have a handful of bottles, you might consider going with the 26-bottle coolers as well. The large capacity reduces the amount of times that the temperature has to be adjusted and significantly increases the power efficiency.

What is different about Avanti Wine Cooler’s unique compressor cooling system?

Avanti uses a unique Advanced Compressor Cooling System which includes a double walled inner chamber for insulation, high powered fans to provide better air flow, and an aerodynamically designed exterior for maximum efficiency.

This helps ensure that your wines are properly cooled at all times without using excess energy or causing unnecessary noise pollution. It can also prevent those ice cold blasts when opening the door as well as increased humidity build-up.

What is the warranty on Avanti Wine Coolers?

Avanti offers a five year compressor warranty for their wine coolers which includes parts and labour during that time period. Each cooler also comes with a two year limited manufacturer’s warranty covering defects in material and workmanship in the cabinet and one year limited warranty on all other components such as hinges, door seals, glass shelves, locks and keys.


Wines are the best buddy for that relaxation moment. Even better, they act as an ice breaker when you are just meeting a person. For a better experience, you need wines with premium quality; therefore, the need to preserve your wines’ quality cannot be overstressed.

The best Avanti wine chillers ensure the perfect experience you want from your wines; they produce wine fridges that are not just efficient but are also fancy and durable. To choose the best Avanti wine coolers that serve you well, we combined the list of their avanti wine coolers reviews you should consider.

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