Top 5 Aaobosi Wine Cooler Reviews – Buying Guides

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Top 5 The Best Aaobosi Wine Cooler Reviews, Tips & Guides in 2021

Heard about the Aaobosi wine coolers but not sure which one to go for? This article contains all you need to know about the Aaobosi brand and available wine coolers.

Aaobosi Wine Cooler Reviews
Aaobosi Wine Cooler Reviews

The Aaobosi brand is a reputable business known for producing some of the best wine coolers in the market. Enjoying a chill red or white wine does not necessarily require an extensive wine cellar. Get to store your wines at the best temperature using portable wine fridges that help save space and deliver optimal results.

Why should you invest in an Aaobosi Wine Cooler?

If you like to purchase an efficient wine fridge that stores wines at optimal temperature, preserve wine taste and flavor without disturbing your sleep. Then the Aaobosi wine fridge is the best available option.

Is Aaobosi a good brand?

Aaobosi wine fridge is a good brand that offers wine connoisseurs the chance to store their favorite wines. You do not need to spare a large space for a wine cellar to enjoy your wine at the best temperature.

What are the product lines of An Aaobosi Brand?

The brand provides various wine coolers ranging from dual-zone wine fridges that store beverages and wine and dual zones wine fridge that store only wines. Depending on the number of wines you intend to store, they also have big and mini wine fridges. 

List of The Best Aaobosi Wine Cooler Reviews in 2021

Here are top rated Aaobosi Wine Cooler Reviews

Top 1 – 24 inch Aaobosi Wine and Beverage Cooler

Aobosi 24 inch 51 Bottle

The first wine fridge on our list is the 24 inches wine cooler with a dual-zone storage system and can comfortably store 18 bottles of wine and 57 cans of beverage simultaneously.

Even better, it features a sleek black design that beautifies every location and makes it a perfect addition to your kitchen, living room, or minibar. In addition, it is equipped with a double-paned transparent glass door and a led blue light to beautify the look at night.

Talk about efficiency; this unique wine cooler will give your wines the best taste and flavor that is well maintained as the wine ages. This is possible because the wine fridge comes with a compressor that operates with low noise and zero vibration to ensure that wine sedation is not disturbed.

The right zone offers a temperature range of 35.6 degrees Fahrenheit -50 degrees Fahrenheit. Hence beverages are chilled to the best temperature, and so are your wines.

Another impressive feature of this cooler is that it fits into your home irrespective of the plan because it goes with both built-in and freestanding installation. You can keep it in your kitchen or living room. It also comes with adjustable feet that make it possible to fit the fridge horizontally.

This unit comes with a 1-year warranty and a whopping 1-month free trial, which means you can return it in a month or have it fixed free for a year.


  • Adjustable feet
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Versatile design
  • 1-month free trial
  • Features safety lock


  • Low warranty

Top 2 – 15 inches Aaobosi Wine Cooler

AAOBOSI Wine Cooler Refrigerator 15 Inch

Another wine cooler from the Aaobosi line that is definitely worth its price is this medium 15 inches wine fridge that can comfortably store up to 28 bottles of wines at the same time. It features a dual-zone system with a 41-54 degrees Fahrenheit temperature range at the upper zone and 54-68 degrees Fahrenheit at the lower zone. This provides optimal temperature and separate storage for your white and red wines. It features

A unique feature of this model is the temperature memory function that allows your wine fridge to resume operation at the set temperature in case of electricity failure and you are not around. This wine fridge will automatically maintain the previous temperature and continue its storing function.

This unit will fit perfectly in your kitchen, living room, or minibar because it comes with a dual installation system that supports both freestanding and built-in. Therefore, it can be kept in the living room or fit perfectly under your kitchen cabinet.

Are you concerned about efficiency and operation? You have nothing to worry about because this model sports a built-in compressor system that allows efficient air circulation in the interior. It also operates with very low noise, thanks to its 42 dB design that keeps it quiet with no vibration. So you and your friends can enjoy a party and sleep blissfully without having to worry about some humming noise from your wine fridge.


  • Gives a more natural environment to your wines
  • Has a three-dimensional cooling system
  • Comes with sturdy shelves
  • Additional shelf rail to protect your wins


  • No declared warranty.

Top 3 – 15 inches Aaobosi Wine Cooler

AAOBOSI 15″ Wine Cooler

You will love everything about this wine fridge that comes with a unique cooling system, a dual-zone storage system, and a temperature memory function to ensure that you enjoy your wines even better.

This medium unit will comfortably store up to 30 bottles of wine, so if you are a medium wine collector, this is one of the bes tAaobosi wine coolers available out there.

This wine fridge is a perfect replica of a wine cellar, except you do not need a large room to store your wines or a separate regular fridge to store your beverages. You can keep them at the optimal temperature with its dual-zone feature that allows you to store beverages and wines separately.

Even better, this design beautifies every location with its aesthetically pleasing design and illuminating led light.

This modern design will take your home bar, living room, or kitchen to another level with a perfected glass door that further enhances the collection display and sturdy wooden racks to hold wines.

Also, it features a carbon filtration system that ensures air purity. This means your wines can chill perfectly in a comfortable environment where absolutely nothing can tamper with their aroma and flavor. It comes with 1-year warranty support and lifetime technical support to ensure that you purchase without worries.


  • Lifetime technical support
  • Comes with a digital temperature control system
  • Goes with both freestanding and built-in installation
  • Safety lock system


  • Wooden rack is not as strong as expected.

Top 4 – 24 inches Aaobosi Wine Fridge

AAOBOSI 24″ Beverage and Wine Cooler

Here is another 23 inches wine fridge that features a dual-zone storage system. Therefore,  users can store red and white wines separately and at the appropriate temperature.

If you need a wine cooler to add a touch of modern fashion to your home, then keeping this model in your living room or kitchen will be a great way to achieve a better view at an affordable price. Thanks to its freestanding and built-in installation system, you do not need to worry about storage.

Even better, it features a double-layered tempered glass door that ensures that the interior temperature is uniquely maintained to preserve wines. It also features an efficient compressor system that ensures optimal air circulation in the interior.

This highly efficient system works like a wine cellar by ensuring that outside temperature does not affect your wines. Each zone enjoys an optimal storage and cooling system that gives the best result possible.

It also comes with a high-quality compressor combined and a dual-fan circulation system to ensure that wines are kept at optimal temperature and their original taste and flavor are uniquely preserved.


  • Suitable for storing 51 regular bottles
  • Comes with a beautiful design
  • Led light ensures that you can collect wines in the dark
  • Double-layered glass door ensure temperature maintenance


  • Cannot store 51 big bottles

Top 5 – 46 Bottles Aaobosi Wine Cooler

Aaobosi Wine Cooler/ Wine Fridge

The last product on our list is the 24 inches wine cooler that is a perfect choice for those who love to store extensive wine collections. This unit will comfortably hold up to 46 bottles of wine and will ensure that they are stored at the best temperature to keep taste and aroma intact.

It is well equipped with wooden racks that are strong enough to hold wine bottles and can be removed to store bigger wine bottles. The temperature memory function is designed to restore the set temperature in case of power failure.

It features a stainless steel tempered transparent glass door that ensures that your wine collection is attractively displayed while keeping the interior temperature of the cooler. The door is equipped with an easy-to-grab handle that allows users to open and close the fridge freely.

Let’s not forget the safety lock system that allows you to take absolute control of who accesses your wine fridge and prevent any mishap from happening to your kids. It also features sturdy adjustable shelves that can be removed to ensure that more bottles of wines are properly stored.

Finally, this unique wine cooler comes with an advanced temperature control system that allows users to change the temperature at each zone individually. 


  • Fancy stainless steel handle
  • Hold 46 bottles comfortably
  • Blend uniquely with other appliances
  • Reliable cooling performance


  • Does not support freestanding installation

Best Aaobosi Wine Cooler Reviews: How to Choose

Wine refrigerators are a great investment if you love wine and entertaining. However, deciding what model to buy can be a daunting task, especially if it’s your first time purchasing one. Here are some factors that you should consider when buying and bringing your Aaobosi wine fridge home:

Since most of the Aaobosi wine fridge comes in a dual-zone, you only need to consider the following before buying:

Storage preference

You will need to consider if you intend to use your Aaobosi wine fridge for storing beverages. If you would love to do this, purchasing the multipurpose wine fridge designed to suit both is good.

Fridge capacity

Determining the best Aaobosi wine fridge will need you to consider the number of wines you want to store. If you are a small to medium wine collector, then the 30 bottles or 24 bottles wine fridge is a good option. However, if you love to store more wines, you can go for the 51 bottles wine cooler.


The first thing to consider is your available space. Measure the area where you’ll place the wine refrigerator and buy a unit that will fit perfectly in its designated space. In addition, there are different sizes of wine coolers out there. Make sure that you’re buying one that’s big enough to accommodate your number of bottles. If you want the convenience of having additional room for future storage, then get one with adjustable shelves or racks inside.

Design/ Style

The design and style of your wine cooler also affects how it fits in with the rest of your décor. Wine refrigerators come in several colors so opt for one that complements your home environment best. Also, choose a model with modern or traditional features according to your personal taste.

Temperature settings

Wine coolers come with adjustable temperate controls so you can set it to your preferred temperature whether you prefer red or white wine. It’s best to get one that lets you adjust the temperature of each zone separately. This way, you can chill whites at a lower degree than your reds. Also, choose one that automatically adjusts its internal thermostat for added convenience and optimum storage conditions of your bottles.

Other features

Apart from the style of your wine refrigerator, there are other factors that should be considered when choosing a model such as dual zone feature, compressor vs thermoelectric cooling, warranty and energy efficiency. Deciding on these will depend on how much money is in your budget and how serious you are about wine.

If you want to store just a few bottles of red wine, then choose one with two glass door compartments so you can chill both your whites and reds simultaneously. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something bigger, go for an all-refrigerator or an all-freezer model depending on what you need.

Dual zone features

Dual zone features is another thing to look out for in order to separate your different varieties of wines. It’s also ideal if you’re planning on hosting parties where guests may prefer drinking either white or red wines.

As for compressor vs thermoelectric cooling, the former is known to be more reliable compared to the latter which may not cool your wine as well especially when you place your unit in an area with high ambient temperatures.


With regards to warranty, most units come with standard three-year warranties, but it’s best to opt for one that offers extended coverage. Finally, look for wine refrigerators with energy efficiency features like automatic shutoff when the door has been left open or when the temperature goes beyond a certain level which is beneficial in reducing utility bills.

Caring for your Aaobosi wine cooler

A bottle of wine can be enjoyed within months if placed inside a well-maintained and properly functioning wine refrigerator. To ensure that your bottles are chilled at its optimal serving temperature, unplug the appliance once every six weeks and clean the interiors including shelves using mild detergent solutions.

Also, check the door seal for any damages. If there are gaps in between the gasket and frame, then replace it right away to prevent heat from escaping before you even get a chance to chill your wine bottles.

Types of Wine Refrigerators:

The two main types of wine refrigerators are built-in and freestanding.

Built-in units:

Built in wine coolers can be customized to fit with the decor and design of your kitchen or bar area. Built in wine coolers look like part of your kitchen, with flush mounted door fronts instead of the open glass front that is usually seen on a freestanding model. If you don’t like having an appliance out in full view all the time, then this may be the type for you.

Freestanding Wine Coolers:

As their name implies freestanding wine coolers can simply be placed anywhere they will fit; next to kitchen appliances, in corners, along walls etc. Freestanding models are usually smaller than built-in units and feature a glass door for easy access to your wines. Most freestanding wine coolers are fitted with thermoelectric cooling systems which don’t use any type of refrigerants that may need recycling.

Where to Put Your Aaobosi Wine Cooler

The Aaobosi wine cooler is a small miracle worker. It can keep your bottles at just the right temperature, and it doesn’t take up too much room in your kitchen or dining room. Its sleek exterior means that it will look great propped up against your counter or cabinets – so where should you put your Aaobosi wine cooler?

Here are some suggestions on how to best place this new addition to your household!

1) Kitchen

No matter what size of kitchen you have, the Aaobosi wine cooler’s smaller frame makes it easy for you to find space for it. Plus, since this is an appliance that is meant primarily for cooling down drinks, there shouldn’t be any problems with having one out in the open.

2) Dining Room Table

You might want to take this one step further and incorporate your new gadget into your dining room table itself! By placing it underneath, you’ll be able to save even more space, and create a really nice conversation piece for any guests that come over. You can also place it by the window – just make sure it’s out of the direct sunlight so that your wine is kept at an optimal temperature.

3) Home Bar Area

This doesn’t mean you need to dedicate a whole wall or corner of your home bar area as storage space for the device! Instead, place it next to (or under) your other liquor bottles; you can even use those spaces as extra storage for corks and other bits and pieces that you might need for your wine.

4) Bedroom

This also works great on top of Bedroom counters. If it’s in an obtrusive place like this, you won’t even notice it – so why not try to incorporate it? You can use the Aaobosi wine cooler as decoration, after all!

5) Coffee Table Area

If your coffee table area is neglected most of the time because there are too many odds and ends crowding that space, then maybe it’s time to bring back some order into that corner! Plus, who doesn’t love having their evening glass of wine while watching their favorite movie or TV show?

6) Hallway Table

Just like you can use your hallway table to hold other items, this also works great for the Aaobosi wine cooler. You can even find tiny bottles of cleaner or oil to keep next to it so that there’s no clutter! Plus, think of how happy everyone who comes over will be when they realize they can get wine whenever they please.

7) Attic Storage Space

If you live in a smaller house with limited kitchen and dining room space, then consider getting rid of some of those unused appliances and moving them somewhere else! Remove the extra fridge from your attic storage space so that you have more floor space – which leads us to our final suggestion.

8) Hallway Closet

Some houses have really large hallways, making it easy to fit in a smaller device like the Aaobosi wine cooler. You can even place it underneath your coats if you want! Or, if that’s too cluttered for you, then simply slide it into one of the many nooks and crannies in your hallway closet itself – but make sure there are no extra jackets blocking the vents at the back.

What NOT to do when storing your wines

When purchasing an Aaobosi wine refrigerator, keep these things in mind so that you can maximize its use:

– Avoid placing your unit near heat sources like ovens or dishwashers because increased room temperature may result to premature aging of your wines.

– Do not place wine bottles directly on top of the cooler’s walls because this may also cause age faster. Instead, opt for racks or shelves with adequate spacing between them so air can circulate properly around the unit.

– Finally, avoid keeping your wine refrigerators at very low or very high temperature settings because these may affect the quality of your wines.


You do not need to stress about getting a sleek, portable, and affordable wine cooler that works perfectly like a wine cellar and stores few of your favorite wines because the Aaobosi brand presents you with multiple options.

If you are looking to buy an efficient wine cooler, the Aaobosi brand provides you with some of the best options to choose from. Depending on your wine collection and storage preference, you can go for a multipurpose wine fridge that stores both beverages and wines or go for a wine fridge that allows storage of only wines.

Enjoy a quality wine storage system by buying one of Aaobosi Wine Coolers Reviewed above.

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